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Comment FYI... (Score 1, Informative) 171

FYI... they already do this without a law telling them to and have been doing it for years. lt's called Dark Fiber, and I've had a first-hand tech power company tech tell me that.

Now granted, it may not be all/most companies. But the power companies are eager to make money off of selling wires they can lay for almost free, while they're already laying power lines. So it stands to reason that we shouldn't need much of a legislative push to get them to do what's already clearly in their best financial interest.

Laying fiber to the 99% of the USA that's ALREADY paved, however, that's going to be an interesting, less short-term profitable venture.

Comment Re:Chinese? (Score 3, Insightful) 144

US intelligence is already shitting their pants over the "failure of the last decade" if you wanted the last C-SPAN Senate hearing about the Russian/Trump thing. Seriously, watch it. It's pretty insightful (a thousand times more depth than the shit headlines CNN/MSNBC/et al are running.)

Comment Re:They forgot to add this... (Score 2) 130

Shut up, Russia. :P

Anything with mass can't magically change direction at infinite acceleration. A laser moves at the speed of light (O RLY?), and likewise, so does vision, so the only thing that has to keep up with the gigantic, multi-thousand pound rocket trying to change direction rapidly is the processing stage. We've had cameras that can auto-follow a target for decades. What's the difference between that and firing a big-ass laser at the focus point?

Comment I know the way Slashdotters vote but... (Score 4, Informative) 305

I honestly wonder how Slashdotter's feel about the most "left-wing" countries pressing down on any kind of speech they dislike, including criticism of government policies.

I'm a moderate. I swing both ways. ( ;) )

But to me, it's alarming to me how left-wing countries are rapidly approaching and embracing authoritarianism / fascism. (Remember China is a left-wing authoritarian state.) But most people seem to conflate "right wing = authoritarian = bad guys" and "left wing = freedom = good guys."

At least with US politics, there's been a real splintering. The old GOP is still authoritarian. But the newer GOP are much more "pro-gay marraige, get the government out of your bedroom / life." While the old left seems to be more free loving, and the new left is the ones burning down starbucks because someone dared to say something they don't like.

So to head back to Germany. Honestly, I'm glad Trump won (WHAT, OMG, DOWNVOTE YOU BASTARD). Because Hillary had spoken at length about European governments being a "model" to follow and, not even about Hillary, but the thousands of people hoping to get into power and hold influence with Hillary at the helm, I really think the USA would have slanted further toward this idea where violence and government oppression is the cure to speech you dislike. (And when Trump got elected, it represented a clear setback.) And the second you say, "We don't use BETTER speech to defeat speech, we use laws and bats." You have basically tapped into people's primal urge to form lynch mobs, and when have you EVER heard of lynch mobs being associated with "justice?" Moreover, the heavily emotional (as opposed to fact-based) nature of the new left's strategy, leaves TONS of people waiting to be unleashed without any fact checking. People who become pawns for billionaires. People who get arrested while the billionaires can just say "I didn't MEAN they should really riot."

I remember growing up that being a liberal meant two things: 1) I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. and 2) A diversity of IDEAS and perspectives strengthens us all.

And I'm honestly worried how the left has abandoned both of those core tenets yet somehow uses the same banner and labels. They're abusing the goodwill from decades of goodwork, to make people think their current oppression is still for the good of the world. Like a company buying out a brand name, and corrupting it with cheap knockoffs, but people still remember "The Brand Name" as something good so they get tricked by it.

Comment Re:Couldn't happen in the US (Score 2) 299

Holy shit, you people are insane in your cherry picking. It's no wonder you guys are resorting to burning down your local starbucks and pepper spraying women with "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hats.

The 7 countries list was compiled by THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and approved BY CONGRESS. Which includes... Democrats.

So please explain how Obama and Democrats in Congress were apart of "Trump's plan" to destroy constitutional safeguards.

Meanwhile, while don't we talk about Obama's war on journalists (demanding a journalist reveal their anonymous sources), Obama's wiretapping of journalists, Obama drone striking a US citizen without Due Process, Obama selling guns to Mexican drug dealers and Syrian Rebels (who believe in torture and female genital mutilation) while at the same time trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. (The 2nd amendment is a civil liberty even if you don't like it.)

Goddamn Trump was so evil he managed to corrupt the LAST President. He's super Hitler!

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