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Comment 7%? (Score 1) 180

>while 7% did not even own a turntable.

It's like Humble Bundles and steam sales, turned into real life.

HOWEVER, it should be noted. People buy plenty of stuff for various reasons other than the media itself. Many people never open their "collectors edition" stuff. It's about owning something, not necessarily playing it.

I own Demolition Man on LaserDisk, as well as Sega CD. I love that movie. I've didn't have the Laser Disk player when I bought it. And I still haven't watched it on LaserDisk. It's not about that. It's about having a little memento more than the media itself. And I don't even own a Sega CD. It's just a cool box, for a vintage game system from my childhood, for one of my favorite movies.

Comment Re:Suck it Apple! (Score 2) 100

Yeah, it's pretty clear to anyone watching from the background, that Apple (and other US companies) get preferential treatment from lawmakers and the Justice Department.

US governments treatment of GM vs Toyota, anyone?

Has anyone at GM lost their jobs over kids dying, except that one "engineer" that had to take the fall? Compare to the downright hide-your-kids-eyes treatment of Toyota...

Comment The litmus test (Score 5, Insightful) 121

Does anything on Huff, and WaPo pass?

You know the funniest thing about everyone talking about "fake news"? They make it look like it's only a conservative rag problem. People's memories are so razor short these days, they've already forgotten that The Rolling Stone published literal, fake "news" about a campus rape story, ruined peoples lives, and were sued for 8 (reduced to 3) million dollars.

If people here were half as skeptical as they claim to be, they'd have no respect for conservative AND liberal "journalists." Science demands proof. It doesn't care if the lack-of-data is coming from people you like.

Comment Re: Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 554

Looks like your emotions were stronger than your will to find elegant solutions to your problem.

I've spent over five years nearly bedridden throughout my 20's, with a chronic disorder. You don't see me flaunting it as if it's some magical way to win an argument.

I mean, what are you really complaining about here? Has everyone missed that? You had to be on call for ten years, so A COUPLE AMBER ALERT TEXT MESSAGES are the horrible injustice in that equation? Where's the perspective?

Your parents had to be "on call" at a time when there was no caller ID or message filtering at all. The phone rang, and you picked it up. It could be a wrong number, it could be a sales pitch, it could be your father dying, an invitation to dinner, or your child is dead.

I can't even find an expression that fits how silly and pointless your complaint is. Your typical smug use of the word "privilege" fits perfectly with your lack of perspective.

Comment Re:Small Sample Size (Score 1) 228

I love how the one intelligent, skeptical comment on a site full of "skeptics" is always half-way down. You'd think "skeptics" would be more skeptical of everything. Turns out, they're just skeptical of things threatening to their ego. But their egos are just as threatened as everyone else's apparently. In other words, they're just as religious as religious people, they're just meaner and smarter at being mean.

"Ha ha! Look at these stupid religiouses!"

"The study was poor science."

"The study is still correct because my FEELINGS are more valid than SCIENCE! Therefor my ego is no longer threatened and I may continue about my life without experiencing mental pain. Mental gymnastics for the win!"

Comment Sign me up! (Score 1) 351

I, too, believe in feel good measures that have nothing to do with actually improving our world.

There are so many chemistry professors who are pissed at the fool's gold of ethanol. Way back in college, they made us do the well-to-wheel calculations down to the chemical bonds, to prove how shitty it was.

No one seems to mind the fact that ethonal is corn, and corn takes up land that could be used for other crops, which means that ethanol is the freaking reason it costs twice as much to buy a freakin' box of frozen mac-n-cheese that it did in 2005. But screw the lower class, who cares if they can afford to eat, am I right? That's so progressive.

Comment Re:To big to fail? (Score 2, Insightful) 300

I love how people who tout solar and wind as "clean" are actually a form of NIMBY because they don't mind all of the strip-mining at slave wages for all of the rare earth minerals that have to me mined and transported to build them. Let alone all of the pollution created during that process.

Anyone with the simplest understanding of nuclear vs chemical bonds should understand that there is no comparison. We might as well be still running 8086--except nuke is even larger comparison. 1st-world countries should be capable of running nuclear power without serious problems if their governments actually demanded quality. Leave 3rd-world "chemical" power to 3rd-world countries that can't be trusted with nuclear weapons. (That is, if you already have nuclear bombs, there's ZERO rational argument against nuclear power. I'm not suggesting proliferation of more weaponry.)

And Japan? Japan put a ton of reactors on a freaking crowded island, and then didn't bother to inspect them properly. (Any moron with a badge could have noticed their backup generators weren't on the required stilts above the waterline--which failed when flooded.) The story of Fukushima is a failure of government to regulate greedy corporations, not an inherent failure of technology.

I'll never understand why slashdotters claim to love technology and "science" but eschew one of the greatest advances in the history of mankind. Nuclear power is the future. End of story. You can drag your feet all you want, but that doesn't make you progressive. The future will still win out one day--it's only a matter of when.

Comment I know no one will ever believe me (Score 3, Interesting) 172

But I have consistently been able to identify (without prior knowledge) sucralose, an artificial sweetener, in my food.

I can do that because I get sick immediately after.

I get a horrible after-taste coming up from my stomach, and one time I ate a whole can of peaches before realizing it (canned PEACHES have artificial sweetener now?!), I ended up dizzy and I could feel heart was beating out of my chest and a pain all around it.

I've thought about doing a live double blind study, on video, and posting it to Youtube to prove I'm not full of crap. But it's also strange that I'd have to go to such extravagant lengths to "prove" I'm not lying. Are we supposed to assume every chemical produced by a "food" company is good for us now? When did Big Pharma become the good guys?

Comment Now if only... (Score 1) 17

Now if only they'd bother to fix the of tons bugs, and terrible GUI.

As someone who has literally used VLC for thousands of hours of content: I've accrued over a dozen bugs. I'm putting together a video on it.

A few gems:

  - Complete disrespect for monitor gamma. Everything looks better in MPC. In VLC, everything is white washed.

  - Incorrect use of streams. Ignores "disabled audio streams" which exist as secondary streams (other languages, as opposed to 5.1 and 2.0 of the primary language). VLC plays the first stream, so if you have content with RUSSIAN as the first track (even though it's disabled, per proper spec), enjoy manually switching the audio track every episode. But "Just press b!" the choir moaned! I guess my media center needs a full keyboard to make it useful then.

  - And why the hell is there no Randomize playlist? They got room for useless features like AtmoLight but a shuffle mode that doesn't have a chance of replaying the same episode three times in a row--that's too much to ask.

  - Oh, and don't you just love the complete lack of "default units" in the GUI? Sure, you can change gamma, contrast, and brightness, but if you dare to you better pray you remember where the normal values are because there's no digital readout, and no markers to show you defaults positions. And the scale of the GUI sliders is insane. The useful region of the Sharpness effect is between 0% and like 10%. The other 90% is useless over-sharpening. So that means you get to use a slider with a region of about a quarter of an inch. So you're stuck using the keyboard to fine-tune a control that should be mouse controllable.

  - Post-processesing? Right-click you can set the post-processing. But the top menu shows post-processing as greyed out. Why? Because they broke post-processing in one update long ago and never fixed it. But not only that, they only disabled ONE of the two menus that allow you to adjust it. So they literally have broken GUI menus they never bothered to fix in "stable" versions.

Ugh. As a programmer, I have to ask? What the hell happened to VLC? Did their programmers all move on and get replaced with a bunch of people who have no idea what they're doing? (Happens more often then you think with open-source projects.)

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