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Submission + - AdBlock Plus vs NoScripts, when addins declare war ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: It seems the author of NoScript declared war on AdBlock Plus for blocking his advertisements. The war escalated until Giorgio Maone the author of NoScript deliberately added code into NoScript which disrupted the operation of AdBlock Plus. NoScripts users reaction was "severe." The Mozilla Foundation has stepped in proposing a new policy for guidlines and asked for community comment. Maone, meanwhile, has apologized and removed the code disrupting AdBlock Plus. The first part of this saga has been discussed here before.

Submission + - Credit Card Security

facon12 writes: I work on an IT helpdesk for a rather large corporation and I have recently discovered a rather troubling fact about how our credit card information from our customers is stored. We have an many locations around the country where customers can go to purchase our products/services and at these locations credit card data is stored for months before being purged. Beyond that the data is encrypted using a simple letter only password that wouldn't take a brute force attack very long at all to break. If this were discovered by the wrong individuals it would mean that thousands of credit card numbers could easily be stolen. The computers this data is stored on are not very secure either; they also are protected only by basic passwords and are easily accessible remotely via the internet. I want to bring this concern to my boss but I do not think it will be taken seriously. Also I am concerned about being terminated or reprimanded in some way for making accusations about the company's IT policies. I would like to demonstrate the vulnerability for the management team to show them the risk at hand but I do not believe they will give me permission to do so. I was wondering what Slashdot users would suggest I do in this case as I feel I must do something because of the number of consumers that could be harmed. Should I go to my management despite the fact that I think they won't listen, and how should I approach them? If that yields no results should I leave the issue alone or is there an authoritative body I need to report this to?

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