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Comment Re:Canadians not travelling to USA.... (Score 1) 505

I can't speak directly to what you experienced, but as a rule it does not work that way. If you have been convicted of a felony in any other country, and it is also a felony in Canada, you are not eligible for admission for 10 years. You can often get around this by making arrangements with your local Canadian consulate before starting your trip. The exclusion only applies to the individual with the criminal record - but his traveling companions would be jerks to abandon him at the border, which is generally why an entire party will turn around.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 867

I don't disagree with your sentiment, but identifying yourself does not necessarily require documents. The Supreme Court ruled on this back in the 80s. However, since then, some states have passed laws requiring documentary proof of identity. Wikipedia has a good article laying out the particulars for your location. Definitely something everyone should know.

Comment Re:40 is an artificial boundary (Score 1) 286

I believe you, but only because of the particular details you included: you train hard every day, and you used to be overweight and sickly. Otherwise, even a reasonably fit 50-year-old is no match for a normal, unathletic 20-year-old.

At 40 I was slim, fit, and healthy, with good stamina, and sexually very active. At 50 I was beginning to notice changes, and my activity level dropped. By 60, all the above had changed dramatically, due in part to specific medical issues.

Comment Speed (Score 1) 465

I am an avid reader who just received my first Kindle as a Christmas present. A couple of books later, I have noticed that my reading speed on the Kindle is a fraction of what it is for the same text on paper. I decided to re-read a novel before starting its sequel, and after a few chapters switched back to my old paperback. I found myself reading about 3 times faster on the physical book.

This is at least partly because there is so little text per page on the Kindle, a function of both display size and line- and letter-spacing. But beyond that there is also an issue with readability or legibility. The font used on these devices is remarkably ugly.

These are not permanent, unchangeable characteristics of E-readers, so I hope things will get better as the products evolve.

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