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Comment Re: Wow... (Score 1) 218

That statement should disqualify you from driving a car.

Right back at you:

While pedestrians are supposed to behave, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure that you never drive in a way that makes it possible for you to run over a pedestrian (or hit other cars, for that matter).

While it's my responsibility to minimize that risk, the law recognizes the impossibility of doing that. It sets specific standards where necessary, such as in the case of motorists passing cyclists in California. In other cases, it is deliberately vague to give leeway specifically for the purpose of assigning fault to the party whose fault it actually is (or for other more malign purposes like selective enforcement, but those are outside the scope of this comment.)

The law recognizes the impossibility of completely eliminating accidents, whether between a vehicle and a vehicle, or a vehicle and a pedestrian. It sets speed limits accordingly, so that even if a pedestrian (or motorist) does something stupid, they will hopefully not die. Let's be clear, though; the law recognizes that physics is a thing, and that a person can change direction more rapidly than a car. We don't make the driver automatically responsible in every situation because if we did, nobody would effectively be able to drive. Instead, we make pedestrians responsible for their behavior in many cases. In most of the US, and apparently in most of the world, jaywalking laws exist which make it illegal to cross the road without consideration for safety. Even in DC, where you don't need to use a crosswalk, it's still explicitly illegal to enter the roadway even in a crosswalk when an oncoming vehicle cannot stop for you. Note that the law does not specify a car traveling at legal speeds, or traveling with the light, et cetera. The driver might well be found at fault in a collision with a pedestrian who stepped out in front of them while speeding, but the pedestrian would still be cited for entering the roadway illegally. The goal of the law is to reduce accidents because they are inconvenient to others, not to be fair.

Oh hell, why am I wasting time. It's not "OK" to hit someone at 25 mph. To wrap it up, I hope you didn't mean what you wrote :)

To wrap it up, you misused quotation marks. I didn't say it was OK to hit someone at 25 mph. You're wasting time because you are an idiot who doesn't understand the argument.

Comment Re:VW needs a bankruptcy "fix" ready (Score 1) 57

Clearly you are confusing VW with Toyota, who are still the world's biggest automaker.

They are neck and neck, and VW employs more people due to all the marques they own.

I can't comment on the rest of your manifesto, other than to say I have no idea why you are so interested in how the Phaeton was destined to be a phailure from the beginning.

It's interesting because it's Ferdinand's fault, like everything else wrong with VW today. Germans love a hardass, though, and that's how they got him in the big chair. And what else is interesting about it is just how spectacularly stupid it was when they already had a car in that space. But what's relevant about it is that they have money to burn.

Comment Re: reports are it's no fix (Score 0) 57

Comparable VW petrol engines, in terms of power and very close torque, produce less co2, mostly because a petrol engine can be lower displacement.

What? Who told you that? That is literally the opposite of the truth. For about the same level of driving experience (less power, more torque, make it less immediate but more relentless) you have a much smaller engine. OR, and this is a bit hilarious, you build a gasoline engine with all the drawbacks of a diesel (AKA direct injected gasoline) but without the benefit of being able to run on diesel fuel.

Once you no longer ignore the carbon in the diesel soot, diesel stops looking good,

False, ignoramus. In fact, once you no longer ignore the almost-entirely-PM2.5-and-thus-most-carcinogenic gasoline soot, gasoline stops looking good. When you consider the additional unburned HC released during a typical gasoline drive cycle (not just at startup, but also at WOT) which is the most harmful automotive emission, gasoline starts to look positively pathetic.

and the higher power/displacement of petrol shows advantages at part load.

It does no such thing. Look at any vehicle offered as both a gasser and a turbo diesel. They always have a smaller engine as a diesel, literally always. You have this completely backwards. And Subaru's diesel engine isn't even heavy, so they don't even have to be that!

Comment Re:Applications? (Score 3, Insightful) 107

Well I wouldn't be that certain about that. But it's certainly stupid to knife the OS development arm, which was the only thing they had which was unique, for application development which is crowded with competition from everyone and their dog.

Let's go around in circles, though: What made their OS development arm unique was their apps, that were designed not to work with AOSP like a well-designed app would. Meanwhile, AOKP and SOKP are supporting more devices between them than Cyanogenmod, so what do they actually have to offer other than their apps? Conclusion, stick with the apps.

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1) 158

It's totally worthwhile to give tax breaks to the rich, but only as an inducement to spending. Any other kind harms everyone, even them in the long term.

Many investments are just spending, one level removed.

Yes, and the problem is that many rich people are putting their gains in offshore tax havens where the only "work" it does is money laundering — instead of spending it by investing it, at which point theoretically it gets spent on making things happen.

Comment Re:If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon (Score 1) 37

Now you can't take (for example) a v8 off an Audi in a scrapyard and drop it into your Ford without first getting all the electronics correct (missing gearbox, wheels sensors, etc).

Well, that's true and untrue. For $150 I can get my PCM hacked to be properly reflashable and it will come with a stock 6MT tune from a rare euro V8. You don't need any wheel sensors for that. The antique Bosch ME5 which comes with the 32V V8s can be written with an MPPS cable, but it cannot be read without modification. You can still tune without a hack, but you need a dump before you can start. You can also remove the immobilizer via software. Apparently the ME7 PCM which comes with the 40V is much easier to deal with, and you can read and write it with MPPS without any hacking.

I think that in a few years a car manufacturer advertising "This car will take any engine, any gearbox, any braking system, from any other car" will get more than a few takers.

The number of people qualified to do anything with such is vanishingly small, as in, small and getting smaller. As it is, though, there are a number of options for people willing to build their own car. You can start with a kit and do as much or as little of the work as you like.

Comment Re:the CO2 improvements are minor at best (Score 2) 57

Diesel engines emit 15-20% more CO2 per unit volume (liter/gallon) of fuel burned because the fuel contains more energy/carbon.

Irrelevant; they emit less CO2 per mile traveled because of the efficiency improvements.

And once the companies stop cheating, the fuel economy of the Diesel just isn't all that much better than a turbo gas engine.

False. This fix does not substantially affect mileage.

Why put up with extra NOx

Worth it

and particulates (depending on the car you compare to)

Bullshit. Gassers make just as much particulate, but it's of the most hazardous type, which means their particulate emissions are actually worse than diesel. They also emit more HC than diesels, and unburned hydrocarbons are bar none the most harmful automotive emission. Gasoline also has to be refined more than diesel, which means more energy input and more polluting output. Gasoline engines are shit for the environment.

to save such a small amount of CO2?

Diesels emit less of everything but soot (theirs is less harmful) and NOx (worth the trade).

Just get a gas hybrid and do better all around.

You know that battery electrolyte isn't recycled, right? It's just disposed of and then replaced. A small diesel engine won't give the same performance, but that's fine; it will give adequate or even quite good performance these days. It will give superior mileage, and without involving a battery.

Or a plug-in hybrid like the Volt where you can do most of your driving burning no liquid fuel at all?

Plug-in hybrids at least have a reason to exist, unlike non-plug-in hybrids. But I live in the boonies, so I would still have to do most of my driving on liquid fuel. And they are also quite expensive, to boot.

Since I do very little driving I don't give a shit anyway; I bought an old and cheap Audi A8 Quattro and am restoring it to good-enough condition. (Next: AC compressor.) It doesn't get particularly good mileage or have particularly great emissions, but it did cost thousands and thousands of dollars less than a new car, and it is dramatically better to drive than any econo shitbox. With the money I save not buying a Volt, I could buy an S8 (let alone the A8) and drive it everywhere with a lead foot for years. Sorry, environment! I seriously don't go out much, though. My prior car was a 300SD, which was a bit better on mileage and which ran on a more environmentally-friendly fuel. But frankly, it's cheaper to buy a whole new car than to upgrade the turbo and more expensively upgrade the injection pump on that diesel, so that's what I did. German luxobarge forever. I'm two meters tall, I'm over clown cars.

Comment Re:VW needs a bankruptcy "fix" ready (Score 1) 57

Don't cry for VW. They're the world's largest automaker and they're sneezing, spitting, sweating, shitting, and farting money. That's why there's such a thing as the Bugatti Veyron, on which millions are lost on every sale; or for that matter, the Volkswagen Phaeton. The background on that car is incredibly stupid. So Audi makes a chassis called D1, puts their first ever V8 engine in it (they're still using the same basic design today, although the heads are very different) and sells it as the "Audi V8", which is a truly shit name for all eternity. Then they follow this up with the D2, which is the car we know as the original Audi A8. It's got an all-alumin[i]um unibody/spaceframe (it has some tubular members in it) and a couple hotties from the ad department can hold it up, at least until they spray asphalt all over it. Then Ferdinand PiÃch, who is considered by many to be largely responsible for Dieselgate (I didn't name it, so sue me) decided that Volkswagen needed its very own personal private luxury saloon platform. And while it is not directly based on the D1, it is more or less the same thing only re-engineered more nicely, and it's called the D1 platform — only it's the VW D1, and not the Audi D1. They could have just fiddled the Audi D1 a little bit, but then it would have looked like an older Audi. They could have just fiddled the Audi D2 a little bit, but then it would have just looked like a contemporary Audi, and they'd have had to make it out of Aluminum. That in fact would have been a good thing (it's what makes the A8 a great car when the A6 is just a car) but instead they spent an absolutely massive pile of money to produce the dies so that they could stamp another platform that they didn't actually need, and which as it turned out basically nobody actually bought for full price. In 15 years, only 84,253 Phaetons were sold. It's unlikely that this even paid the bills on the program. Anyone who could afford one went over to their Audi dealer and got an A8, which was available with the same engines, options and so on — and which can be serviced (and supplied) by a VW dealer anyway.

Comment Re:Needs to be free software updates for 7-12 year (Score 1) 37

Needs to be free software updates for 7-12 years and no BS like after 1-2 years want that bug fix BUY A NEW CAR!

It needs to be free software updates for the life of the vehicle. Get these dickheads thinking about standardizing their interfaces now so they can upgrade your PCM if they want to abandon it.

Comment Re:Happens All The Time (Score 1) 105

I think it's serious overreach and it makes me wonder how safe I am from the reverse situation, some foreign prosecutor who decides that because I said "boo" on the Internet and it breaks some law in Fuckedupistan that they should get to prosecute me.

That's not really a realistic concern as long as the US is the big swinging dick in the room. We get everyone else to extradite to us because we have both military and economic might. We're the world's biggest arms dealers, too, so we have all kinds of leverage.

Comment Re:Politics aside, is this a copyright violation? (Score 1) 423

But they weren't random communications. They were intentionally created for a particular purpose and crafted and formatted to present more than basic data. There are also thousands of attachments, many of them presumably reports and pictures - all of which would definitely be works which fall under copyright.

well, no. "A work of the United States government, as defined by the United States copyright law, is "a work prepared by an officer or employee" of the federal government "as part of that person's official duties."[1] In general, under section 105 of the Copyright Act,[2] such works are not entitled to domestic copyright protection under U.S. law and are therefore in the public domain." So stuff sent to the server might well fall under such, but anything sent from the server is uncopyrightable.

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