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Submission + - ARM Server Start-up Calxeda Closes Up Shop (

Austerity Empowers writes: "Calxeda, the pioneering maker of low-power microservers using hundreds of ARM central processor cores and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) products for hardware appliances, has laid off most of its employees and is shutting down operations beyond servicing its existing customers and investments." A sad day for many of us.

Submission + - LinkedIn Pulls a Facebook on Privacy (

An anonymous reader writes: If you're a member of LinkedIn--the social network with a business bent--you might want to review some changes made in the service's privacy policy--if you can find it. LinkedIn has volunteered your name and photograph to be used for advertising if it feels like it wants to use them.

Submission + - Netflix Opts for Blu-Ray (

docmittens writes: "The AP is reporting that online movie rental giant Netflix is switching its inventory of high-definition movies exclusively to the Blu-ray format. Having previously offered both Blu-ray and HD DVD to its customers, Netflix cites endorsements of Blu-ray from four of the six major studios (the Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and MGM) as motivation for its change. The HD DVD format is still exclusively supported by Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and The Weinstein Company."

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