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Comment Re: in all honesty (Score 2) 240

Except that they're destroying the planet. But aside from that, yeah.

Diesel engines are in no way destroying the planet. Actually, there is little man can do to this planet that will destroy it. Now what we do could make it very difficult for us to as a species to continue on but not destroy the planet.

Comment Re:Bigger worries then Unsolicited Junk Texts (Score 1) 554

He will not. Trump can't just roll out of bed and launch nuclear weapons. To do so takes the authorization of at least two, probably more, people. He is the finally link in the chain of nuclear weapons but he can't just say nuke them. You have been watching to many movies.

Comment Re:Lets not worry about this yet (Score 1) 554

Rational but I would request that you document what he has done that will have "drastic" consequences of the next few decades. So far he has made a lot of comments and blusters but he hasn't actually done anything.

So if you're going to say he has, please make sure you can back it up.

Comment Re:A lot of his argument is valid to be honest... (Score 1) 259

Why is it that apple owners think that any thing made by apple is magically better than any thing else made by other venders?

A Xeon is a workstation/server process but it is still standard off the shelf component. So are all the parts that a mac of any type is made of. There is not nothing special in any mac book or mac pro.

In fact looking at the specs for the mac pro cylinder, these parts are mostly from 2013. Not only is there nothing special here, these are all "old" parts. The high end mac pro is still supporting a PCI 2.0 bus.

If you want to pretend that macs are magically better than PC"s because they have a magic apple on them, then fine. But from the specs and hardware point of view they are nothing more than high end PC's. Over priced PC's.

Comment Re:A lot of his argument is valid to be honest... (Score 2) 259

You get what you pay for. If you buy cheap crap then you will get performance like cheap crap. But with that being said I have looked at the hardware that modern macs run on. That is basically the same standard hardware that a PC runs on.

  • Xeon processors
  • ATI Graphics Card
  • Intel MB Chips

There is no "magic" mac hardware. A mac is basically a high end PC with a different OS slapped on top of it.

Then as true today, you can build a PC running Windows or Linux that will outperform a Mac for half the cost.

Comment Re:And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

I see no problem with this. That is how American political system works. Each of us makes our choice and votes for it. I also agree that there should have been a much better choice that Trump.

Well if anything good has come out of this shit fest, it seems more people are more aware of 3rd party candidates. So maybe one day......

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