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Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 1) 142

Funny this is. My family and friends we have all tried to use things like kix, hangouts, and skype to sent messages on our phones to each other. We always go back to the built in SMS app on our phones. Some of us install a 3rd party sms app like chomp, but basically its just good old SMS at its heart.

I don't want messages popping up on all my devices. If I'm using my tablet to read I don't a message getting shoved in my face. My phone dings and I get around to it in my own time. If it's really important they call me.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Call me ignorance, that is a laugh. You where the one that doesn't know what a domain controller is.

Dude, mixing in iphones, ipads and macs only? That is a walled garden. That is the exact example of one. One where one set of devices made by on manufacture interact with each other by specifications set by said manufacture. In this case apple. That is the exact definition of a walled garden.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) service is usually what a DC is running. AD back bone is LDAP, to put it simply. Basically a LDAP server could be called a 'domain controller' as it serves the same function as a DC.

Just to correct your assessment. You should have said "Macs and Linux machines don't have to be plugged in to a DC". This would be correct, and nether do Windows machines. Depending on the size of the environment these machines do need be plugged in to a DC.

If you have a only a handful of machines, say less than 20, then its fine to go along with out a DC. But even in this environment its better to have one. In a medium or large organization having a DC forest set up is essential. I would almost say required.

Since you do not work in IT this would be a good thing. Please do not move into this field, less people will hate you in life and I doubt you would be happy there.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Okay, I'm going to assume you are not working in IT since you don't know what a domain controller (DC) is. If you are working in IT, you should find some other line of work.

Yes, Mac and other computers, need to be plugged into a DC just like any windows box in a working environment. I'm sitting 5 feet from a mac on a DC just like all the windows and Linux boxes in this organization. Modern computer administration is all about central management of resources. And that is usually done from a domain controller.

Comment Re:And the devs and engineers... (Score 1) 524

What I find is when people are trying to get "real work" done on a Mac in a "production" environment they are usually doing that work in a VM running Windows. I wonder if they took the cost of having to maintain Windows in side a Mac as apart of their analyst?

Comment Re:What's good for the goose (Score 1) 756

The republicans have the same structure, but did not give their superdelegates enough power to override the crazy train.

You know, I don't think I have seen a better or more accurate term for what we are watching. Good job.

I just wish we had George Carin around for this. At lease we would get a good laugh out of it.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 1) 173

Before you can even begin to say that a certain crypted exists you have to examine the evidence and determine if such a creature can exist. I have devised several questions that I asked myself about such creatures before I put forth any effort to believe them. If the answer is 'no' to any of the following questions then said creature probably doesn't exist. But just because you can answer yes to all the questions only allows for the possibility for the creature to exist. I doesn't prove it does.

Can the creature exist without violating the laws of physics or biology?

A couple of examples of this are Batsquatch and the famous chupacabra. Batsquatch, a large Bigfoot like animals that flies around with big bat like wings. Violates the laws of physics, doesn't exist. Chupacabra, a crypted that lives only on the blood of goats. Blood alone doesn't contain enough nutrients to sustain a creature of its reported size. Violates the laws of biology, doesn't exist.

Where the two most well-known crypteds, Bigfoot and the lochness monster on this question are like this. Bigfoot is really only a big ass hairy monkey which doesn't violate any natural laws. Loch Ness Monster, such creatures have existed in the prehistoric past. No reason they can'y exist today.

Is there credible circumstantial evidence for the creature to exist? Are there credible eyewitnesses, footprints, credible photos, and or remains?

In the case of batsquatch? Really? How many of you have ever heard of batsquatch before this posting? In the case of the chupacabra, there lots of witnesses that saw something, most don't agree on the same animal. There is evidence of attacks on farm animals but most of those can written off as known animals. There is even a short film of what looks like a shaved dog to me running.

In the case of Bigfoot there reliable witnesses, foot prints, some film stock that can't be completely ruled out. There is other body prints and 1 or 2 large piles of shit. If Bigfoot was a murder trial based on circumstantial evidence along we would have had a hanging a long time ago.

In the case of the lochness monster, there is some witnesses and pictures, of something. Most of which can be explained by perfectly natural creatures or events.

Is there a entry in the fossil record for a creature similar or related to said cryptid?

In the case of batsquatch and the chupacabra, no there isn't any such records.

In the case of Bigfoot we have Gigantopithecus. In the case of Nessie, we have the Plesiosaurus.

Can the creatures reported habitat sustain a large enough population while keeping it mostly hidden.

Batsquatch, nobody knows the real habitat of this cryptid. It has been seen only a few times in a very small area. Chubracabra, well there are lots of goats out there to suck on, so who knows.

As for lochness, well while the loch is big, it isn't big enough to sustain a large enough breeding population of creatures this size. The loch is also poor in nutrients so it probably can't sustain even a small number of creatures. Sorry, Nessie but you probably don't exist.

Only in the case of Bigfoot is all the requirements of this question positive. Most cases and sightings are in the North American North West. There is millions of square miles to hide and sustain colonies of these creatures. There is large stocks of fish and other game if they are meat eaters. If they are not, there is plenty of grasses, plants, and roots too.

While this doesn't prove that there is a large unknown hairy ape roaming the country. It certainly does allow for the possibility.

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