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Comment Re:For very specific hard to reach areas (Score 2) 43

This will defiantly change the way aircraft are handled. Maybe there should be a "drone space" about 100 above the ground to 200 feet depending on the terrain. It could probably be more. I believe aircraft have to stay above 400 feet unless landing or taking off.

I wonder how long before we start seeing drones take the place of police in cars.

Comment Re:Lenovo is at fault, not MS (per the article) (Score 1) 467

Exactly, this is a none issue then. There are no drivers for linux on this hardware. Given time I'm sure some linux developer will resolve that issue. Other than that, just don't buy it. The manufacture will address issue soon enough to correct the loss of sales. If not, some other manufacture will happily sell you a laptop that will run linux.

Comment Re:You Really Want To Go Down This Road MS?? (Score 1) 467

I too don't see a problem here. Most computers you by at best buy, ick best buy, are going to be windows machines. I you want a custom job to run linux do some research on the net and fine one designed to run linux and prebuilt with linux installed. Those now exist, this isn't 199x anymore. There are plenty of venders that will say, "you want linux, sure"

Comment Re:Strange (Score 2) 467

This I have to agree 100% on. If you plan to run Linux on a system, or any other OS like BSD, it is best that you do a lot of research before doing so. Linux has come a long way since 1.3.xx but there are still some hardware out there that will not run with it.

Personally I would build my own system to run linux on. It isn't as hard as some think it is. There are lots of tutorials on it and odds are there is a nerd some where close by that will help you.

Comment Re:Other People's Playlists (Score 1) 64

I love to listen to other peoples play lists. Lets me find other bands and even other kinds of music. My musical tastes are pretty wide. I will list to anything but hard core gansta rap and old school country.

To many bad memories about old school country. Spent way to much money on therapy for that one.

Comment Re:Please don't... (Score 1) 495

Why do apple fans continually defend apple doing stupid shit? Every one who is not a apple fan agrees that removing the 3.5mm jack from the Iphone 7 was a stupid move. But apple fans defend it saying stupid shit like, there is a dongle that comes with it, or just pay $185 for the airheads, or what every they call them.

To kdekorte, I'm not trying to single you out. Actually that system you have there sounds kind of cool.

Comment Re:The iPhone 7/7+ still support CDMA (Score 4, Interesting) 84

Both GSM and CDMA are on the way out. The way phone makers and carriers are going is called Voice over LTE. Which basically means that in the future voice will be encoded and carried over the data LTE lines instead of a separate voice only system.

The theory is this will make phones simpler, free up radio spectrum for other uses, and improve call quality. And it will. I have tested some voice over LTE hand sets and the call quality is much better than over GSM and CDMA.

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