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Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 0) 644

Bill Clinton was a dumbass. Come on, the most powerful man in the free world with a army of SS goons at his beck and call, and a real army. An yet he couldn't even keep a simple blow job a secret?

The smartest thing Bill did was surround himself with people smarter then him and shut the fuck up. He let them do all the work and he just played the saxaphone. Come to think about it, maybe he is smarter than he looks.

Comment Re: So? (Score 5, Informative) 751

Most foreign slashdoters, and even most local, have no clue how the U.S. government works. Most of them think of the President as a king or dictator. His word is law. That isn't the way it is. Outside the scope of his office the president has no more power than a normal citizen of the United States. Granted the power inside his office is vast but it is limited.

When it comes to shaping public policy the president can only really issue decrees called executive orders. Inside the executive branch, the presidents branch, those orders have a lot of weight. But outside they are usually not worth the paper they are printed on. Like the latest executive order stating that transgenders can use any bathroom in they want to in any public school. There are lots of schools setting this order aside. Other than punitive funding actions there is little the president can do to enforce this order. Even those actions can be over ruled by congress that really holds the purse strings.

Also any order that the president gives to the public can be cancelled by the Judiciary or the Legislative branches.

Trump may come in on a wave of fear and flag waving but his power will be limited by his office. I predict that once he is in office he will accomplish little to nothing because the other branches will reign him in. I predict that trump will be a one time president who's term in office will be little more than a foot note on history.

Comment Re:This is what happens... (Score 1) 166

Oh look. One of the hippies has popped up and he is just as uneducated as the rest of his pot smoking tribe. Like the rest of them he hasn't a clue what he is talking about. Looks like some other posters have beating me to showing you the fool you are, but let me add to your education.

All coal contain natural radioactive components. When this coal is burned in a power plant that radioactive component is released right into the environment. Coal burning power plants also are a major cause of green house gases, something nuclear power plants are not. If man made climate change is a reality coal burning plants are a major cause of that. Nuclear power is not. Burning coal in unclean plants release tons of sulfur into the atmosphere which turns into acid rain. This acid rain kill millions of acre of trees and plant life each year. Coal also is a major cause of human repertory problems too. Nuclear power plants cause none of this.

Releasing radioactivity for hundreds of millions of years? What is in that weed you are smoking? Seriously, you really should attempt to educate yourself on a subject before you speak. Even the worse nuclear disaster in history, Chernobyl, will not continue to radiate for hundreds of millions of years. As for the Fukushima, those power plants where hit with a disaster clearly they where not designed for. But if you hippies had shut your bong holes those plants would have been long retired and replace with a much safer design.

Yes, eliminated, as in nuclear waste. The only reason its waste is because we can't do anything with it because you fucking hippies had to keep protesting and the research stopped. That left us with the only option to store it on site. When we try to move to a safer site, you fools line the roads to stop the shipments.

If the research could have continued we could have be re-manufacturing the wastes instead of storing it. In spent fuel rods over 80% of it is still usable if the spent part is processed out. That fuel rod could be reintroduced and the used again. As for the remaining wastes, if research could have continued we might have a productive use for it too.

If fools like you had kept your mouth shut about thing you know nothing about, as you clearly do not, we might have had reactors that are 100 times as efficient as the crap we have today. We might have reactors in use who's design would have made events like fukushima and chernobyl impossible because of the way they are designed..

And finally you god damn fucking hippie. We might have fusion working today. Fusion you god damn pot headed bastard. Fusion, the cleanest source of power there is. If uneducated fools like you had kept your mouths shut there would be no fission, no coal plants, no rivers damned, no fossil fuels, and no green house gases. We might have had a clean and unlimited source of energy. There would be no fighting in the middle east over oil resources. None of that would exist. With that source of energy we could have turned this god forsaken mud ball in to a paradise.

But you fucking hippies had to fuck it all up because you where to damn stupid to try to understand what you where protesting. Thank you very fucking much.

Comment Re:This is what happens... (Score 1) 166

Thank the gods someone else sees this too. I have been saying for decades that anti nuke movement from the 60's has done more damage to the planet then all the corporate greed and environmental disasters put together. But try to tell that to a hippie, most can't see past the haze of pot that surrounds them.

For those of you that are not on the same page with me, let me explain why. In 1945 we built two nuclear bombs and nuked Japan. Now, I'm not going to say that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it did tarnish nuclear power forever. Over the next several decades we spent lots of money and time developing better and better ways to use nuclear energy to exterminate ourselves. A few times we came really close to it.

Don't get me wrong, protesting the use of nuclear power for bombs was a good thing. I'm all for that. But the hippies didn't stop longer than it took to load new pot in their bongs. They tared all nuclear energy with the same brush, nuclear medicine, nuclear research, and nuclear power. Things that most of them knew nothing about, all they heard is nuclear, and they went nuclear on it.

Thanks to the hippie anti nuke movement all research into peaceful nuclear power ground to a halt in the early 70's. That is why we are suck with all the nuclear problems we have today with the current generation of nuclear power plants. All the technology is from the late 60's and early 70's.

Because of the movement there have no real advancements since then and no new power plants have been built. Instead we have built new coal plants which are hundreds of times more destructive to the environment than nuclear power. Even the primitive plants we have today.

If the hippie movement would have just stuck to nuclear weapons, nuclear research into peaceful power would have continued. If that would have happened the nuclear plants today would be hundreds of times safer and more efficient. We might have even eliminated the nuclear waste problem itself

More importantly, if research would have continued into nuclear power we would have had lots more funding into fusion research. If the hippies had stuck to nuclear weapons we might have had the fusion problems solved. That would have lead to the cleanest energy source ever. That would have eliminated all the coal plants, all the hydro, and all the fission plants. It would practically eliminated all uses of fossil fuels on the planet.

if the hippies of the '60's had paid attention and protest the wrongful uses of nuclear power instead of all of them, Earth might be a paradise today.

Comment Re:I don't see this as a problem, except for.... (Score 1) 146

Two paragraphs dumbass.

The first paragraph refers to the worse kind of people, scammers and terrorist.

Second paragraph, relief agencies that are not counted as "the worse kind of people', nor are the people they are trying to help. The relief agencies that I'm talking about don't have the large budgets for non-essential stuff, like up to date computers. They have to rely on handed down computers. Most of these computers are really outdated, 200 MHz pentums or lower.

Comment I don't see this as a problem, except for.... (Score -1, Flamebait) 146

Most of the places that they say do not update are home of some of the worse kinds of people. I'm talking about terrorist that use social media and scammers that use the internet to steal from people using social media. By cutting them off from using Facebook at least that would slow them down some.

The only thing that I'm concerned about is agencies that use those services to help refugees and other people that actually need help. They would be hindered by this process. And most of those relief agences are the ones that need it the most and can't afford to upgrade.

Comment Re:Bone Saw (Score 1) 275

Oh no, I don't think we want to do that. You see I've done some math here and I estimate if we did that with the amount of hard vacuum that is in there, it would suck up all the air and we would all die.

I propose when someone wants to run for congress we give them this test.

  • How many people can we put on Guam before it tips over?
  • 2+2=?
  • How do you spell "banana?"

Comment Re: Storm in a glas of water (Score 1) 267

Why would we look strange at you for using edge? I went through your history for the past few months. Short of disliking silverlight, you seem to very much like windows. Why would we expect you not to like this?

Well I do like windows but I also like linux. I run windows on my home workstation because when because with what I do at home windows works better the. Mainly games.

I run linux, centos 6.7, on my server. It works best for that what I use it for. Basically a big ass file server.

I run fedora at work because I view it as the best OS to use when working in a linux environment.

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