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Comment Re:'Genuine' is how luxury brands protect themselv (Score 1) 120

Knockoff items are poorly made, badly insulated, and are a fire hazard. They often don't meet spec, so they don't perform as well.

If you want to make a knockoff item, Apple can't stop you, but they DO want to stop people from thinking they're buying Apple cables, which ARE tested and manufactured to a higher standard. Apple is presumably willing to stand behind their products and take the flak if they're bad (I had a laptop charger replaced under a recall), but they can't be expected to stand behind the product of someone else using their branding.

So the problem really is on Amazon's end, because they're the ones giving worldwide distribution and implicit authenticity to these fake products.

I've bought cables from Anker that were MFi certified, and they were cheaper than Apple's and just as good (maybe better? Time will tell). It's not that Apple doesn't let other people make cables, but they're expected to meet spec.

Anyway, your post is basically garbage. Yes, we all know that Apple is in some respects a Veblen good, but their products *do* actually have sufficient merit that ordinary people are willing to buy them.

Comment Re: Supplier contracts. (Score 1) 40

Intel did try to license the tech. Qualcom refused.
It was touch and go inside Intel's mobile groups for quite a long time after it was clear that WiDi lost and LTE was the winner. Trying to engineer around the Qualcom patents is what likely lead to this.
Intel knows the performance is lacking.
That it works at all is better than where they were this time last year.

Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 284

So hairy you want MS html, MS Css, things that only work on win32, etc?

Bill Gates is what caused MS to focus on being proprietary and monopolistic! He was the one who broke ASCII so you needed dos2unix and unix2dos on purpose to make porting hard. He made Sco Xenix broken so it would be harder to port apps to solaris and irix.

You may hate the new CEO but he is open sourcing things, supporting Freebsd and Linux to azure, porting PowerShell to Linux and Ubuntu to Windows, creating ms code editor to Linux and Mac OSx, and Android and mono development to visual studio 2015.

Bill Gates would reverse this.

Personally MS is making much better applications. Windows is the only issue based on 2 things which a QA team and less spyware can fix. Keep in mind your phone and Browser do the same things. If MS needs to fund this they should sell different versions

Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 284


Fanboy cheerleaders coming up .... FYI Freebsd 11 is a freaking nightmare upgrading. My Hyper-V guests running your bsd have issues seeing the hard drive after upgrading. Differencing disks do not function and even bare metal as the host OS the ports do not work for at least 3 programs.

Freebsd 10.3 worked fine from your beloved OS before upgrading.

Never ever upgrade is a common SOP of IT since things always break. Sorry but just because you like BSD doesn't mean it's magical and laws of complexity do not apply.

Comment Re:It's a way of pointing a finger (Score 1) 80

I wonder how it would work if a company simply listed all the components of the bill honestly, including profit margin.
$6.50 broadcast transmission fee
$4.00 fee for fuckall
$15.00 cable replacement for damage (like DUI into telephone pole)
$35.00 profit to company.

It'd be interesting.

Submission + - CO2 to Ethanol in one step with cheap catalyst (sciencedaily.com)

networkBoy writes: Boffins at ORNL have discovered a simple and cheap catalyst that can take CO2 dissolved in solution with water and at room temperature convert it to ethanol with 60%+ yields. They envision it as a way to store surplus power from green energy plants and then burning it to fill in lulls in supply.

Comment Re:"hacked"? (Score 4, Insightful) 311

Has wikileaks ever confirmed they got the emails from a hacker? couldn't they be, lets say, leaked?

Doesn't matter. The source only is an issue because the people screaming about it don't want to discuss the content of the leaks.

The DNC is as corrupt as the GOP. That's the takeaway that the people who believe themselves to be the "good" guys are cognitive dissonancing themselves into a tizzy over.

Remember, Wikileaks were heroes when they were releasing Bush era war documents. Now that they're revealing that Hillary's campaign and the DNC have been illegally taking money from foreigners and using shell companies to circumvent laws about collusion with Super PACs they're the devil working with $szCurrentRival to undermine democracy itself.

Comment Re:Nearly useless (Score 2) 65

b) Police need privacy too. They have to pee and stuff, just like other people.

It should be a 2 minute long off switch that beeps to warn it's about to reactivate. The action to stop recording needs to be an explicit recorded choice and made difficult to do for long periods of time so an officer can't claim to have "forgotten" to activate it. I'd rather have an accidental piss take than a convenient lack of recording when an officer is accused of excessive force.

Comment Re: Yes? (Score 1) 163

I did an apt-get install Apache2 and it installed :-)

Now I didn't check to see if it worked as a have separate VM's of turnkey Linux appliances for those. MS wanted to include this because they are worried of becoming irrelevant to young millennials who make web pages and mobile apps so things like Apache was one of the goals of making WSL in the first place.

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