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Comment Re:MS's role? (Score 1) 75

The virus writers went elsewhere and people forgot. The CIA didn't forget.

But the 'feature' is useless if it's so easy to detect. Bet they never let it into the wide of their own secure networks, for fear of their politicians getting 'caught' and embarrassed.

Embarrassed? They don't embarrass politicians they catch. They secure funding from politicians they catch.

Comment Re:MS's role? (Score 1) 75

No? All it has to be is an external image URL.

hxxp://CIAFRONTWEBSITE .GOV/username=X&IP=Y&OSversion=Z&....

Obfuscate that enough and put it someplace that Microsoft Office auto-loads and bammo. Instant tracking, no software needed. This is Spam Email 101 tactics here.

Hell, it's the same trick they used (via a broken flash plugin) in Operation Pacifier to figure out who was connecting to the FBI's child porn server on TOR. You know, the operation that caused them to repeal the 4th Amendment for anyone using a computer that has TCP/IP installed?

Comment Re:No keyboard? That's nothing! (Score 1) 111

My current company *finally* migrated our last project off VSS.
I've used:
dated tarballs
dated directories

So far my personal favorite is actually Perforce for massive codebases, and SVN for almost everything else.
I have nothing against Git, but most of my crud is in SVN and I have no compelling case to change it.

Comment I will say it again (we killed Trusted computing ) (Score 5, Informative) 291

Remember 13 years ago when we all posted links to our American representatives and with their phones and email exploding the DRM trusted PC requirements went away from a potential bill.

Can you all afford 3 minutes of your life

Ok most senators and congressman are too stupid to know what net neutrality is. They gain their information from experts ... experts brought to by lobbyists from Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, to educate our politicians what this issue is. They are simply ignorant.

So here is the link for your congressman. Here is the link to your senator. The people who read these are called scriptwriters and if they get thousands of angry emails I can guarantee you it will at least get your politicians attention.

When I linked this in 2003 or 2004 here Slashdot posted a story a few days later stating congress was confused, dumbfounded, and shocked. The bill died :-D

If you have a Republican write professionally that you do not want big brother government to trample innovation and stop jobs. Explain your I.T. position and career and explain your employer and startups already pay extra for bandwidth and this amounts to a bribe. End it off with if the United States won't allow us to be a leader in technology another cheaper country like China or India will who do not have these problems with Net Neutrality and can operate simply on bandwidth uses without double and triple dipping.

If your senator and or congressman is a democrat explain politely that this is a terrible bill that will hurt lower income internet users and new startups. Explain your I.T. position and career and explain your employer and startups already pay extra for bandwidth and this amounts to double dipping which will hurt America's competitive advantage. Also mention the top 5 technology companies are active Democratic donors to your party including Facebook, Google, and Microsoft and that if America fails to take initiative for regulating tax payer infrastructure then another country with more freedoms like India or China will take the jobs instead and this will help lower income consumers by keeping prices lower.


Comment Re:No keyboard? That's nothing! (Score 1) 111

Ever had this thing called eclipsed files with ClearCase? Ever received a huge E-mail with fifty "element"-lines as reply "can you give me your branch so that I can help out with your feature?". Ever didn't know what version of a file you were looking at because the config_spec has some magical order in that it processes said element lines (making me call ClearCase the SchrÃdingers Cat Management - you have to open the box to know if your code was dead or alive, and opening it kills it).

Ever saw compilation performance drop to 500% or 600% or more slower due to fstat being called on each and every header file in a preprocessed .cpp file's output over the network? (so, network latency is killing your compiler's speed). Ever had a SCM that required you to rewrite all your Makefiles in some absurdly stupid format so that some omake thing understands it?

Ever had to head time and time again that it's all your fault because "you don't use ClearCase right". While when you ask the ClearCase fanboys "so then how do I use it?" you basically get IBM this and IBM that and IBM is great and no answers.

I'm going to stop.. before I mental because of thinking about the horror I've been through.

Sorry. No keyboard. Poor guy.

Yes to most all of this.
We had a *dedicated* CC management team of about 20 people.
Seriously, their *entire* job was manage CC and related bullshit.
So I didn't have to deal with the "you're not doing it right, but no help for you either." I got "you're not doing it right, use this tool we created that takes the input you gave and transmogrifies it to CC brainfuck".

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