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Comment Re:Not a Republican defeat (Score 1) 235

Haha how can it not be a Trump and Ryan defeat? I didn't see Trump opposing it. It was his bill!

Sorry if I sound like an ass? Nothing personal on you, but as a Democrat I got sick and tired of hearing both sides say NO and don't work. This is all 100% on the GOP. I want voters to get angry and vote Democratic so we can start passing bills again and not just say NO

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 2) 235

Lets go ahead and cut to the chase. I'm fond of saying site your sources so let me put up before I have to shut up. Here is the exact text of the ACA, complete with subtext, and related bills. Start reading and tell me you understand all this mess.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 4) 235

He couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

THIS is the exact reason Trump is sitting in the White house. It will of the reasons he will be sworn in, in 2020 for a second term. You constantly underestimated Trump from the time he threw his hat in the ring all the way up to election night. You where so sure that you had this in the bag you where already celebrating while he was mopping the floor with you.

More over you are letting your hatred and bitterness, this oppose Trump at all cost, blind you to what is coming down the road. Everyday people are getting tired of it. Even people like me who didn't vote for Trump, and who didn't think he would have made a good President, are starting to change our minds.

Americans don't like losers, but we detest sour losers. And that is exactly what you are coming off to be. The oppose Trump at all costs, instead of working with him is going to cost you more than the Whitehouse. When the next elections come around Americans are going to remember this, and are going to start removing the obstacles. Meaning Democrats.

Funny thing is, those of us who don't subscribe to any real political party see this. But democrats don't, Other libertarians in my group, we predicted that Trump would win. We are also predicting he will win in 2020.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 1) 235

The Harry Potter series was actually a good read. The ACA was one of the worse pieces of legislation to ever come out of Washington. Nancy Pelosi herself said we have to pass it to understand it. So clearly, those that passed it didn't under stand it ether.

If the full concept of the ACA was understood when it passed it wouldn't be such a mess. So, no, no one person understands that mess. People may have read it, but they don't understand it.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 4, Insightful) 235

Obama "made the effort" to close Gitmo throughout his whole presidency, does he get credit for that?

Obama made no "serous" effort to close Gitmo. If he did, it would be closed. Gitmo is a military base, it is completely under the control of the President. Congress can make bills and approve them requiring it to stay open but Obama could have vetoed them.

Obama used Gitmo as a political tool all through his presidency.

Comment Re:Uber issue, not a tech issue (Score 4, Insightful) 245

Your anecdote isn't data. It's nice that you've worked for progressive companies and that you yourself are good about working with women, but it's absolutely a systemic issue. Story after story after story confirms it.

Rather, I think you and the companies you work for are outliers. Congratulations on that; I hope you keep your streak.

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