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Comment Re:Still hasn't learned (Score 1) 157

I don't know why you think they should be able to survive on releasing the same games that exist on two other consoles already. Why would anyone buy a Nintendo system at all?

Nintendo's salvation lies in strong third party support, but they won't be the same games as are on the PS4 and XBox.

Game budgets for PS4 and XBone are enormous. The pipelines are huge, and hard to fill. When you've got that much horsepower, you need a lot more creative staff to make sure there's actually something worth rendering. If Nintendo produces a modestly equipped console that has decent graphics, it will be a much lower barrier to entry.

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 370

I disagree. Yes it is popular to hate the OS as satan here on slashdot.

Windows 10 anniversary over 7 has:
1. Much better battery life for laptops and not just portables
2. Native wifi and NFC printing
3. Native USB 3 and USB type C drivers
4. Stable NVMe (7 is backported with 3rd party drivers that are buggy)
5. Hyper-V (A Must for any IT professional!). Yes you can run native Ubuntu and Fedora with a generation 2 VM
6. Better JavaScript performance (in Chrome)
7. Cloud integration with azure with Azure Active Directory. Some businesses prefer this model over having an expensive IT department
8. Ink works well on MS surface and hybrids for OneNote and Sticky Notes. I own a Surface Pro 3 and yes it is a work tool for me that is ultra portable

You could not pay me to go back on Windows 7. The only good thing I have to say about Windows 7 is it is very stable and has a consistent gorgeous UI with aero. But like XP it is showing it's age with 3rd party drivers that do not work well, terrible battery life, and it does not work as well with modern hardware.

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1, Insightful) 161

I do think it is awesome.

However, I will ask how many starving people he could have fed or provided clothes to school children or how hard his employees had to work to earn the money he took?

I am not hating but sometimes life is not fair. My boss grew up poor and we got into a horrible argument with him yesterday. Another coworker was dating this girl who was broke and didn't have a computer to finish college. He had 2 spare laptops at home. We both argued he shouldn't give them to her as they are Macs and worth a lot. Also it was just 1 date. It got bad as we were accused of being heartless bastards.

If I ever become rich I would prefer to donate money as my boss thinks burning money is the worst sin you could possible commit. How much better could society be if we spent the same amount of money we spent at Christmas to the homeless or disadvantaged?

Comment Re: Collision avoidance, not autopilot (Score 1) 219

Tesla's autopilot is as much an autopilot at plane autopilot is. Plane autopilots require two human pilots in the cockpit, and they aren't allowed to just sit around and play Pokemon the whole time.

Autopilots don't mean you're allowed to stop paying attention, they just removed some of the drudgework of maintaining distance and emergency braking.

Comment Re:No thanks, again. (Score 1) 377

Next month Edge will have a webkit extension store and will be compatible :-)

I still use IE 11 on Windows 10 to test code. I find IE 11 better than Edge oddly. It is not the same browser at all compared to IE 6. Not awesome, but it is ok and is usable and W3C compliant now.

I just add a line of CSS code to tell edge to load the IE 11 engine for compatibility as I do not want to bother to debug it as it is still alpha level quality and no one really uses it yet.

Comment Re:'Enhancements' (Score 1) 377

Updating on Windows is A MUST@!

It is a malware target and Windows 10 is sooo buggy in early builds compared to today. NTFS corrupts itself if you use a builld before the April update.. The update service is the only way to make it stable

If you have a machine that keeps getting bricked it means it is old and tested for Windows 7. Not 10. It is best not to update these machines as newer hardware does not break with auto updates.

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