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Comment Re:Economic fallacy (Score 1) 201

Look I am turning quite conservative myself after studying economics. However, unlimited consumption is a fallacy. THe Great Depression proved this as economists at the time assumed people would simply lower their salaries and products would deflate and people would then buy again and all would go up and be good soon.

That didn't happen as the invisible hand amplified the problem where people and business consumed less and cut back which caused them to lay off workers who in turn cut back in a horrible vicious cycle waiting on the other to spend first.

It doesn't matter how much you value your labor back in 1931. Even if you worked for $0 no factory wanted to produce more as there were no spenders for their unsold products on shelves. Make it cheaper? Yeah, unless it is food no one would buy without a job or had one but with economic uncertainty.

Human nature responds to fear too and not just wanting to outdo the other guy. Jobs are more limited now thanks to automation and cheap outsourcing in expensive first world countries. That is a fact and is how Brexit and Donald Trump came to power. Consider ourselves lucky we have nice white collar jobs. Those who are not as bright or made poor choices are kind of screwed now as the jobs they once did are gone.

Comment Re: No use (Score 1) 141

I use both.

Problem is I do EUS end user support as well. That means if I work into an executive conference room and some VP or VIP client has a MS Surface with 10 I need to have the mouse clicks and screen memorized. Everything from logging out to changing TCP/IP settings are obscured or changed.

Worse if I want to work with a MS gold partner I need my MCSE Mouse Click System Engineer cert updated. HUGE mouse click and option memorization to pass these tests. Though I do give credit MS has made the tests very hard now :-) ... as in 50% is now powershell scripting questions and more rigorous compared to the joke last decade. But still the only way to really learn is to use it and not just fire up a VM every once in a while to check something. I bit the bullet and went to 10 again this afternoon on rebuilt system dreadfully. I guess working around bugs will give me experience until I can become a Unix admin.

Comment Re: 20 years (Score 1) 141

Again running servers does not count. THat is even more niche than uses with photoshop and illustrator as some people do photography as a hobby and any marketing department uses these tools for sales, commercials, promotional material creation, etc. However, if you hate Windows there is always the Mac for these users. I would argue MacOSX is superior to these folks due to things like color calibration and fonts, but Windows 7 and 10 have finally caught up to Mac of 1998 :-)

So before blaming the user why should they go to Linux? What do they gain out of the deal? Can they run their apps such as excel macros or accounting software, turbo tax, odd printers software, video games, etc? Will Linux work eternally with updates with 0 CHANCE OF BREAKING?

Google the Hairyfeet challenge on Slashdot? Take any Linux distro and do more than 2 major release updates and see if it still works? It won't as no kernel ABI exists and XORG changes stuff all the time. THese users will try Linux and it will break eventually.

FreeBSD is much better OS for a unix for this reason, but again no real reason for a mortal to use it and learn to setup.

Comment Re: DHCP broken too! (Score 1) 141

No offense but you don't work in IT unless you're a developer. If you are then I forgive you.

If you're an admin or end user support then 10 is a nightmare! Having something as fundamental as DHCP not working will wreak havoc in the office ... And your career if problems keep hitting every few months. They will blame YOU not 10 after 3 or 4 outages.

Then you're fired or denied a promotion etc. We tend to hate change like Vista and 8 and now 10 as compliants are brought up each performance review

Comment Re: No use (Score 2) 141

Or just don't run Windows 10.

Thankfully I have a copy of acronis with an older 8.1image with updates disabled to just download. I install them manually a month or so later.

I really did want to keep 10 and if works fine for a few weeks and I always run into a problem every other month or so. So damn frustrating. I NEED to learn 10 for work as we will migrate soon but shit too many problems??

Comment Re: 20 years (Score 0) 141

Also I will add Windows can serve 50 websites just fine with high uptime if you are a competent system administrator who knows PowerShell direct, dsc, IIS, and good Windows Server administration skills. Azure is a good example.

Updates break Linux as well if not more because it lacks a stable ABI due to theological reasons of RMS like any other os. Xorg and video drivers are classic examples.

Comment Re: 20 years (Score 2) 141

Not to sound like an ass but I will quote/paraphrase something I read on similar topic on this morning.

He said um what do you guys do all day on your computers that run Linux? Do you all just browse the web and do nothing else but pretend to be important with no other apps?

  Do you all run 90% of your work in virtual machines where you run Windows anyway?

He went on saying he uses music production software and hardware and something called DAW. The free software is horrible and is no substitute or doesn't meet his needs.
Sorry LibreOffice, the gimp, and Killustrator are no substitutes for Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe illustrator. No can-do. If your resume is misformatted because LibreOffice can't be bug to bug compatible with your tables it goes into the trash.

So the argument is moot as not everyone becomes a Unix system administrator when they grow up. Besides web browsing what can you do with Unix? No serving doesn't count either for mere mortals so don't give me that?

Comment Re: Instability is the new normal? (Score 1) 141

I hate to tell you this but build 1607 anniversary update is already CBB grade with enterprises running it as you read this .... Complete with their IT techs getting calls this weekend on why the director's laptop stopped working after an update.

I have a fresh rebuild right now in my living room. I am seriously contemplating not going thru on Windows 10 and using an older saved acronis 8.1 image for the same cpu/ motherboard? I cannot guarantee it will just work until redstone2 comes out next April when 1607 goes into just security update mode? This is ridiculous

Comment Re: sigh (Score 2) 141

The issue is not ipv4. It's the corrupted windsock catalog. Ipv6 is impacted as well. The solution is to reset it with nutshell from an elevated command prompt or PowerShell:

netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Or use an older more reliable OS until MS hires a QA team again and stop relying on Joe Six packs as their QA team

Comment DHCP broken too! (Score 2) 141

The Register has the scoop on it.

Some users report typing:
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Has repaired their TCP/IP stack.

Unrelated, I just woke up after I rebuilt a computer last night. I am greeted with a Windows 10 setup screen. I also have an older saved Windows 8.1 acronis image for same cpu and motherboard. I was just wondering if I should bite the bullet and go Windows 10 as I work in IT and need to know it ...

However this story scared me and got me wondering if that is really a good idea? What do you all think? Hmm

Comment Just quit console business (Score 1) 87

Pokémon Go showed something last summer.

That is there is money to be made selling software and services. Who makes money with console hardware these days?

If I were Nintendo I would make my tools available for Sony and MS and a lite mobile version in a licensing agreement. I would use my games ported as leverage to convince a sharing with Sony and Microsoft to sell Nintendo APIs on their stores and tools.

Who here would buy MarioKart for their ps4 or phone if it were available?

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