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Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 296

Most schools are paid for using property taxes levied from the areas where the schools operate. If you don't want to pay the property tax burden that includes that, live on property in a different jurisdiction, or move to a place that funds them differently, etc. But with Obamacare, you have a federal mandate forcing you to buy a service. If you are a 60 year old nun, you're still having to buy an insurance plan that guarantees you'll have your next childbirth covered. Absurd.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 296

My parents saved up the money to cover the costs of the birth and the time away from work needed to make it all happen. They carried simple catastrophic insurance just in case something way horribly wrong. Nobody is allowed to do that anymore. But if you're not in the solid middle class, it's OK, have all the babies you want - someone else will actually pay for all of that for you, or end up having to answer to the IRS, courtesy of the Democrats.

Comment Re:You may not like this (Score 1) 356

No, this is not promoting race hatred, it's an explanation of the political differences between two parties and what they mean to the little people.

It's not only the Blacks who are having their chains forged right now. Loss of privacy, loss of social safety-nets, loss of ecological protection (so that people who breathe bad air or drink polluted water get sick all of the time), each one of those is a link in a chain.

Comment Re:As someone who grew up disadvantaged (Score 1) 356

Uhm... okay, so care to explain to me how you know all the kids at the library are rich?

It's the designer sneakers, iPhones, and the glow of good nutrition and medical care.

Go out on the street and see what you can tell about the people who walk by from what they wear and the appearance of nutrition and medical care. It's pretty easy.

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 1) 356

Allowing states to block issuance of lifeline broadband to the poor influences how they vote, whether they get jobs, and many other aspects of their lives.

Some providers just got ordered to disconnect their poor customers and let those customers wait for the states to provide them another way to connect - or more likely for the states to not provide them a way to connect.

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 1) 356

Yes. If you had some variant of Condorcet as the voting process, you would have cast a valid first choice for Stein and a second choice for Clinton, and perhaps Clinton would have gotten the same number of votes overall but not more, and Stein would have had a fair chance

The proposition here that I have a problem with, however, is that Trump would have gotten more votes if some people were convinced that those votes did not matter. He would at best have gotten the same amount of votes, and other conservative candidates would have had at least a fair chance against him if they didn't win.

Comment Re:Trolling and Fake News = same (Score 1) 171

To make it even worse, Pravda, the Soviet Union's old ministry of propaganda, changed it's name to RT, and hired a bunch of anonymous posters, making it one of the single most effective propaganda organizations the world has ever seen.

You think that's bad? Fox News, USA Today, and CNN haven't even had to change their names!

Comment Re:Background and the real issue (Score 1) 356

Supression of the Black vote is well documented, and doesn't particularly concern the race of the Black people, but the fact that they tend to vote Democratic and are an easy target for suppression because they are already disenfranchised and poverty-stricken.

If the Republicans suppress someone's vote, they can not shield themselves by saying that anyone who fights it is accusing them of racism. They have to face the well-documented evidence that those votes have been suppressed, and continue to be suppressed.

Comment Re:It was bound to happen (Score 1) 225

Translation. You're some armchair quarterback commenting on something you have no real experience with.

We all have real experience with it now, thanks to assorted nuclear disasters.

You should have just been honest and said that up front.

You wouldn't know honestly if it crawled up your ass and died. Which is apparently approximately what happened to you.

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