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Comment the internet killed flash (Score 4, Insightful) 204

I don't think Jobs's letter killed Flash. But I don't think Adobe did either.

no, the internet rallied around Flash like a mafia hitsquad around a mole and slowly beat it to death. NodeJS, html5, and webm video all colluded to deliver the killing stroke to Flash. Adobe, in turn, largely did what they do best and ignored the programs compatibility issues in Linux, stability issues in mac and windows, and rampant security issues across the board. It should serve as a stern reminder of what could happen to Photoshop and AfterEffects if Adobe doesnt start paying more attention and start fixing real bugs.

Comment i cant believe what im seeing. (Score 1) 126

Beats the worst? even the worlds worst?
Im a 70 year old stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. and by Stuck, i mean stuck in the worlds worst. I was born in Inglewood, by which I mean i was conceived and birthed in this car. I grew up a strapping young lad, capable of passing drinks or fetching snacks at a moments notice. As I grew --and as we passed the exit for LAX-- my parents foretold of the one day when I would pilot this car. That day has come.

my one wish before I die --assuming I can merge-- is to see the second sign for the exit to interstate 10. Could this app be the miracle ive prayed for between prayers for the sweet release of death? I sure hope so.

Comment only in america (Score -1) 234

can what arguably exists as one of the most profound achievements in the history of mankind be put on the chopping block because "LOL we dont know what to do with it"

The ability to sustain life --not just human life-- in the vacuum of space to such a degree as to be free enough to conduct space walks, exploration, and science is easily one of the greatest feats we mortals have achieved since the splitting of the atom and the curing of smallpox. If you have even an iota of scientific inclination on this committee then its pretty simple to understand what you do to this thing. you keep it running and you thank the universe for allowing you to do this at the pittance of four billion a year.

Comment so we're basing these on inventiveness? (Score 5, Insightful) 278

was the discovery of a plot

if every time someones discovered plotting the demise of western civilization we are to enact some new pointless and myopic law for our airlines, we may as well scrap the whole idea of commercial flight. Someone could easily roll a grenade into the screening area, or the food court, or even the ticket counter and accomplish just as much if not even more than an i-pad bomb. or they could show up at a gay nightclub and kill 60 people. or shoot up a government building in San Bernadino.

Los Angeles International even had a guy show up with a high power rifle and start picking off cops and TSA agents, which went way beyond a plot, but we still dutifully strip off our shoes and throw out our bottled water in homage to the all mighty security theatre. The point of terrorism is that once you concede to being terrorized, thats it, youve lost whatever war you thought you were fighting against it.

Comment funny how that works. (Score 3, Interesting) 86

theranos: for the love of god and all thats holy, please do not litigate.

Uber: every week we get a new lawsuit, cities are outlawing us, countries have banned us or taxed our business model, workers have united and are forming unions, we actively thwarted regulatory attempts with greyball, our drivers have turned out to be serial killers and rapists, and our president just quit...but uh...i guess we're still worth ten billion dollars ya know!?

Comment but you arent a traditional CA (Score 5, Insightful) 250

The fight against phishing and malware content is an important one, but it does not make sense for CAs to be on the front lines

but thats just it. prior to you, people had a barrier to entry. phishing sites needed to pay money to play in the https realm or hire someone smart enough to exploit an https protected site. your service removed both of those barriers and now allows dangerous sites to quickly and easily bypass an entire host of browser security checks designed to prevent people from entering bank card information and personal data into an unprotected site. That "lock" icon in the address bar is generally enough to convince people that what theyre doing with their Visa is sane. now, with letsencrypt, its not so certain.

if you're not going to at least police fraud or abuse, youre opening the service up to become a haven for quick and easy phishing sites. if you ignore this now, you might as well pack up and leave. Chrome and Firefox will not hesitate to lower their trust in your service if it turns into the .info and .biz of the internet.

Comment deploy this, and you arent a state anymore. (Score 5, Insightful) 195

Technology like this isnt helping riot control. its dangerous brinkmanship. Once you start deploying autonomous anti-personnel devices like MRAPS's and BOZENA, youve made citzens aware that not only do you not care about the current reason theyre rioting but you're willing to herd them like cattle instead of take the time to listen.

Treat people like expendable trash and theyll fight you in ways you wouldnt expect. in Texas it meant after a slew of police shootings of unarmed black men, a black man took up a sniper position and began executing police from a rooftop with a high power rifle. if your only answer to systemic inequality is to deploy a 6600 pound shield, you'll soon find how resilient it is to firearms that are many, many times more powerful than what you would normally be faced with in a riot situation.

Comment Re:Again like I said! (Score 1) 403

That's a gross oversimplification - the kind that leads people 5-4 Supreme Court rulings on things like making it easier for big donors to influence politicians. Made, mostly by people who think the impression it leaves favors them - whether that's the 3rd party Nader/Stein set, who want to seem more viable than they are, or the Republican/Trump set, who want to distract large numbers of middle class voters with "at least they 'care' about my issue, and the rest doesn't matter" trickery.

At very least, you ought to concede that the mainstream Dems and Reps have different sets of large donors. Sure, Wall Street probably greases both sides' palms equally - but tech and the arts favor Dems and fossil fuel and big business favors Reps. There's still plenty of truth to the Republican party being of, by and for big business - and some truth about Dems being for working people. After all, mainstream or not, Republicans propose tax cuts as the solution to all problems at least as much as Democrats propose regulation and government programs to level the playing field...

Comment three reasons: (Score 5, Interesting) 224

1. money. boomers spent a generation ruining any chance of a millenial or post millenials ability to buy anything more than a bus pass.
2. Theaters. Exorbitant fees for tickets and concessions price most of them well outside the range of the 18-24 demographic. the ones that can afford it, generally avoid it and wait for the online/blu-ray. The theatre experience is sticky floors and 30 minutes of capitive audience advertisements for everything from car insurance to taco bell, and its an insult to anyone whos paid actual money to sit down and see a film.
3. films.: six sequels to the fast and the furious? Ten remakes of Cinderella? thats not film, its the conceptual blueprint for purgatory. The average film experience is either waiting for the next release of 17 new and well planned Marvel movies, or enduring a wasteland of film targeted at the fifth grade comprehension level so as to maximize audience range. Pixar used to churn out a good film, but frankly theyre just in it for the toy licensing (Cars 3 anyone?)

Comment Re:Wow, for that kind of money... (Score 1) 147

Well, that brings up an obvious question. If Edge is a whole new browser - built, presumably, using the latest, 'safest' coding techniques - what does that say about the ability to make programming languages (or 'standard' techniques for coding in them) safe. After all this time, new code is still more hackable than older - but better tested - code?

Comment given their track record, i doubt it. (Score 1, Insightful) 73

Zune: failed to compete with ipod.
Microsoft Phone: failed to compete with either android or iPhone.
microsoft store: failed to compete with apple store and was rolled into best buy as a kiosk
microsoft surface: failed to compete with iPad or android.
Bing: failed to compete with either google or yahoo despite being based on code bought from yahoo.
Azure: failed to compete with aws/ec3/rackspace.
so yeah. i dont think salesforce is as terrified as they would have been say, 30 years ago when a microsoft embrace/extend/extinguish strategy basically spelled bankruptcy. This is a new redmond, and with it comes moronic decisions like buying Minecraft after it has no further growth potential, and porting random linux applications like SSH to windows.

Comment for various definitions of interfere. (Score 3, Insightful) 536

If by interfere we mean "she didnt get elected when it was her time" then, sure, its fairly apparent the trump campaign achieved this by campaigning in more states and cities, and on issues the average person could more easily relate to.

Full Disclosure, im a California Liberal. That being said, Hillary was a turd of a candidate with a domestic policy that was unrelateable outside of large cities. she ignored two intelligence scandals, rigged her primary to destroy her opponent, and took questions from moderators ahead of the debate. She was the epitome of liberal elite, showing up in a fifteen thousand dollar burlap sack from Beverly Hills to lecture the midwest on povery and jobs.

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