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Comment Re:Analogue vs Digital, and DRM (Score 1) 410

I'm still not seeing what a Class D amp has to do with this - you can't feed digital data to such an amplifier and expect to get anything but noise out of it. DACs and amplifiers do totally different things, and too many people are under the impression that Class D amplifiers have something to do with digital when they don't. It's just a very efficient, somewhat complex, and completely analog amplification method that works similarly to a switching power supply. Modulate an analog signal such that you're only dealing with two voltage levels, amplify the modulated signal, and filter out the modulation frequency to end up with a higher-voltage/current copy of what went in.

Comment What's there to celebrate? (Score 3, Interesting) 65

A franchise being milked dry by its IP holder, fans being sued for trying to create something, and mostly being sued for creating something that's better and closer to the core idea of the franchise than its IP holder creates...

What exactly is there to celebrate? Any "real" celebration would probably be snuffed instantly by the IP holders.

In the eternal words of Bones: "It's dead, Jim."

Comment Re:the CO2 improvements are minor at best (Score 1) 62

> Gassers make just as much particulate, but it's of the most hazardous type, which means their particulate emissions are actually worse than diesel.

That's only true of direct injected gas engines.

Who told you that? That's bullshit. The only way in which DI gassers are worse than other gassers is that they foul their intake valves which have to be expensively cleaned, sometimes including head removal.

Gasoline also has to be refined more than diesel

This isn't true anymore. Diesel is a highly refined product now also. Clean emissions requires clean and homogeneous input fuel and that means more processing.

Not only is it still true (it still takes less energy to make diesel, it just takes more than it used to) but guess what? Automakers are now asking fuel companies to make higher-octane fuels, over 100 on the scale we use in the USA. That's what they need to make cleaner-burning gasoline engines. So gasoline is actually about to get more expensive, both in real dollars and in energy cost.

That car is a rolling smog bank and you are trying to talk about how your input fuel was renewable? Seriously, have you looked at the emissions standards it was required to conform?

That's irrelevant; mine is running nice and clean. It only smokes when you pin it, which even brand new diesels do. And since it doesn't have a catalyst, it puts out nice big fat soot particles that can be trivially swept out of your lungs by your cilia.

They were a joke in the US and a double joke in Europe. It's far filthier than its contemporary gas cars and really bad compares to any modern car of any sort.

And yet, far superior to anything else in the class sold in 1982.

Comment Re:It can be fine... (Score 1) 410

Five, ten years from now, I anticipate we'll all have USB-C headphones (except Apple users, who might have something non-standard), and there will be USB-C ports everywhere, and we'll look back at this thread and laugh.

I don't think so. Comparing the 3.5" TRS connector to USB is apples and oranges - there are a LOT more devices that use the TRS connector for various and sundry things, and those devices aren't going to move to USB-C. This is a smartphone-specific issue with very little overlap elsewhere, and the rest of the world isn't going to standardize on a connector that's far more expensive to implement, doesn't offer any articulable benefits to them, and is often an inappropriate choice.

Comment Re:Something off the rails (Score 1) 94

Ok, then put out "disable ad-blockers if you want me to continue delivering content" and if people really want your content, they will.

There are also various ways to get people to actively pay for your content, and guess what: People do actually do that, crazy as it may sound to some.

Sorry, but for FAR too long unscrupulous advertisers have bombarded the people with ads. They should not be surprised that people defend themselves against it.

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