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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 472

Not only Apple phones are made abroad, Samsung and Google phones are as well. High tariffs on mobile phones would bring manufacturing jobs back to US. However higher mobile phone prices would probably prove to be very unpopular with people in general.

-- You will not have a pleasant skydiving experience unless you properly prepare and pack your parachute first.

Comment Re:100gb? (Score 1) 422

I've heard the "density" statement so many times and I don't buy it.
94.6+ percent of the United States is rural open space. Most of this space has no or little cell phone coverage.

What matters most IMHO is to have great coverage with high quality in areas with high people density.
However, even in most of the cities in US the mobile call quality and coverage is subpar compared to many European/Asian cities.

Comment Re:Is $2 too much? (Score 1) 434

I looked at current advertising costs to see whether $2/episode is justified. Right now advertisers pay about 3.3 cents to put an ad in the face of a 25-54 year-old adult during a prime-time show. In an hour-long show, there are about sixteen minutes of non-program material, though some of that is promotions for other shows and local advertising. Let's say that ten minutes of every prime-time hour includes national advertising. That means advertisers are willing pay about thirty cents per show; two dollars seems like gouging in comparison.

Well Google must make money too. One dollar and seventy cents sounds like a more than reasonable fee to me.

Comment Re:Hands-free is allowed (Score 1) 364

Yes, but people with passengers in the car WITH them actually recovers a bit from risk from what you would see with cell phones, as apparently passengers, during a tricky driving moment or such, know when to shut up or may even alert the driver to dangers in the road.

You sir have obviously never driven with kids as passengers in a car. ;-)

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