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Comment Re:End up just like Google+ (Score 1) 83

Why do senior managers keep thinking that we want social networks at the office? My previous company tried to foist Jive on us, and other than an initial token gesture by senior management, they didn't use it... and guess what? It's them who already needed to improve their communication with the rest of the company. I really don't give a shit about whatever banal thing somebody's doing today, right this moment. It's just noise. I will socialise in the pub after work, or even at lunch time, where I can speak my mind if I wish. Otherwise these overpriced toys don't help me get anything done.

Senior management love to have big sounding objectives like "I will continue to improve communications with my staff" on their performance reviews. It's an easy box to tick by posting a couple of blogs copied from press releases and a tweet about the Xmas party during the year.

Comment Re:Slashdot at work to be released. (Score 1) 83

I certainly wouldn't join it at work even.

I don't imagine it will be any more optional than refusing to use your work email or phone. Not keeping an up to date profile will reflect badly in your end of year review. Managers will compete with each other to post the wackiest work-related items at two o'clock in the morning.

Welcome to the future.

Comment Re:Battery cases prove market for fatter phone (Score 2) 329

agreed. Through all the dozens of phones ive ever had, i dont think ive ever looked at one & said "you know what this phone needs? to be thinner"

More rugged yes, better battery life HELL YES.. but thinner? its never even entered into my mind that i want a thinner phone.

And yet its all any of the phone manufacturers are ever concerned about, its the only thing they change from model to model, its gotta be thinner! thinner! THINNER!

Where the hell are they doing their market research??

Do you think it is just barely conceivable that you are in a minority and that one of the world's richest companies may, indeed, spend quite a lot of money on market research?

Comment Re:I wouldn't call it just False Advertising (Score 1) 261

Is that any different than people donating to create movies/albums/charitable efforts? People combining resources so they can pay other people to produce a product they want isn't that radical.

If you donate money to a charity you don't expect anything back personally in return.

If you want to be part of a group making something, you need to decide whether it's a business or hobby. Personally, I count giving money to strangers in the expectation of receiving a product later as business.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 261

You're assuming it was done on purpose. I do not. I think most people that complain about other people's grammar are just as bad.

You're assuming that it was done on purpose: I am not. I think that most people who complain about other people's grammar are just as bad as the people they complain about.

Pedantry really is the gift that goes on giving.

Comment Re:Long overdue (say what?) (Score 1) 261

What is this "truth in advertising" you refer to? The purpose of advertising is to sell things to people that they don't need and likely can't afford, and that can't be done through truth in advertising. I have yet to see an ad for a game that is not "enhanced" in some way. The same is true for most consumer products; they're photo-shopped more than supermodels

There is a range of behaviour between total honesty and downright lying. In a civilised society, we try to balance things with laws so that companies can still use marketing and advertising to help sell stuff without being allowed to defraud their customers entirely.

Now, the free market libertarian answer is to have no such laws and let everybody fight it out through the courts. Which, er, require a legal system to work. Extreme libertarians would presumably just have literal fighting, so the person with the biggest fists/guns wins.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 261

It may come as a surprise, but there are actually honest people out there who want to deliver what they promise. They are actually, believe it or not, the majority of businesspeople out there.

I know some pretty disillusioned contributors to Kickstarter projects that would say otherwise.

I know it's heretical to say this on slashdot, but why not just not invest in Kickstarter projects and wait for a viable product from a real company instead?

At the very least you should treat your contribution as a mixture of donation and gamble.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 261

What's wrong with horse meat?

Nothing in itself, as long as it's advertised as horse meat.

In countries where horse meat isn't generally eaten (like here in the UK and I assume the US), it's usually synonymous with illegal attempts to pass off potentially spoiled or poor quality meat as something else.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 391

Internet hate has been growing for a long time now.

At basically the same rate non-techies have started adopting the internet in their every day lives I suspect. The internet was a nice place before all the normals started using it.

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

The early internet was full of weirdoes and loonies, there just weren't so many of them in absolute numbers.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 391

SJWs rarely work that way, opting to mete out their own version of justice by harassing and finding ways to ruin the victims lives by getting them fired, evicted, etc.

If you are fired because you exposed by a "SJW" as doing something that is a fire-able offence, maybe you should not have committed that offence in the first place.

Disclaimer: I'm not in the US, so it's not easy to fire people out of hand here.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 40

I don't understand when the scam is. He makes crappy books by scrapping public-domain services. Okay, probably low-quality and not much added value, but could be useful. He pushes them up with fake review. Okay, immoral, but a lot of people do it.

TFA says that what he's doing is probably not actually illegal.

But just because something's legal doesn't mean that it's right.

Just read the negative and average reviews before buying and you should avoid it, no ? Am I missing something ?

If you have hundreds of fake positive reviews, the occasional honest negative review will get overlooked. Who reads every review anyway? And who bothers to write negative reviews, come to think of it? If I'd downloaded a book and it was crap, I really wouldn't feel much incentive to waste more of my time writing a review. This applies even more so if the book was free.

Comment Re:No return trips? (Score 1) 490

Saying "yes" to "are you prepared to die" is not the same as saying yes to "are you prepared to live in a shitty cramped tiny colony with other strangers for the rest of your life".

It reminds me of a quote from Dr Johnson: "No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into jail; for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned."

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