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Comment Crowdsourcing! (Score 1) 14

I donâ(TM)t work for free. If they want me to solve problems, they can sign a consulting contract.

But hereâ(TM)s an idea, if they are going to force software engineers to do this sort of thing, maybe they can break up some vexing Homeland Security software problem and piecemeal it out, sort of like crowdsourcingâ¦

Comment Re:Yeah, blame Uber... (Score 1) 128

One guy reported that the Flashlight app on his phone had permission to use the microphone as well as access his his contacts. I can't imagine how the coders for that App "accidentally" requested those permissions.

This sort of thing usually happens when app writers use some IDE template that already has a bunch of stuff that apps commonly use, and they don't delete the stuff that they don't use because it takes time and they really don't care. This means that in all likelihood, many of these apps that have puzzling permissions don't actually use them.

Comment This Means Very Little. (Score 5, Insightful) 128

The App Store ratings for Uber are meaningless in the same way that a restaurant or other service provider that attracts the ire of the media for some reason suddenly gets one star reviews â" from people that have never eaten at the restaurant or used the service. Those who are regular Uber users or non-users looking for traditional taxi alternatives will continue to use or look to Uber. Lyft should be leveraging this too-doo, but as before the Uber issue, Lyft is absent from serious media promotion, and I wonder how they stay in business.

Comment Re:He has a point... (Score 1) 193

Over here in the UK, we had the mighty, the master, the supreme genius of John Peel.

Don't you still have Tim Westwood?

For those unaware of the glory that is Westwood, here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

"In interviews, Sacha Baron Cohen has stated that Westwood, including his accent, was an inspiration for his fictional Ali G character."

Comment Re:Says one of the guys leading the creation . . . (Score 1) 193

I dislike country a lot, so me saying that such a such a country artist is terrible is not likely to hold much weight with potential listeners.

Saying that a country artist is terrible is a bit like saying that a rap artist is black. Not universally true, but fairly close to a safe bet.

Comment Re:kill the salt, kill the sugar (Score 1) 227

Well to be fair salt and sugar "sell" because that's what people want to buy. Companies don't stay in business long selling what people dont want to buy.

If companies were lacing their food with heroin or cocaine to get people hooked, there would be an outcry (except on slashdot, of course, where drugs are always a Good Thing). Unnecessary sugar and salt are just a milder version of the same tactic.

Comment Re:Read the response... (Score 1) 227

That aside, it is fairly rare to eat meat as is. Like of take a cut of meat, put it over heat, and then eat it. Usually we like to season it. Guess what? That changes the total composition.

If I season a steak with salt and pepper then cook it, the end product is probably 99% beef, that's close enough for me. No way is it going to be only 80%.

Comment Re:Read the response... (Score 1) 227

Subway has done a lot to distance themselves from fast food and have chosen to represent themselves as a healthier choice. The whole Jared losing weight by eating only at Subway thing. I don't really consider them a fast food restaurant, they are a sandwich shop.

That's like McDonalds advertising "fruit bags" as an option for their Happy Meals to show how healthy they are. There must presumably be one original fruitbag in McDonalds HQ somewhere that they took the menu photo of, but I've never seen one in the wild.

If you try asking for one, they're always "sold out". Their audacity is breathtaking.

Comment Re:Read the response... (Score 1) 227

Maybe I'm just the odd one out, but I really don't care if it's a mix of chicken and soy as long as it tastes good. Soy is not in any way unhealthy, and has plenty of protein.

The point is that if it's not actual slices chicken meat, you're basically eating ground up chickens which includes beaks, kneecaps (or whatever they're called on chickens) and a fuckton of artificial ingredients, most of which probably cause cancer and/or make your testicles fall off.

Comment Re:Read the response in detail & between the l (Score 1) 227

Why would anyone choose turkey in a sandwich? It's like chicken but with even less taste, and chicken is basically tasteless to start with.

Turkey is fine if you coat it in breadcrumbs or batter and fry it in butter, but then so is almost anything else, including courgettes and Mars Bars.

Comment Re:Read the response in detail & between the l (Score 1) 227

Right. I love the one that admits they use 1% soy and still flexes the "made from 100% chicken" line, which is technically true of anything containing even a scrap of real chicken, and it's clear from the context they're relying on this technical interpretation.

It's the same thing that lets McDonalds say their burgers are made from "100% beef", well yes, in the sense that a cow's arsehole is beef.

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