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Comment Why take amortgage to see a film in a crap theater (Score -1, Offtopic) 252

Making decent movies with talented actors that look really good on the big screen instead of computer generated pap might be a start to getting folks back into theaters. That and maybe an experience that doesn't set a family back $150.

How is Adam Sandler still making movies? How many times do we need to see Eddy Murphy in a fat suite? How many times will Pixar put out a computer generated fish film or some studio regurgitating a comic book through a stack of Silicon Graphics machines?

When I was growing up we as a family would see a film every week or maybe two weeks. But we didn't have to take out a mortgage to do so. I'm just not paying theater prices to see sketchy Hollywood pap on a screen only a little bigger than one I can buy at Costco.

Comment Re:If you think Twitter is bad... (Score 1) 115

1. Think of a very memorable event in your life.
2. Come up with a password based on that event.
3. Make it follow convention. (e.g. capitals, letters, length, etc)
4. Make it able to be changed easily without changing the event.

Example: My dog Daisy died in 1998
password: DaisyRIPxx98


Remember that through 20 permutations associated with 20 random user accounts.

Like I said, I write them down and secure them. No "hacker" is going to break into my office and pry open my desk. And if they do? They can have 'em, not that important, they would find out how to hack in anyway.

Comment Yes, no. (Score 3, Insightful) 12

The notorious group gained access to Seattle-based writer Devin Coldewey's account, and posted the following message earlier today: "Hello Guys, don't worry we are just testing techcrunch security, we didn't change any passwords, please contact us...

So they fished a single user's account and by the way, "contact us"? Yeah, no . Coldewey, if he actually has any other access than to submit stories for editorial review (you know, like I do at Slashdot), needs to have his account douched, but beyond that, this is most likely just some "leet" little boys playing on the 'puter.

If it turns out to be something more than almost nothing, I would be surprised.

Comment Re:If you think Twitter is bad... (Score 3, Insightful) 115

As an IT support technician, I had to prevent people from telling me their passwords. It never fails that find someone's password written on a Post-It note on their monitor or underneath their keyboard. Whenever a user compromises their password, I set their AD account to change password on next login

So, when you are talking to a non-IT / non-IT savvy network user who has to "remember" 20 (and that's not a high number for some folks) different UID/PAS combos, what exactly is your suggestion beyond writing it down and securing the written source?

This is an honest question that should not be poo-pooed by the "leet IT Dudes" as the fallout of moron netwrok users...

Comment Fake, non-credible, rumors (Score 1, Insightful) 73

...The local government feared that if news outlets were to report using signals coming from social media, there was a chance that fake, non-credible, and rumors would slip through the filter. It was absurd, to say the least...

Was it? Not trying to support censorship of any kind, especially the kind that China practices, but "social media" is well known to spew "fake, non-credible, rumors..."

Comment Re:Happens All The Time (Score 0) 105

But presumably the Brazilian Google exec was just that -- a Brazilian living and working in Brazil, and presumably under the jurisdiction of their justice system (no matter how non-local the video hosting was).

Are you saying that I, an American citizen am not under the jurisdiction of the Brizilian justice system when in Brazil?

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