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Submission + - Artist Considers Lawsuit Against Google for "Losing" 14 Years of His Work (

Legal.Troll writes: The Guardian ( and the New York Daily News ( report that Dennis Cooper, an American artist based in France, has "lost" 14 years' worth of his work, apparently consisting of text and GIF graphics, after his blog was removed and made inaccessible without warning, possibly due to alleged obscenity. The Guardian further reports that Cooper "is resigned to the fact that he may have to sue in order to regain his work." There may be issues of censorship and artistic freedom involved, but to me the more interesting question is, does somebody who publishes an online body of work for well over a decade on a free hosting service, without making a single backup on a CD-ROM, iOmega Zip disk, or punch card stack—or at least within his own free Gdrive space—deserve anything more than widespread ridicule?

Submission + - Lowe's announces prototype "holoroom" kitchen showroom prototypes in Canada (

Legal.Troll writes: (from the the-goggles-they-do-nothing department?) Lowe's has announced they will be testing a new tablet-interfaced "holoroom" designed to allow customers to see a visual representation of kitchen installations in real time while they browse. An iPad with custom software will be used to conduct the user-driven product demonstration. The thing only looks about ten times creepier than a giant MRI machine, so I have no problem being one of the first to walk in and let it project laser beams at me so that the sales force can be laid off!

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