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Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 343

Many of those private schools are only interested in providing thought silos so that kids cannot ever get honest opposing views.

Kind of like how the public schools and colleges have been doing for decades now with the progressive views and agendas....?

Hell, you try to espouse anything remotely conservative in one of the public school "thought silos", and you get shouted down and silenced. At colleges, the situation is even more harsh where you risk violent protests and physical violence at worst, or possibly expulsion and bad grades at the least.

Comment Re:Does this mean... (Score 1) 90

I have an optimus laptop (Dell L502x) and run Ubuntu 14.04 on it. No issues. Installed just fine with the intel driver (Duh!). I do have the proprietary drivers installed now, but it works fine. Switching from Intel to NVidia and inversely does require a login/logout. Not very practical, but good enough if you really really really need that NVidia card for a game.

Comment Re:I'll never understand (Score 1) 142

"Partner" is a generic way to refer to someone's primary romantic relation in a gender and relationship neutral manner. In this case, maybe the woman was his wife, maybe she wasn't. When talking to a group of people, saying "feel free to bring you partner to the party," is way less awkward than saying "girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or domestic partner".


I have never in my life heard the term "partner" for a normal straight couple....

Comment Re:I'll never understand (Score 1, Troll) 142

Hell, THIS is the part that's confusing me...

One father who live-streamed his partner's labour on Facebook last May,

Ok, usually they use "partner" when referencing gay guys these, are we really worrying so much about a private video going public, when we have here, of the first man on earth GIVING BIRTH?!?!

I've never heard of a normal heterosexual couple being referred to as "partners" before...girlfriend, wife, sister (in KY)....but never partner, I thought that was the pure domain of the homosexual set...?

Comment Re:Globalization vs. Protectionism (Score 4, Insightful) 202

On the other hand, a lot more poor countries in the world, which would happen with de-globalization, means increased immigration, legal and illegal, to rich countries.

Well, if we started guarding and enforcing borders like they did in the can keep them out for the most part. I'm talking only about the illegal immigrants.

Legal immigrants are welcome, but the process must be followed and any country should be able to regulate amounts and types of immigration (skill level, etc).

Comment Re:Yeah, no thanks. (Score 1) 85

That suggests such a small pool of people that it is a viable probability. I've worked in several different companies, all in the same field, for over 20 years and nobody at any one of them knew anybody from anywhere else. The idea that networking is of paramount importance isn't viable.

Your mileage may vary.

Of course you can get a job without contacts.

But networking makes it easier.

As I'd mentioned work with people you get along with and respect. They or you move on to other jobs. I mean, these days, staying at ONE place isn't usually going to advance you $$ the way changing jobs every 3-4 years.....

Anyway, as people you know stay in touch. Then say YOU need a job. Well, it sure is much easier to start by reaching out to friends you know to get your foot in the door.

Ask yourself, who's going to get first and likely best shot at a new position? Someone who comes in recommended, maybe even a personal introduction before an interview even comes up....and is vouched for by someone already there and trusted....or, someone who's only contact with the company is a faceless resume in a file folder in some HR desk?

I do it for folks I know...they do it for me.

Sure you can cold call, cold interview....but it sure is easier doing it through a network of people you've worked with over the years and getting that foot in the door and getting your name to the top of the list is often the difference in getting a job or not.

It can also work the OPPOSITE way...if you are someone that I've known of, that isn't competent, or who is difficult to work with...guess who the manager or hiring person is told NOT to hire, put at the bottom of the pile or in the circular file bin? Hmm?

Yeah, it pays to build networks, and it is also as important to not burn bridges or be an unsociable asshole.

Comment Re:Yeah, no thanks. (Score 1) 85

I'm not saying you don't have to have skills.

But I find I work at a place. People like me and how I work.

They then go on to other places, I stay in touch. If I need a job, I reach out to them and they put me in touch with people at their place they are at now and I get my foot in the door ahead of some people that simply only have a faceless resume in a file somewhere.

I do the same whenever a former worker I like is needing a job...I put them in ahead of the crowd, sometimes a job is "found" for them if they are good enough.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Like Owen Wilson in Armageddon 7

So the Fuckhead Of The United States is having literally the worst first month of a presidential term and his big idea is a 2020 campaign rally in fucking Florida this weekend?

Oughtta just nuke the whole country, it's the only way to be sure at this point. Fucking Yanks.

Comment Re:So we're talking Auto Generated Bad Lip Reading (Score 3, Informative) 52

Yeah, the auto generated CC is pretty bad.

But I did read, that it *IS* very much worth your while to put accurate CC on your videos, as that it supposedly highly figures into your Google rankings.

I found that after I transcribed my videos, my rankings did shoot up higher on plain old Google searches and I think also on YouTube suggestions,, looks to be worthwhile to do if you want max hits.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 62

Yeah, Google sells there phones everywhere. (Hint: they don't. I can't get a Google phone if I wanted). Google may support their phones a longer time, but other manufacturers don't. Even in the premium segment.

Besides, you talk about 2 years for a Pixel... I talk about over 4 years supported. So, liar? More like realistic vision on longevity of devices.

Comment Re:Competition is good! (Score 1) 84

Yep...this is great.

I'm on Verizon, and at Xmas I found I was about to run over my data, so I bumped it from 6-8GB...which was at $70/mo.

I fired up the Verizon app on my iPhone and checked and switching from that to unlimited, actually saved me $5 a month...dropped me down to $65/mo for data.

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