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Rings From Woman's Amputated Arm Go Missing Screenshot-sm 11

After suffering horrific injuries in a car accident, 65-year-old Doris Smith had to have her left arm amputated. As if that weren't bad enough, three rings she was wearing on her left hand have now gone missing. Police, ambulance, and hospital staff are investigating the incident, but so far nobody has found a trace of the missing jewelry. Mrs. Smith's son said, "You'd like to think nobody would have stolen them with the state my mum was in. It's not so much the financial value of them — it's the sentimental value."

Comment Re:Video (Score 1) 1671

Why not give reporters a GPS (with ID) to identify where they are and plug that into their maps with troop locations.
- Only allow specific ID's
- If duplicates show up (spoofed) mark both groups as caution
- Require updates morning, mid-day, evening by reporters
- This lets 'eyes in the sky' get the information on reporter locations

And whenever a reporter get's too close to something embarrassing or which the military would prefer didn't end up on the news they can be quickly and easily intercepted and diverted.

Reporters are not supposed to be lapdogs reporting only what the military want them to report.
They're supposed to get pictures of things the military would prefer they didn't.

I've stated before in this Slashdot I agree it's horrible, but I can find little fault with the gunship so long as the gunship was told the group had weapons.

I'm fairly sure that gunning down people trying to carry the wounded to get medical attention is frowned upon.
They quite obviously were carrying wounded and were not carrying weapons.

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