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Comment Re:I dunno mang, (Score 2, Insightful) 332

If employers have a hard time keeping their employees, who's fault is that? The employers or the employees?

Consider that not long ago, people were working the same job for their entire career. People, by their nature, prefer stability (that's why many go through all that effort of getting a good degree, and why government job preference has been on the uptick for some time).

If employers don't want employees to jump ship they need to make their employees feel like their jobs aren't in danger and provide them competitive pay. People don't leave a good job for 5% more: they leave for significant lumps of cash; they leave due to business instability; they leave for (inter)personal reasons. They also leave because they know the company doesn't hold them in high esteem as a person, more than likely, and that if push comes to shove, the company's going to dump them.

Ultimately, it's a cycle - but a cycle which companies started. God bless the Business Management types.

Comment Re:Location without GPS (Score 1) 750

GPS doesn't require the cell phone network, but on the iPhone OS devices, the GPS receiver is integrated into the GSM chipset. Only devices with 3G therefore have one, but GPS works even if the cell network is unavailable.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 561

If there was a way to truly convey the subjective experience of addiction in its entirety, there wouldn't be room for that fallacy.

Yeah, see, and I just don't buy that conclusion. No kid would tell you that getting into an accident wouldn't be horribly painful and life threatening. The problem is *they don't believe it will happen to them in the first place*. ie, it's not that they don't comprehend the consequences, it's that the underestimate the risk.

Similarly, even if you could convey to someone the experience of addiction, they'd still suffer from the delusion that they are immune, simply because, well, people are stupid, and kids doubly so. :)

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