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Comment Re:Video (Score 1) 1671

We can see it because we are looking for it.

There was no vocal ID that there were kids there until they were being carried. I don't even really recognize them as children in the low quality video (unless there's a giant arrow pointing to the window saying "LOOK CHILDREN HERE" and basically "WATCH THE USA KILL CHILDREN"

I've stated before in this Slashdot I agree it's horrible, but I can find little fault with the gunship so long as the gunship was told the group had weapons. Given a group with weapons there's a lot of supporting information that is visible (wide shoulder straps, the 'RPG' call there was a man on a knee pointing a thick black object up at the sky).

I don't like to fault front-line soldiers for what happens in a war (or ""Conflict"").

The real faults I see here are the politics of covering up, instead of working to make sure it doesn't happen again... Through training, changing rules, better verification before firing. It's sad that it happened, and I'm sorry for the reporters families... However, the soldiers want to make sure the buddies next to them get home alive, and they are told to follow the rules, orders, and 'suggestions' from higher ups to ensure that.

Why not give reporters a GPS (with ID) to identify where they are and plug that into their maps with troop locations.
- Only allow specific ID's
- If duplicates show up (spoofed) mark both groups as caution
- Require updates morning, mid-day, evening by reporters
- This lets 'eyes in the sky' get the information on reporter locations

Comment Re:Cloud Gaming? (Score 1) 175

Yeah. Even it if was possible, which I doubt, it would still be a BAD THING (TM). It nullifies the only real advantage PCs have over consoles (modability and independent games), you lose the concept of owning a game...

OnLive doesn't nullify anything - it enables gamers who are below the bar of entry to play high-end games on their current hardware. Watch the video in TFA. The presenter plays Crysis on a Mac netbook and on an iphone. The customer who does this will not care about modding; he'll just be thanking his lucky stars he can play this game without having to invest in an entirely new platform.

This looks to me like a unique platform with its own advantages and shortcomings. It's not going to be all things to all people, it's a means to play games from multiple platforms on any dumb terminal.

Comment Re:Compression? (Score 1) 175

Exactly, their compression algorithim will have to be an absolute quantum leap in both quality and cpu efficiency i.e. magnitudes faster than anything else on the market.

ISTR a broadcast pro posting that 1ms HD compression was becoming more common on live broadcast hardware. I find it believable, especially (as the GP pointed out) if they're making custom chips for the purpose.

And that's just the compression algorithm.

The oft hashed latency discussion aside (and I do believe colo is the only way this will be remotely possible),

They're entirely open about the fact that colo is their strategy. If you're not near one of their colo server farms, you won't be accepted as a customer.

think about the logistics, how many hours have we all wasted getting game XYZ to run properly on hardware/driver/OS config ABC, now they have to do that for all the games they support.... games that cannot be virtualised....

You're talking as if they get a boxed copy of a PC game and try to coax it to work on their system. It's not that at all. They make a deal with the game developers, who port their game to the OnLive API. The end result is something that *only* runs on OnLive VMs.

You're also selling OnLive to me: "how many hours have we all wasted getting game XYZ to run properly on hardware/driver/OS config ABC". Yep, that's waht drove me to consoles. Something like OnLive might lure me back to PCs.

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