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Comment There is no "The Only Way" (Score 1) 167

But it should not be The Only Way to approach a program - unless you are Truly One with the Tao.

Unless you are a total newbie who has only been exposed ot one tool, or a hypothentical/mytical code-master-of-all-code-masters who is "Truly One with the Tao," then you know there is no "Only [one reasonable] Way" to approach a program/problem, at least not one of any reasonable complexity.

Comment Re:Start by banning one time keys (Score 0, Troll) 123

That would be the second thing I would do at every public university, right after banning all federal funding or federally-guaranteed financial aid at any university found to be punishing or persecuting students for exercising their rights of free speech, association, or for their political viewpoints. Too many administrators and Marxist professors at universities today think they have the right to tell students what books they can read and what ideas they're permitted to have or to voice. That doesn't create a learning environment. It creates an indoctrination camp.

Submission + - Inside the Glowing-Plant Startup That Just Gave up Its Quest (

mirandakatz writes: Back in 2013, the internet was abuzz over a startup that promised Kickstarter backers that it would create a plant that could grow brightly enough to one day replace street lights. The Kickstarter raised half a million dollars, and the controversy was great enough that Kickstarter wound up banning all future synthetic biology projects. But Taxa Biotechnologies was never able to create that much-hyped glowing plant—and last night, they announced that they're officially giving up on the dream. At Backchannel, Signe Brewster has a deep dive into what went wrong, and why biohacking is still such a fraught, complex realm.

Comment Re:This just proves (Score 5, Interesting) 167

5) Don't worry about a business plan. You can think about questions like "How do we make money?" later. Right now, just focus on more important priorities like establishing a cool company culture and getting a huge pool table for the breakroom.

6) Open floor plans. Cause that's supposed to help, somehow.

7) "Millennial Brand Recognition," or some shit.

Comment Light-induced chemical and biological memory (Score 1) 104

Light-induced chemical memory: photographic films/papers, typically subject to fading but it can be "fixed" to last decades or longer.

Light-induced biological read-only memory, very short-term/fades fast if not refreshed: photoreceptors in the eyes

Light-induced biological read-only memory, fades after a few days or weeks if not refreshed: sunburn/tan-lines

Comment Re:Have been saving the stream since the start. (Score 1) 233

Historical conservation. I expected that this might be a watershed event in American history and thought it was worth preserving as many tweets as possible to preserve the attitudes and thoughts (and perhaps misconceptions) of the public. Besides, its easy enough to do.

Comment Have been saving the stream since the start. (Score 5, Informative) 233

I've been saving the stream of "united" tweets since Apr 10 15:32. At this point I have close to 4 million tweets saved and over 700MB of data. I may have the deleted tweets, but definitely not if they don't have the word united in them.

I think some users may be confused. I can see in the data that @Jay_Beecher's earliest tweet about united was April 10th 18:12, which seems to be the one he is thinking was deleted. But that tweet is here. If he thinks its gone because he is looking at his normal tweet timeline, then he doesn't understand how Twitter's interface works. It doesn't show tweets that start with an @. Other people I checked (TalkIBC, iknowimbitter, seem to be equally confused.

Based on the data I have, I don't think Twitter deleted any tweets.

Submission + - The Tiny Changes That Can Cause an AI to Fail (

Luthair writes: According to the BBC there is growing concern in the machine learning community that as their algorithms are deployed in the real world they can be easily confused by knowledgeable attackers. These algorithms don't process information in the same way humans do, a small sticker placed strategically on a sign could render it invisible to a self driving car.

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