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Comment Re:that's the entire point of facebook (Score 1) 64

I do not want to give FB any personal information....

What's the difference between giving it to FB or giving it to anyone else? If you want to "dip your toe into the social media thing" (and you don't consider /. social enough), FB's probably the way to go. A lot of people find it worth the time/sacrifice. A lot of /. users love announcing that they avoid it (just like cable-cutters won't shut up about life without TV), but my guess is that most /. users are also FB users. Feel free to falsify information - They have exactly what you give them. I'm not an Instagram user, but my impression is that it's mostly media sharing - I'm not sure that's the aim you want to start out with for business use.

Comment How do you feel about UT patent management? (Score 2) 138

Somewhere around the mid- to late 2000s, I was researching LiFEPO4 patents, and came across the University of Texas (UT) patent for which you are listed as an inventor. When I investigated licensing the patent, it was so expensive that it was not profitable to bother with the license at all. The factory partner I worked with was in China, and they were mass-producing the same LiFePO4 for jurisdictions not impacted by the patent.

As I understand it, the law firm that UT chose to manage the patent set a price that was incredibly high. Then, invariably, some company would build a market for a LiFePO4 product that violated the patent, and then the law firm would step in after the company had actually done some business and sue them for all they were worth. I have to admit that this last bit was told to me by some battery industry veterans, but it seems plausible based on how the battery industry works.

Nonetheless, the decision of UT to exclusively grant permission to the law firm to manage the patent kept the invention out of the market and likely cost UT some incredible amount (billions?) in royalties.

How do you feel about your invention, which clearly made mass-production of the chemistry viable, being effectively kept off the market for so long?

(BTW, when UT lowered their prices with, like, 5 years or so left on the patent, the factory I worked with immediately purchased the licensed material for selling their batteries in the U.S.)

Comment Re:We place a high priority on battery safety (Score 1) 51

Take the number of batteries in the field, (A), and multiply it by the probable rate of failures that would be prevented, (B), then multiply the result by the average out-of-court settlement, (C). A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of the testing procedure, we don't do it.

Comment Re: Oh well (Score 2) 211

if we opt to do nothing and continue business as usual with the fossil fuels for example, we can make things a lot worse

And things will get worse - We'll help. It remains to be seen how much we'll contribute and how warm we'll eventually get, but global warming will continue. I'm not an expert, but that's something I believe based on what I've read. Along with minimizing the problem as much as possible, we'd best plan for the consequences.

Comment Re:EULA (Score 5, Funny) 395

Maybe snuck in with the previews? "By continuing to watch this, all viewers agree to give this movie perfect reviews. If you disagree, please forfeit your ticket purchase now."

In a related story, Consumer Reports just labelled the car I'm selling, "unsafe at any speed." Obviously, my next step is to sue Consumer Reports so that I can improve the safety of my cars.

Comment Re:chip on your shoulder (Score 1) 253

You get far fewer objections when a female just pulls her shirt up for a boob-viewing session.

[citation needed]
That may be true only because a woman flashing her boobs is probably doing it somewhere that it's not shocking (club, Mardi Gras, whatever), but it's not true at the mall's food court. And the objection to breast-feeding is probably just a rude prude. The objection for indecent exposure could involve handcuffs.

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