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Comment Re: Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 2) 588

Not lying - This was ~1996 in Carlsbad, NM. On Church Street next door to the Tia Maria apartments - Store was closed last time I was in town. Don't remember the exact minimum wage or apron rental cost. We got paid about a nickel over minimum and were docked about a dime.

It's just a guess but maybe the reason they offered the opportunity to purchase instead of rent got them around that law? Or the law's been updated since '96?

Comment Re: Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 4, Informative) 588

Don't know if that's intended as a joke, but years ago when I clerked an Allsup's, they did in fact make us rent our aprons. They paid a few cents over minimum wage, but fell below that bar if you deducted the cost of apron rental. They gave us the option of buying an apron, but they were fairly expensive and the laundering requirements were absurd compared to the laundry schedule the store managed.

Comment Re:Uber caught lying? (Score 1) 79

That Uber should now be found guilty of duping people into believing they could make X dollars a year by driving for them (isn't that the way a cab driver works, they drive for a company?), or that Uber was deliberately fudging numbers on the costs involved to lease a vehicle from them...

These were huge mistakes by Uber IMO. By saying "You could make up to X or more annually!", they're abandoning their "get your side hustle on" mantra and acting more like an employer encouraging driving careers. If the drivers are indeed employees, Uber is in violation of all kinds of stuff.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 5, Insightful) 1545

Even if one opposes him, one should be hoping for success.

Absolutely. Personally, he frightens me - I feel like he's too impulsive to wield that much power. But if he does poorly, we all lose. I wish him nothing but success (assuming that his definition of success is close enough to my own.)

Comment Re:So which version Twitter app does it run? (Score 1) 206

This is actually a great idea. A Twitter proxy for the POTUS. He might notice a 30 minute delay before his tweets get posted, but it would allow staffers a chance for a, "Mr President, are you sure about this?" moment.

It might even be enough for him to catch himself - "Do I really want to admit to SNL that I'm still watching?" or some such.

Comment Re:Blame China! (Score 1) 81

There's not even a chance that they have your best interest at heart.

If they didn't have our best interest at heart, why would they give us this application for free? Surely you don't mean to imply that even free apps are financially motivated!

TANSTAAFL. Some people miss this. If somebody's giving something away for free, find their angle.

Comment Re:who cares (Score 1) 55

just stop giving other people your private data

Trading. Trading away their private data. People may be trading their information away for a pittance - And they may feel like they're getting services for "free", but they do feel they're getting something out of it. I use FB at home, I use Google whenever I need to search, and I use Win10 at work. I know I'm being "tracked" by all of them. I limit (to the extent that's practical) the amount of information that I share beyond what's actually necessary for the service, but there's enough that I feel I'm getting back from those products to share enough information to make them usable.

Comment Re:Tweet less (Score 2) 206

I don't know what the security implications are of having Twitter installed on the phone, but I'd be shocked if DJT didn't demand it. I'm sure a lot of his supporters and staff would like to have Twitter taken away so he'll stop making "He said WHAT!?!" headlines, but I'd be surprised if the inauguration was the last we heard of @realDonaldTrump. I do hope that he maintains a strict line between his personal opinions and tweets as @POTUS - I'd be upset if those weren't vetted in some fashion before being shared with the world. The thought of a @POTUS tweet complaining about SNL disturbs me.

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