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Comment Re:no (Score 5, Insightful) 337

...Last night I looked for The Lobster and found it was only on DVD...
Pondering of the relative merits of early vs. late release timing when the current situation is there is no release at all is moot.

Just because you've elected to move past DVDs doesn't mean there is "no release at all." It means you can't figure out how to take advantage of the release that is readily available. Just because the industry hasn't decided to adapt to your standard yet doesn't mean they're somehow trying to keep the movie from you.

Comment Re:Another alternative: TUXEDO Computers (Score 1) 284

I am in contact with you on the site and preparing a switch, but one thing I didn't manage to track is the keyboard flavors on the lightest models (I mean the 1.4Kg 'Infinitybooks' and their 15' counterparts).
Contrary to most other models where one can select the keyboard language easily on the description page, on these supercompact aluminium frames I don't see a way to, for instance, get a french AZERTY keyboard, short of... dismounting keys?
Any info on this would be very significant to help my choice...

Other than this the spec comparison with the new macbook is refreshing :-)

One last thing : while you do commit on a variety of Linux flavors that are selectable straight upon ordering, I don't see LinuxMint in the list. Other than on the (german) support newsgroup, is there some data about Mint?


Comment Re:cheap chinese crap (Score 4, Informative) 77

aren't they out playing or something?

You're at least 20 years too late for that. Playing outside is too dangerous for our modern youngsters. Now we can just VR playing outside from the safety of our padded rooms.

I think there were only a handful of my late-teen/early-twenty years where I was in danger of playing my music beyond the pain threshold. Most people (even most kids) are smart enough for the "If it hurts, stop it," rule.

Comment indeed Tuxedo (Score 1) 284

I see some mentioned Syst76 (whose machines aren't delivered to Europe), but missing here I think are Zareason, ThinkPenguin and more prominently Tuxedo indeed. All of them sell you configuration with Linux pre-installed and working out of the box.
Starting there for instance: www.tuxedocomputers.com/Linux-Hardware/Linux-Notebooks/10-14-Zoll/TUXEDO-Book-BU1406-14-matt-Full-HD-IPS-bis-Intel-Core-i7-Energiespar-CPU-zwei-HDD/SSD-bis-32GB-RAM-bis-12h-Akku-Slim-Book-LTE-opt..geek
One can check spec-for-spec against the latest Apple gear (and easily can overpass all of them)
This is basically what I intend to switch to, in January...

Comment Re:What do you need? (Score 1) 284

TBH, I'd rather lose the numpad than deal with an offset trackpad. I spend vastly more time clicking on things than I do entering numbers. If I were an Excel jockey I could see the need for redundant number entry hardware but as a programmer I'd rather have a centered keyboard and trackpad instead.

Comment Re:What do you need? (Score 1) 284

Those specs look nice but I noticed that it's yet another notebook with the trackpad offset as far to the left as possible. Why it's so hard to get a decent notebook with a centered trackpad? I usually use my right hand to operate the trackpad so a left-aligned trackpad is rather unergonomic - but I wouldn't want a right-aligned one either because I often switch to my left hand when I'm holding something in my right.

It's one of the reasons why I liked Apple's designs until Jon Ives went insane in 2012. Unfortunately my Mid-2012 non-retina MBP won't last forever and at some point I'll have to replace it. I'd like to do so with something that doesn't require me to lug around a portable trackball when I'm on the go.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 331

But more to the point, you're a fucking monster, and I hope you die of the most horrible disease one can imagine, so awful that your family literally prays to God every night that you die quickly... but you won't. I also hope the nurses and doctors who treat you are Muslims, and they are nice to you until your dying breath, so you can know fully what a disgusting subhuman you really are, you monstrous ugly piece of excrement.

Damn! A simple, "Go to Hell," might have sufficed.

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 328

Actually, the Mayas and Aztecs didn't really eat chocolate. They made a drink out of cocoa; solid chocolate bars were developed in 1847's Great Britain. Milk chocolate and the modern creamy texture were both developed in Switzerland in 1875 and 1879, respectively. Solid chocolate only became popular after that; the original bars were gritty and bitter (and if you've ever get the chance to try unconched chocolate you'll understand why nobody wanted that shit).

Oh, and you forgot about the Olmecs who first cultivated cocoa well before the Mayas and Aztecs were relevant.

(BTW, I recommend visiting a chocolate museum if you get the chance, especially if you can get a guided tour. Interesting stuff. The Imhoff Chocolate Museum in Cologne is pretty good.)

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 414

That totally applies in the USA as well.

Please tell us how you'd go about getting off the "no-fly" list, and how people get on it in the first place.

Are you implying that the US no fly list has entries based on web-browsing history? I'd genuinely like to see evidence of that. I looked briefly but didn't find any that seemed credible.

Comment Re:...Extinguish (Score 3, Informative) 75

Microsoft had nothing to do with this beyond picking up the pieces. Cyanogen Inc.'s penchant for spectacularly bad business decisions (such as offering an unrestricted worldwide license to one company while simultaneously offering an exclusive license for the Indian market to another) doomed the company from the beginning. And PR moves like "We'll kill Google by releasing a product based on one of Google's products." didn't help either.

A shame, really. Affordable handsets with known-good CM compatibility, no crapware and actual, real updates would've been a nice thing. But due to Cyanogen's leadership being farcically inept that just wasn't possible.

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