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Journal Journal: Mr. Kerry, don't apologize on my behalf

In the unfortunate event that you are elected, please do not go around the world on my behalf, apologizing for Bush's policies. This is reason enough not to vote for you:

When our enemy is basically endorsing a canidate it should be interpreted as the person we should not vote for, if we care about our country. Clinton already tried to give consessions to NK, and it didn't work. If kerry gives consessions to NK, it will end up with the same cycle. A big whiny kid that every few years asks you for more allowance money or throws a tantrum. NK thought it was successful in the 90's with Clinton. They never expected to see a president with the balls to stand up to it, and now they are delaying all they can to see if Kerry makes it into the white house.

Wake up people! NK is our enemy! and they just endorsed Kerry.

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Journal Journal: Just disgusting... 2,2763,1136483,00.html

How come this is not being told around the world? Even if these accounts are being exaggerated, it is still absolutely disgusting.

Bringing down the N. Korea regime would be hard, but it would be worth it. However, I wish Russia and China would apply some pressure for them to change. But for all we know, China could be doing the same thing to dissidents.
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Journal Journal: Loosing Faith in Republicans... 4

I'm starting to feel that the Republicans are losing the ideals that brought me to be a Republican in the first place. I feel that the president and none of the democrat candidates are willing to look long-term at our country's economy and infrastructure, and I think that America's dominance (economically) will not last. I also think that China is not really our friend, but our politicians only seem interested in the short-term, trying to cozy up to China to get the best economic benefit.

This whole job outsourcing situation is mainly the reason why I'm starting to feel out of step with Republicans. I am not losing faith the conservative ideals that are the guiding force in my life. I still believe in personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, liberty, democracy, low-taxes, and free-markets. However, for even the most free market to survive, it has to have some protections built-in, because the playing field is not level at all, when you talk about a global economy. How can you compete with countries that have no respect for IP, have almost no environmental regulations, have no child labor laws, and have no minimum wage laws, no OSHA, no nothing?

How can white-collar professionals compete with people who can work for 1/5 the cost, with no benefits? The simple answer is that they can't. American workers cannot work for 1/5 their current wage, because they could not afford to put a roof over their head. I'm not talking about a 3000 square foot roof, I'm taking about a basic 1000 foot starter house would be out of reach.

America needs a strong middle class to survive. A significant portion of our economy is built on consumerism, which is driven by the middle class. All of these white-collar jobs that are lost are hurting these middle-class Americans. However, neither the president nor the dems show up at a Microsoft or a Cisco office building to talk, they show up at steel factories, touting job re-training programs. The white-collar people have already done their best to prepare themselves for a "21st century" job, only to have to train their replacements in India. Our tax policies and corporate culture only make it easier to perform this offshoring. What has happened to some of these corporations? I used to defend the practices of corporations during arguments with liberals. I still believe that most corporations are clean, ethical, and make money lawfully, but there are some that don't. A memo recently published on drudge's website from IBM showed how much money they would save by outsourcing, whereas they had publicly said that they were outsourcing primarily to develop "diversity". What a joke.

What is to become of America's economy when there are no manufacturing jobs and no high-tech jobs? Will we be a country full of service-oriented people, managers, and executives? Who will be able to afford those services anymore? Will the day come when we can outsource managers and executives? Will Wall Street ever start to accept lower profits if it means more goods and services are from the US?

I want America to remain the leader of the world and be the most prosperous country. I want us to develop new sources of energy (to cut the flow of money to the middle east), develop new technologies, have a vibrant middle class that encourages wealth building and prosperity, having responsible corporations that are still allowed to make as much money as they can (but still be fair to workers, consumers), have low taxes, and keep our sense of the American dream. Sadly, I don't see any politician out there with the long-term vision to drive something like this.

Some things we can do in the short term, which are still in-line with conservative principles, but would also help:

- Pressure the WTO to level the playing field. Other countries try to use the WTO to raise our taxes and cut off tarrifs. We should be encouraging the WTO to say that any member country should be forced to follow some environmental regulations, child labor laws, and repect for human rights.

- start a Manhatten-like project where we take the best scientists in the US to develop alternative energy sources. screw the oil companies, or let the oil companies transition themselves into the new energy companies of the future. Cutting off oil imports would reduce the middle-east's income greatly.

- start plans to rebuild our infrastructure. Roads, bridges, power-lines, communications all need to be updated and/or replaced. To maintain the economy, goods and services need to be able to move quickly.

- government health care? I can't believe I just typed that. However, I don't believe in a national health care system like Britain or Canada. The only government health care I want is for the government to pay for private health care plans for American's, either directly, or a tax credit to pay the premiums. This would allow corporations to spend less per employee (not less salary), and allow american workers to be a bit more competive with foreign workers.

- cancel the H1-B program. There are enough american tech workers out there. hire them!

These ideas won't solve every problem. I used to think that Republicans were the only ones brave enough make changes to their policies, but it doesn't seem to be the case. I was dissapointed with bush's speech last night, because I was hoping he would address some of these, especially the outsourcing of high-tech workers, but he didn't.

I know that some people are going to read this and think that I only care about the high-tech worker because I am one myself. Well, I don't think that's true. In this new century, white-collar professionals are going to drive this country's economy, and losing them will make our economy falter.

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Journal Journal: Illegal should mean Illegal 3

LOS ANGELES -- Even though the law doesn't allow them to vote, illegal immigrants are changing the landscape of the U.S. government -- and affecting the census' depiction of the population.

Four states, including California, gained congressional seats because of an immigration increase and nine states, including Montana, either lost or failed to gain seats, according to the Center for Immigration Studies (search)....

Full article here.

Why doesn't illegal mean illegal? I can't understand the mentality of the people who aren't for just kicking these people out. They are illegal immigrants, and they should be deported. Come to this country legally, and I will welcome them with open-arms. Just rediculous.

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Journal Journal: Democrats aren't going to like this news... 1

Things are starting to look up for the economy, which is bad news for democrats. We all know they are hoping the economy tanks all the way to the next election.

Finally, some job growth and no inflation, so probably no reason to think in the near term that interest rates are going to be raised. Hopefully things will continue.

Dow is almost at 10,000? Could it be? That pesky stock market that is too risky to invest social security funds is almost up to 10,000? That just cannot be.
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Journal Journal: Huffington Paid Little Income Tax

Apparently, her views are corporate fat cats should be held accountable for paying their fair share of taxes, but liberal commentator fat cats are exempt from paying their fair share.
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Journal Journal: Gay Marriage and Conservatives 4

Wendy McElroy's editorial on was interesting, but I wanted to add some more to it.

It would probably really shock all my liberal friends to see that I am for gay marriage. I just got married about 2 months ago, and it really seems to make life easier. We can be on either health care plans, we get to pick the best one. We could visit each other in the hospital, if we ever had to. We'll get each other's social security benefits if one of us passes away. You almost feel as if you get some security blanket when you get married, in a financial and health sense.

So, should gay couples be allowed to form some type of permanent union to receive the same benefits and services? Absolutely. I believe everyone has the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, without the government telling you what you can and can't do. Do I think this union should be called marriage? Well, I'm kinda split on this one, not really sure I agree with calling it that. However, the name of what this union is shouldn't be the biggest stepping stone in forming a fair policy for this.

I think the biggest thing scaring conservatives, is that they feel that their churches will have to perform these new "marriage" ceremonies. I don't think that should ever happen forcefully by the government. I think we need to separate the term marriage from its legal and religious meanings. This is similar to what the catholics do with divorce. First you get a legal divorce, then a religious annulment. The same could be done for marriage. You get legally married, then, if you find a church that is willing to perform a religious ceremony, then you do that too. The government should not by any means force any church to provide marriage ceremonies to couples it doesn't want to. Churches have to be able to define their own policies outside of government control, no matter how un-PC they might considered by others. And if the liberals don't like that, we can use one phrase that they do: Separation of Church and State.

Here's what I think might work to satisfy both sides:

  • Allow any couple to create a legal union, equal to marriage benefits
  • Dissolving of a legal union to have to go through the normal divorce courts, child support, alimony, just as straight couples have to go through today.
  • Have to pay the marriage penalty on taxes.
  • Allow any couples to have wills and establish trusts
  • Be responsible to the same laws that married couples have, in terms of IRA's, 401(k)'s, and other taxes
  • Allow churches to decide on their own whether they recognize these legal unions, and if they want to bless them or perform them, without sanctioning them to do so by the government.
  • This union should have no more rights than any married couple. They should be equal.
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Journal Journal: Cleveland school district does it again 4

This is hardly a Cleveland-only problem. Every big school district has a similar bloated overspending administrator at the helm.

This is unbelievable. People wonder why the schools in Cleveland aren't getting any better, even though levy after levy has passed. I hope I never live or work in that city (I live in the surrounding suburbs) and see my tax dollars go to waste like that. $54,000 would buy a lot of books, paint, etc.

And why does she even deserve a bonus? Did the children's test scores go up 20%? Did the graduation rate go up 20% I doubt it.

Teachers are not paid enough. Administrators are paid way too much. Administrators make the budget, and are against charter schools, vouchers, school choice, tax cuts. See a pattern? :)

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Journal Journal: NOW has it all wrong...

The Peterson case is a very gut-wrenching and horrible story, and I hope that whoever committed this murder is brought to justice. However, some groups are already trying to take advantage of this case.

NOW has used the indictments as a political issue. We all know that present-day feminism is mostly about abortion. Feminism and NOW is an industry, and their issues will never go away, when one issue gets solved, they will find another one.

It wasn't more than 48 hours before the first quote from NOW was on Drudge's website. Instead of actually using this horrible murder as a way of encouraging women to learn self-defence so that they can protect themselves from an violent husband/criminal/low-life, they claim the indictments are an attack on the pro-choice crowd and laws. A spokesperson from now said "If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder," Morris County NOW President Mavra Stark said on Saturday. Well, at least they have one point right, abortion is murder. Not by law, of course, but morally as believed by at least half of the US population.

NOW could have used this case in a positive light, and could have tried to become more of a mainstream group that more women would be interested in listening too. But they no more than a left-wing extremist group, and should not be regarded as group that represents the thoughts of everyday women.

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