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Journal KshGoddess's Journal: I am a major buzzkill 18

So, Denver got another medium-big snow yesterday. I'm covering for the guy who works the end of the week. I got in my car yesterday at 12:30pm and drove to work. I got to work at 3 pm. The office had already closed, and 'essential personnel' were all that was left -- one guy in customer support, most of us in the NOC. The company had provided food (frozen dinners, sandwich stuff, veggies and fruit, etc.) and a hotel for the night (and a case of what I assume is decent beer, and a bottle of tequila).

So the 'days' crew goes over to the hotel, with the nights sup, and begin to party. The nights sup calls over, says she and the (hourly) guy who comes in nights are going to be late, and she's made the arrangements, and would I mind bunking co-ed. Well, um.. wtf? Co-ed? I get the "we're all professionals" line. Yeah, but try explaining that to a spouse. I asked the guys I was with (all married) how their wife would react if they spent the night (no matter how chastely) with a woman they hardly knew, in a hotel room.

The swings sup gets on the phone with the manager, who says if we can't figure something out, there are other hotels in the area, and we can expense it. After he goes over to check things out and discuss the propriety of 'bunking' people of different sexes into rooms, it gets worked out that one of the days guys will sleep on the floor in another room, and I get a room to myself (?), and the nights sup will sleep in the room with her charge (male).

The 2 of them (nights sup and nights guy) show up reeking of alcohol, slurring their words, around 2 hours after they're supposed to show up. The days guy drove them over in his 4wd truck, and when asked when he's going to sleep, just laughs.

So, were we all wrong to think that co-ed hotel rooms are inappropriate, and that coming in at the very least rather buzzed (and slurring words) is just plain wrong (even if the company paid for alcohol)? Or am I just a major buzzkill?

Personally, I believe that you should come to work sober. Sure, party some, but drink responsibly, and don't get drunk off your ass if you know you're coming into work later. I also know that while Ben probably wouldn't have held it against me that I was in a hotel room with another guy, that I wouldn't be comfortable with it. Especially if it was one of the guys who had been drinking.

Oh well, off to edit some photos. One of my xmas presents was a 60gb hd for the ibook, and I finally got CS2 re-authenticated (via the phone and a nice lady at adobe support).

PS - what is this publicize-publish-post crap?

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I am a major buzzkill

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    You were right, and you were right.

    You need to be (mostly, at least) sober at work. Given the situation, I think it is reasonable to have had a drink or two before coming to work. Maybe to th
    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      I would agree that co-ed bunking is not a good idea. I can't even imagine the audacity it would take to even propose such a thing. I would think that the manager wouldn't want the chance of a lawsuit, and would have told the two drunks to get their own room on their own dime. The company is paying you to work & sleep, not fuck. And I would also make certain the feller who had to sleep on the floor because of these shennanigans knows who's responsible for it. I know I would resent that treatment (even th
  • by sparky4 ( 695739 ) *
    bunking co-ed ? only under the most extreme circumstances and he gets the bathtub, don't care how many beds are in teh room. I doubt that they would even ask me.

    drinking and working ? no. quite simply that , no. O.K., so I am a hard liner but I stick to my answer.

  • Showing up to work drunk/high is grounds for dismissal at my place of employment. We also have rules against sexual relations in the workplace, including the appearance of such, so co-ed room sharing would certainly be a no-no.

    • it's in our handbook probably in the same verbage, about coming to work sober.

      the fact the company paid for the liquor kind of upsets me, but people should know how to moderate their alcohol consumption. I know that it doesn't happen -- even when they KNOW that they have to come into work soon after alcohol is made available. At least a teeth-brushing, or a mint or something would've helped the appearance of having some respect for the workplace and one's co-workers.
      • by Servo ( 9177 )
        The customer location where I work has an open bar on Friday's for 2 hours that all the employees, contractors, consultants, etc are invited too. It can be a little rowdy by "closing" time, but at least its AFTER work. I've never heard of a company providing booze at the beginning of a work shift.
        • since we work shifts... yeah. it's always someone's time to get to work 'round these parts.
          • When I worked shifts at a hosting company (Digex/Worldcom Business/Verizon Business if you care), we had a similar arrangement. I was in Unix Ops, swing. The company did provide alcohol when we had a special occasion (company party, holidays, working extra shifts due to bad weather), but it was expected that you would partake towards the end of your shift, and that you would drink responsibly while on the clock.

            My current job has a beer fridge. 3:00pm on Fridays is officially beer'o'clock. We mostly dri
            • nod; it's the overindulgence and showing up for work smelling like they just hopped out of the vat at the brewery that I don't get. The company does a lot of alcohol-provided events. I generally don't go, because I live so far away, but even if I lived next door to the company, I don't think I'd go, since I don't like being near the irresponsible people (the description of the last event included "and then I was part of the last 5 rounds of shots of Patron" (after an afternoon of drinking)).

              I don't drink, b
  • Wow....just wow. That's one of the most idiotic things I've heard, this is beyond even Corporate Dilbertism...I can't imagine what thought process that person used to arrive at Co-Ed sleeping arrangements, and coupled with alcohol to boot.
    • i don't know what her insane reasoning was, other than "a shortage of rooms", which wouldn't be as much of an issue, of both females bunked together, and an excess of tequila, I guess.

      it seems that the slashdotters agree that the appearance of propriety should be upheld, especially on the company time, and the company dime... i'm not so insane. :D
  • by subgeek ( 263292 ) *
    if by "am i a major buzzkill?" you mean, "am i a reasonable person surrounded by idiots?"
  • first off, hmm, the ISP I used to work for was headquartered in Denver but had its NOC in Dallas.
    Would be funny if you are working for an ISP, and it's the same one, and they moved the NOC...

    1) You have to be alert and functional to do your job. No explanation should be necessary. Party on your own time.
    2) Your company, or at least their representative, is cheap and inconsiderate if it doesn't first offer to put you in with another female or give you your own room. You are already sacrificing for them by be
    • nah, we're a 'startup', more or less. ~200 employees, neat tech to play with.

      the supervisor i was working with has been made aware, and i'm going to let my normal supervisor know.

      I was finally given my own room after the sup i was working for came over to the hotel and sorted things out.
  • Ya, that was wrong.

    While it would seem like a fun idea to get "oops, trapped in a snow storm", and party all night, it's less than professional.

    Now, if you were to decide that you WANTED to drink with them, and you did, I wouldn't see any harm in that, but being required to stay in the same room was wrong. There may have been a few angry spouses, but not as many as there would have been with the conversation continuing "and she stayed all night..."

    It's good th
    • SHE. The sup on the next shift is a SHE.

      Yeah, snow's nice. I'll be glad to be home Friday when it's supposed to snow again.

      •     No one ever said I was very good at readin'. :)

            Mmmmm.. Drunk chickies at work...

            For some reason, I'm getting visualizations of a new "Girls Gone Wild" video. :)


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