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Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 331

This is tiresome.
I get this nonsense whenever a major brand decides to ditch a technology.
Normally Apple has been the first, however other follow suite after people realize it isn't that big of a deal.

1. Apple is giving with their phone a converter.
2. Most of the time when people get a second hand device they will get wireless.

I am not trying to sound like an apple apologist but really is the headphone jack that big of a deal?

Or are you angry that the iPhone doesn't have a 25 pin Parallel port so you can connect your old Dot Matrix Printer?

User Journal

Journal Journal: Best simple SID to USB connection? 2

That may not be a good way to describe it but... I have a C64 I never use and I think I shall desolder its SID before consigning it to recycling since they are now officially hard to come by. What can I put it on that will let me use it efficiently?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 115

Among the worst are Japan and Spain, but most industrialized nations have birth rates below 2.1.

Japan needs a low birth rate right now. They have massive suicide and make-work employment. I've never understood why a crowded country like that would want to keep their birth rate up. Let it slack for a while and take some of the pressure off.

Comment Re:Pretty shocking (Score 1) 115

The US is a huge country with lots of empty areas that has great air quality.

[citation needed]

I live in the county in the USA which allegedly has the best air quality in the country. The area is volcanic which means more soil radioactives and it contains a shitload of dirt roads which means more soil in your lungs. And the fires, oh my lord the fires.

So, where are these empty areas with great air quality? And why do you think they're relevant given that they're empty?

Comment Re:Most rich people's houses aren't in very... (Score 1) 296

I would think a superior solution to a fixed bunker would be some kind of specialized boat designed for long endurance.

Obviously what you want is a nuclear submarine. But what would probably be adequate is just any small submarine to use as a taxi, and a sub-aquatic "bunker". Nobody will be able to get to you there.

Comment Re:Just give us a damned SATA port! (Score 2) 45

USB boot is possible on RPi, but it's kind of a pain to get working as it is not compatible with every USB storage device.

Is this the case on the new Pis, or just on old ones? Every time I ask if the Pi foundation has got USB right on the newest Pi I get downmodded, even though they have fucked up USB again and again. The original Pi's USB craters under load and yes, compatibility is piss poor.

Do the new Raspberry Pis have working USB? Or is it unreliable shit just like the first Pis? Let's see how quick this comment gets downmodded by the Pi Police for asking really a quite important question.

Comment Re:Goodbye, internet! (Score 1) 282

If you are ranking countries by freedom of speech, then the US is only ranked 41st in the world as ranked by the 2016 World Press Freedom Index.


And this, friends, is why America is going down the toilet: American Exceptionalism. "My country, right or wrong!" the idiots cry aloud, as the country goes more wrong by the day.

Comment Re:Never was a reasonable conversation (Score 5, Insightful) 238

I simply have the right to decide what I put into my body, regardless of what you think about it.

If you had the magical ability to not spread viruses, I would accept your statement, but you do not. When you have measles, it is exactly the same as walking around town with a handful of hypodermic needles, injecting random passers-by with viruses. You violate everyone else's "right to decide what they put in their bodies."

You live in a society, made of other people. Therefore, you have some responsibility towards the others who you interact with to provide you with food, gasoline, clothing, education, fire protection, etc., etc., etc.

The good news is that vaccines don't need to hit 100% of the population to be effective enough to prevent an outbreak. "Herd immunity" prevents the wide spread of a disease when most of your neighbors are immune. A level somewhere between 80-95% vaccinated is enough to stop an outbreak. But that's a very high level to achieve voluntarily. Vaccines are ineffective in some people. Some people with auto-immune diseases, or undergoing certain therapies, or are just too frail, can't risk taking some vaccines. And some people are so isolated by either geography, finances, or intelligence that they lack the opportunities to learn that they need vaccinations. Between those groups, there is almost no extra safety margin for tolerating people who think they deserve some special exemption because they "believe in" something divine, or think they have some special rights that they themselves violate on a daily basis.

We don't have a special "isolation island" to keep unvaccinated people from putting the rest of us at risk. Instead, we pass laws that enforce schoolchildren to put something in their bodies, or else we deny them schooling. But that's all the control we have, so far. Instead, we have to rely on public health education, and hope people voluntarily comply.

What we really could use would be swift punishment for the anti-vax deniers. Unfortunately, that crosses swords with free speech. So instead, we have to hope we can convince people that anti-vaxxers are stupid, hostile, anti-social jihadist monsters who are trying to destroy humanity with their lies and bioterroristic weapons. It turns out that a disturbingly high number of people are so extremely gullible or stupid that it's not as effective a strategy as we need.

Comment Re:Here in KC (Score 1) 97

One of these was not a relative but an outright pedophile.

Most kiddie touchers are relatives. Having a kiddie toucher not be a relative doesn't make them more of a pedophile. It actually makes them unusual.

To the detractors who say, "But it cannot be disabled!"... I cite my second experience over the first of my own life and say so fucking what? Are you going to complain about the TV you no longer watch and the radio you no longer listen to?

What the fuck are you on about? I don't complain about the TV and the radio because they don't turn themselves on to tell me about something I don't need to know about. If it's 10 PM and I've been at home all day, an AMBER alert will do precisely no good. The phone has enough sensors to decide whether I need this alert without phoning home.

Fuck off and I hope you never have kids in a situation that makes you oh so personally give a shit.

I won't, because I didn't make any. We have too many people on this mudball already. So not only have I already avoided saddling the earth with another human who will drive the planet farther into toxic debt, but I don't need to kill people through distraction and sleep loss in order to preserve their safety.

Comment Re:It is *MY* phone... not yours... (Score 1) 97

How many kids have actually been saved because of the Amber alert, vs the number of such alerts sent?

Well, they claim 830 successes. If you take it at face value, the program is an abject waste of money. They could improve road safety by a few percent and save more kids... and a whole lot more other people, too. That money would have been better spent on things like correct signage, and dividing roads which commonly have head-on accidents.

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