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Comment Re:What's the difference? (Score 1) 367

Uber is about to get hit with unpaid employee taxes from the IRS because of this. The IRS has a list of 20 points that separates contractors from employees. Uber violates about half of them. Also, employees get mileage and overtime, some folks are about to get paid then fired when Uber goes out of business.

Comment Re:Engineers have no future. (Score 2) 148

a 30-50 percent turnover rate is not sign a of a healthy company, normally companies that are doing that, had a massive downsizing and got rid of the wrong people. You don't lose half your companies employees if things are going well. I expect that hiring is way up at their Indian and Chinese design centers considering who they have in charge of their Engineering team.

Comment Re: the solution: (Score 1) 651

one of the reasons that nobody got arrested at the Bundy ranch, there were a lot more people there with guns than there were Feds. Also, the Feds were in a really bad tactical position being in a gully armed with AR-15's vs people who held the high ground with long range rifles and their own AR-15's.

Comment Re:speaking as management, nothing. (Score 1) 479

The hate on here today for PHDs is amazing. Lots of places for this guy in Government and Military plus the usual suspects like Google. A GS-11 or higher position in IT wants you to have an advanced degree and may not be all that interested in his experience level.

Also, location, he needs to move to DC, Austin, Atlanta, or the west coast. Trying for a job where there is a steady supply of PHDs is a bad thing.

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