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Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: Cool but Useless Technology

I am writing to you from the browser on my Sony Clie. I am connected via my 802.11b hub. Isn't technology great?

United States

Journal Journal: The Blame Game

I am frustrated at what will ultimately become a political game of "find the scape goat." Once I heard that the information about Nigeria in the President's State of the Union Address was phoney, I knew, as a friend of mine would say, was going to get the "big cannolli."

Basically with Condoleeeeeezzzzzza Rice saying "well, the CIA said it was ok" basically says, "I have no responsability to do my job." Come'on, I have read tons of Tom Clancey. I know that the NSA kicks-butt and takes names and knows shit and doesn't go around blaming other people. Where is Jack Ryan when you need him?

The administration used(abused) their authority and said "We want an excuse with Iraq, find us something" and then put on blinders when the information that arrived wasn't 100% accurate. They wanted a war, and they are more ignorant than I thought if they think someone wouldn't find out about it.

Question is, will it be swept under the rug, or will the American People stand up and make our leaders accountable for their actions?

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