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Comment Re:undermining the Tor system (Score 1) 323

Isis mostly works on Python stuff like bridgebd: https://gitweb.torproject.org/bridgedb.git/

On the Tor daemon itself, she's got a pretty good patch series on https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/7144 that I hope she'll have time to refactor soon. Maybe accusing her of being a total phony is not the best way to help her there?

(omg slashdot still exists)


CCC Create a Rogue CA Certificate 300

t3rmin4t0r writes "Just when you were breathing easy about Kaminsky, DNS and the word hijacking, by repeating the word SSL in your head, the hackers at CCC were busy at work making a hash of SSL certificate security. Here's the scoop on how they set up their own rogue CA, by (from what I can figure) reversing the hash and engineering a collision up in MD5 space. Until now, MD5 collisions have been ignored because nobody would put in that much effort to create a useful dummy file, but a CA certificate for phishing seems juicy enough to be fodder for the botnets now."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 12 Games from the Year 2010

Mike Michelson writes: "Or at least, the ones a bunch of gamers got together and dreamed up screenshots for. This article really begs the question of just what developers will be getting out of our consoles three years from now. And whether these games are hopeless wishful thinking or not, it sure is fun to think about."
The Matrix

Submission + - Do we need to make voting mandatory?

gd23ka writes: "Australia and Belgium force their electorate to the ballot boxes. Disaffected in Australia and don't want to get out of bed on election day? Pay a fine or go to jail or at least explain why you couldn't come. With these laws on their books both countries enjoy a high percentage of participation in their elections. Proponents say that forced participation in the elections strengthens democracy. What are your thoughts on the matter? You can read Slate's opinion piece first or tell me right away: Is mandatory voting a good idea for America?"

Submission + - Google: Don't blame heat for disk drive failures

BobB writes: "Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit may not be damaging to disk drives, according to new research by Google engineers which casts doubt on previous findings linking heat to elevated failure rates. After studying five years worth of monitoring statistics from Google's massive data centers, researchers say they could find no consistent pattern linking failure rates to high temperatures or high utilization levels. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/022607-googl e-disk-drives.html"

Submission + - Violation of Consumer Protection Laws and Comcast?

spotdog14 writes: "Recently in the East Lansing, MI market Comcast has upgraded their billing system. Before this "upgrade" subscribers to Basic/extended services could rent an HD cable box and receive what HD channels that were offered from their existing service (ie: if you got ESPN, you could get ESPN HD). Now Comcast alleges that the way it is now is the way it has always been, where in order to get ESPN HD you must subscribe to "Digital Classics" package on top of your basic/extended package. Comcast has gone as far as accusing myself of stealing cable because i got channels 202-209 (in the local EL market) even though i pay over $142 a month for cable/internet service. Is this a violation of my consumer protection rights? It seems to be, when calling tech support i get a different answer each time i call, not to mention being accused of stealing. I have the brochure when i first signed up for my HD service that clearly states that "High Definition TV channels are available to specific service level" and that means that if you subscribe to what ever channels, that if they are available in HD, then you would get them. The new brochure states that "A subscription to Digital Classics is required to receive ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, INHD, INHD 2." Can they change service requirements without informing those who subscribe to them? Follow the topic over at the AVS Forums here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=98 84760&&#post9884760 Let me know what i should do?"

Adventuresome or "Hands On" Careers in Tech? 72

omission9 asks: "For about 10 years I have worked mostly behind a desk in a cubicle and am starting to feel that this environment is making me miserable. The cheap fluorescent lights, the stuffy air, and the restless feeling I get from just sitting so long are starting to really annoy me. My background is mainly as a programmer but I started my career as a network engineer/network administrator. I am also a member of the US Naval Reserve and am cleared as high as Top Secret. Are there any jobs out there that match this sort of skill set (more or less programmer but generally excellent tech skills) that don't require being stuck behind a desk? Paying relatively well would be a major plus as would something that provides a solid career (20+ years of work). Is there anyone out there, from anywhere other than a cube farm, that may have some advice?"

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