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Submission + - Roger Ebert Speaks again, kinda (

Kleppy writes: "CereProc, an advanced voice synthesis company in Edinburgh, creates customized text-to-speech software. Instead of producing flat computerized voices, the company says its voices include realistic, animated and emotional dimensions. "
The company spliced together a few hours of dialog from prior recordings of Ebert and broke it all down to about 45 main "sounds" he used for speech. They then used these sounds in a text-to-speech software and were able to produce a prototype that he demonstrated on Oprah. They hope to have a fully functional version with complete intonations in the coming months.
Maybe M$ could use this to get rid of the robotic demon they currently use and replace it with Bill himself?

Submission + - IANA bombing network with traffic?

Kleppy writes: Just as I crawl in bed, the wife complains about the internet not loading (Users, seriously!). I check it out and nothing works. I check the router, up and running. I view the logs, an IP is BOMBING away on a UDP port label comes back "bootpc". I use the crackberry and discover the IP filling my log is from the IANA. My ISP acknowledges an outage in the region. WTF?

Submission + - Program to Help Witnesses Remember Criminals (

Kleppy writes: "Criminals are having a harder time hiding their faces, thanks to new software that helps witnesses recreate and recognize suspects using principles borrowed from the fields of optics and genetics."
"Law enforcement agencies around the world traditionally employ sketch artists, who piece together faces in a process similar to assembling a Mr. Potato Head toy." "The problem with this approach, says Solomon, is that it doesn't take into account how the memory actually works."

Submission + - Kwame Kilpatrick between a rock and a hard place. (

Kleppy writes: Kwame seems to be in quite a pickle. Claiming he has only $6 a month left over after living costs and that large sums of money given to his wife from a loan he was given, he states he has nothing left to give Detroit. The problem is not only has he irked Detroit, but his wife doesn't have to answer about where the money went and he's not on her good side right now.

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