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Comment Re:Railway crossing? (Score 0) 423

I drive a manual trans, I rarely hold the brakes at a light.

If it does try to start my car on a green, who's to say I pulled my car out of gear. My car won't start, and I'll be holding up traffic until I DO start my car because I left it in gear.

What if someone's sh!tbox doesn't start. What if a car is disabled at a light? They can't even try to start it at a red.

I think there are far too many scenarios to figure out it will only take that one time someone dies to call the whole system a heretic.

Comment Re:I don't see what the big deal is (Score 0) 574

Our Corporate Policy is that you are only in trouble/punishable if it's sent BY you and not TO you.

It however mentions nothing about opening and viewing the material, or at least I saw no information on viewing. I would think you'd only be in trouble if it anyone else found it offensive or impaired your ability to perform your job (beyond the obvious sexual arousal).

Comment Re:Cockpit Boredom (Score 0) 342

I always wondered who kept getting my ass handed to me in PokeMon Diamond (for DS) and the Pilots giggled as I walked past them and off the plane.

I'm always bored as hell sitting on a plane. No movie, no food and the fat guy next to me taking up two seats who smalls awful. I need something to do, I can only imagine how boring and mundane that must be in the cockpit. At least find a way to get the flight stick to work with MechWarrior 3 for them!

Submission + - The $100 ARM netbook is here (

orkysoft writes: "We've all been waiting for it, but I just spotted it for sale here. No affiliation with the site, but I know how eager Slashdotters are to get their hands on a $100 laptop or an ARM netbook, and this is both.

Specs: VIA-ARM 920 32-bit CPU at 266 MHz, 256 MB 133 MHz RAM, storage: 2 GB NAND Flash, 3 x USB, SD-card, Ethernet, WiFi b/g, 7" 800x480 display, Built-in 2100 mA/H Li-ion and 5V adapter."


Submission + - Roger Ebert Speaks again, kinda (

Kleppy writes: "CereProc, an advanced voice synthesis company in Edinburgh, creates customized text-to-speech software. Instead of producing flat computerized voices, the company says its voices include realistic, animated and emotional dimensions. "
The company spliced together a few hours of dialog from prior recordings of Ebert and broke it all down to about 45 main "sounds" he used for speech. They then used these sounds in a text-to-speech software and were able to produce a prototype that he demonstrated on Oprah. They hope to have a fully functional version with complete intonations in the coming months.
Maybe M$ could use this to get rid of the robotic demon they currently use and replace it with Bill himself?

Comment Re:And? (Score 0) 288

I don't watch the news anyways because it's mostly about who was murdered locally anyways.

Most companies recognize jury duty anyways so being caught up at work should not pose a danger to ones job. Unless the trial is lengthy and this impairs your company's ability to function normally without you. I'm not a lawyer and don't know the full details surrounding the process. If they wrongfully terminate you I suppose you could take your employer to court. Wouldn't that be a conundrum?

Submission + - IANA bombing network with traffic?

Kleppy writes: Just as I crawl in bed, the wife complains about the internet not loading (Users, seriously!). I check it out and nothing works. I check the router, up and running. I view the logs, an IP is BOMBING away on a UDP port label comes back "bootpc". I use the crackberry and discover the IP filling my log is from the IANA. My ISP acknowledges an outage in the region. WTF?

Comment Re:Opportunity (Score 0) 156

People like this also come into the store with $400 in their pocket looking to buy the $399 PC only to forget taxes and services like this. By the time they're done they bought 1/2 the PC they were looking at and all the services with it. What's a surge protector? OMG! I need paper with my printer? Should I buy ink? What's the warranty? Does it come with office? What is spyware/adware? Should I REALLY be afraid of Viruses? My Kid wants to play 3D games. Does this burn Discs? Where do I buy CD-R CDs? Most of the time, I gave them the information they needed and told them to come back when they could afford to buy the stuff "they needed" to make a better PC experience. Some of the time they got financing to do so. Some of the time they came back. Sometimes they had more money than sense. As a tech I did the services too and mostly got the same questions, and they were more apt to listen to me, likely because I was wearing a black shirt (later White) and not a salesman in a blue shirt.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 0) 926

I vote YOU pay for raising the quality of life in those countries. Stop send MY currency out of the country. I'm tired of Financing other countries progression while we choke ourselves saving others. Fix our problems FIRST. THEN help the others. Ironically, that's the same thing printed on the oxygen mask directions of ANY commercial airplane.

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