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Comment Re:Railway crossing? (Score 0) 423

I drive a manual trans, I rarely hold the brakes at a light.

If it does try to start my car on a green, who's to say I pulled my car out of gear. My car won't start, and I'll be holding up traffic until I DO start my car because I left it in gear.

What if someone's sh!tbox doesn't start. What if a car is disabled at a light? They can't even try to start it at a red.

I think there are far too many scenarios to figure out it will only take that one time someone dies to call the whole system a heretic.

Comment Re:I don't see what the big deal is (Score 0) 574

Our Corporate Policy is that you are only in trouble/punishable if it's sent BY you and not TO you.

It however mentions nothing about opening and viewing the material, or at least I saw no information on viewing. I would think you'd only be in trouble if it anyone else found it offensive or impaired your ability to perform your job (beyond the obvious sexual arousal).

Submission + - SPAM:

monicacardone writes: I am a thirty-something entrepreneur, wife and new mother of two (a 2 ½ year old and an 6 week baby), who has a well versed background in the “weight loss industry” – and who finds herself struggling to stay motivated to lose the “baby weight” and “get my body back”.
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Comment Re:Cockpit Boredom (Score 0) 342

I always wondered who kept getting my ass handed to me in PokeMon Diamond (for DS) and the Pilots giggled as I walked past them and off the plane.

I'm always bored as hell sitting on a plane. No movie, no food and the fat guy next to me taking up two seats who smalls awful. I need something to do, I can only imagine how boring and mundane that must be in the cockpit. At least find a way to get the flight stick to work with MechWarrior 3 for them!

Submission + - The $100 ARM netbook is here (

orkysoft writes: "We've all been waiting for it, but I just spotted it for sale here. No affiliation with the site, but I know how eager Slashdotters are to get their hands on a $100 laptop or an ARM netbook, and this is both.

Specs: VIA-ARM 920 32-bit CPU at 266 MHz, 256 MB 133 MHz RAM, storage: 2 GB NAND Flash, 3 x USB, SD-card, Ethernet, WiFi b/g, 7" 800x480 display, Built-in 2100 mA/H Li-ion and 5V adapter."


Submission + - Roger Ebert Speaks again, kinda (

Kleppy writes: "CereProc, an advanced voice synthesis company in Edinburgh, creates customized text-to-speech software. Instead of producing flat computerized voices, the company says its voices include realistic, animated and emotional dimensions. "
The company spliced together a few hours of dialog from prior recordings of Ebert and broke it all down to about 45 main "sounds" he used for speech. They then used these sounds in a text-to-speech software and were able to produce a prototype that he demonstrated on Oprah. They hope to have a fully functional version with complete intonations in the coming months.
Maybe M$ could use this to get rid of the robotic demon they currently use and replace it with Bill himself?

Comment Re:And? (Score 0) 288

I don't watch the news anyways because it's mostly about who was murdered locally anyways.

Most companies recognize jury duty anyways so being caught up at work should not pose a danger to ones job. Unless the trial is lengthy and this impairs your company's ability to function normally without you. I'm not a lawyer and don't know the full details surrounding the process. If they wrongfully terminate you I suppose you could take your employer to court. Wouldn't that be a conundrum?

Submission + - IANA bombing network with traffic?

Kleppy writes: Just as I crawl in bed, the wife complains about the internet not loading (Users, seriously!). I check it out and nothing works. I check the router, up and running. I view the logs, an IP is BOMBING away on a UDP port label comes back "bootpc". I use the crackberry and discover the IP filling my log is from the IANA. My ISP acknowledges an outage in the region. WTF?

Comment Re:Opportunity (Score 0) 156

People like this also come into the store with $400 in their pocket looking to buy the $399 PC only to forget taxes and services like this. By the time they're done they bought 1/2 the PC they were looking at and all the services with it. What's a surge protector? OMG! I need paper with my printer? Should I buy ink? What's the warranty? Does it come with office? What is spyware/adware? Should I REALLY be afraid of Viruses? My Kid wants to play 3D games. Does this burn Discs? Where do I buy CD-R CDs? Most of the time, I gave them the information they needed and told them to come back when they could afford to buy the stuff "they needed" to make a better PC experience. Some of the time they got financing to do so. Some of the time they came back. Sometimes they had more money than sense. As a tech I did the services too and mostly got the same questions, and they were more apt to listen to me, likely because I was wearing a black shirt (later White) and not a salesman in a blue shirt.

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