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Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 4, Interesting) 649

Damages. "They did thing X which cost me $Y. Give money pls." That's how civil lawsuits work.

IANAL but wouldn't I have to prove that "thing X" was wrong in some way before I would be entitled to damages. For a civil suit this usually means demonstrating either a civil infraction or a civil injury.

A civil infraction is defined as "a non criminal violation of a rule, ordinance, or statue". This does not apply because in this hypothetical scenario the polluter didn't break any law in the area where they were operating.

A civil injury is defined as "any physical harm or damage done to person or property by breach of contract, breach of duty, negligence, or by a criminal offense".

There was no contract between me and the polluter so breach of contract does not apply.

The polluter does not have any specific duty that they owe to me so breach of duty does not apply.

The polluter did not break any laws in the jurisdiction in which they operate so criminal offense does not apply.

That just leaves negligence. Negligence is defined as "[failure] to act as an ordinarily prudent person would act under the circumstances". I think you'd have a tough time making that argument in reference to a legitimate business that obeyed all the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they were operating.

In reality, most states already regulate themselves pretty well, and cutting EPA funding for more climate change research...will have no effect

That may be. I'm far from an expert on what exactly the EPA is responsible for. If you'll notice I didn't say anything about what the EPA's funding should or shouldn't be. I was specifically responding to your assertion that it should be up to each state to determine what level of pollution they wanted to allow.

Trump will be re-elected, and you will remain eternally assblasted for all time.

Well, I'm Canadian, so that was probably a given in any event.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 1) 649

Handle those matters by suing the other state or the responsible parties for damages.

If there are no federal laws dictating what type of polluting is and is not allowed (which is what you're advocating for no?) then in what court do I sue them and on what grounds? They've broken no law in their state and they're not technically operating in mine.

Comment Re: Morons are running the USA (Score 4, Interesting) 649

How about you let the states figure out how toxic and polluted they want their state to be, instead of dictating it from Washington?

When the state next to mine pumps toxins into the air they don't magically stop at the state line. Isn't the federal government supposed to handle inter-state matters?

Comment Or... (Score 1) 421

How about we start by getting countries to stop forcing women to get "circumcised", forcing them to cover their faces, denied the right to an education, and while we are at it, destroy the caste systems of countries. Seriously.

Women are still brutalized in a lot of places and lack the most basic of rights, and we first worlders focus on paychecks.

Comment Re: That org is garbage (Score 1) 377

So...what is the problem with your culture that creates this situation? Could it be that the harm reduction programs in other rich successful countries are called "redistributive social evilism" but some of your extra moronic religeous self-serving politicians? Get with the program USA! Your culture ia busted. Fix it before your the failed state and we need to takee your kids into care.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I'll be better able to figure it when the cartridge is empty. The savings come from not having to pay eight or ten bucks for copies that I'm proofreading.

They're already online as free e-books, HTML, and PDF, with printed copies available at a price.

Comment Cataracts and Suse (Score 1) 6

IIRC you're Canadian (if in the US you'll need insurance) and should be able to get CrystaLens implants for an extra $2,000. They cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and cataracts.

I ran Suse back in 2003 and liked it, but moved to Mandrake because my TV didn;t like it; I was using the TV as a monitor with an S-video cable. Still trying to find a distro that will run on an old Gateway laptop.

Comment Re:Only a penny a page, duplex? (Score 1) 5

I based the estimate on $5o for a cartridge that prints an average of 3,000 pages. A color laser would be nice, but as you say, far more expensive both in up-front costs and toner. And changing toner in a color printer is a PITA, at least the ones at work were.

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