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Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 531

Of course there is. The part of communism that does not work is the command and control nature of it with no price mechanism. Basically you were assigned to a job and told make 100 red tractors. If you ran out of red paint you didn't make any tractors because you were told to make red ones. Totally dumb system as crops would rot waiting for tractors that would come to late. (this shit really happened in the USSR)

Economies need a distributed system based on markets and prices.

UBI maintains the price system. You get your $1,000/month or whatever and you spend it as you see fit. Supply and demand and the price mechanism still work regardless of where you got your $1,000 from.

Think of it this way. All economic growth ultimately comes from productivity gains. Productivity is units of output per unit of labour input. Last year a single baker could make one loaf of bread per day, this year he can make 100 loaves a day, next year he can make all the bread for everyone on the planet.

Over the last couple of decades US manufacturing output DOUBLED. Yes, not only are things still made in America, but you are actually making TWICE as much stuff every year that you used to make in 2001. But your doing it with a third less workers...because of productivity gains. (not trade deals).

So what does 2040 look like? Will USA double its output again with another third less workers? and so on and so on.

You tell me where that leads?

Comment Re:We viral marketers now? (Score 1) 76

Its interesting to me that these dystopian stories are all about a central authority "watching" and "listening" to us so they can intervene and control us. But as witnessed in 2016 rather then listening, it is more of a case of personalized narrow casting into our filter bubbles which then "creates" the reality for the individual. So instead of millions of "SeeChanges" its millions of invisible hooded worm tongues whispering into the ears of citizens convincing them of a reality that is sometimes at odds with what they can see with their very own eyes. http://scontent.cdninstagram.c...

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 1) 531

How about two levels of UBI. Don't have to do anything and you get... Level 1: Getting high and playing video game subsistence level of income If you volunteer at least 40 hours in a month you get... Level 2: Three times the amount of level 1... In this way to preserve what is good about the market in both ways. UBI is not "command economy". With UBI consumers still vote with their dollars in the marketplace. And with volunteerism individuals and communities decide where to put their time and resources.

Comment Re:Does not follow? (Score 1) 805

I take your point. But what is it that you think he was trying to say? Was he saying that there were to many non-citizens as CEO's? or too many Asians? Because those are different things. As a rational human who is not a special snowflake I would like to hear your opinion. That is not sarcasm...please explain to me what reasonable argument he was trying to make.

Comment Re: Antivaxing in particular (Score 1) 499

Because it is not about reason. It is about fashion. Fashion is a way of displaying your group/tribal affiliation. It can provide a person with a sense of belonging and social acceptance. "Choosing" a set of beliefs is a way of building an identity and forming social bounds. It takes a lot of reasoning to get someone to change their identity.

Comment Re: So is he wrong? (Score 4, Funny) 866

even the feudal farmers were capitalists

Are you refering to the privileged landowning classes? Or to thier property...the farmers? Or would you also refer to American slaves as capitalists because they calculated to ROI and decided that picking cotton was more profitable then getting hanged?

Comment Re: Who the fuck cares (Score 1) 795

Can you please expand this to explain other research professions. For example in your theory do all researchers need to predict an impending calamity in order to demonstrate a need for thier services? For example: Physicists Botanists Chemists Biologists Astronomers How do they justify thier paychecks if they are not predicting doom?

Comment Re: NASA Paper (Score 1) 159

Wouldn't data centers on the moon make sense? PV is more efficient in the cold so they would do well. A cold environment means that the energy generated by PV goes more into data processing and less into cooling. Shipping bits to earth has to be easier then atoms. Issues would be lag and bandwidth right...

Comment Good for him (or her) (Score 1) 134

Like many, I am violently opposed to warrant-less wiretapping. That is NOT what is happening in this case. This is the case of an arrogant internet company assuming that they are above the law. Smuckerbag may have a gazillion dollars but society has never granted upon him the honor and duty that is granted to judges. He should learn his place which is below the law like the rest of us.

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