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Comment sounds like (Score 1) 269

sounds like "trump says its ok", i like the Trump shift as a means of we are not okay with your ancient louis 14 way of doing things as for the rest im not really into CEO morgan politics
a simplified rule will be abused by marketeers, theres certain laws you nerds living in the universe need to acknowledge, get out into the metaverse, spend some time
a 'simple" set of rules will be used by each faction to prove what they were saying before
five minutes with your sensei for you then you come tell me im wrong

Comment this is where legalistts tend to go blank (Score 1) 227

first of all let's consider legalism a form of union as in scared people or people who feel threatened form gangs that goes from cosa nostra threatened by government to civilians joining cops en mass despite lack of training backed by the government that got so corrupt the (i say cosa nostra but its a global symbol for how it comes to pass, read how it came to pass please)
then there's law, and law should be cos god say it is and you have to obey the symbol of the male dictator, wether its a symbol or a sandalwearing hippie in the sky
the man says DO and you do
short version sorry
then theres the part where they over time forget theres a limit to legalism, you can not defy the physical laws of newton stretched over the metaverser , now the metaverse is only a way of explaining to normals that physics is actually the only science that matters
(this sparks a whole lot of why my old psychology and sociology teachers spent more time explaining to class why their job was science than actually teaching)
cos a particle, at the core of everything is what decides everything, if you believe in absolute causality and the big bang for instance
there is no room for free will
which makes legalism in its own futile, be it the will of god or not, angles, accelaration, density et al define the future
so, ... when faced with copyright trolls consider them very mortal
did anyone get anything of what i actually mean?
see thats the beauty of this place
you did :)

Comment yes (Score 1) 498

a warning should suffice, wether you do it or not is up to you imo, the responsibility for the servant , i mean serving entity lies with the protectoin of the servers, not the protection of passwords users have to keep in their wallet cos they can't remember them , imo, imo, imo, ...
personally for the 99% of accounts i have that dont mean shit i use one and the same password cos it doesnt really matter to me if it gets guess-hacked or not , as for the rest
microsoft just banned my skype / onedrive account for "serious violation of" with a footnote that the agreement i violated says they dont have to tell me what exactly i did.
so password or not
i lost all my contacts across the world and all things stored safely in the cloud
i might as well have used "password" for a passord okay 60% off-topic , im still pissed, i spent a lot of time gathiering contacts , about 1 in 1000 ppl actually talks and half of those not about sex
ah, the agony ...

Comment Re:Next 50 ears is likely (Score 1) 224

define life
are we talking carbon based life ? life as we know it, jim ?
are we talking alien life where alien stands for "might be so strange we don't get it" ?
are we talking remnants of the vault of the beast leaving only an a.i. under the surface of mars waiting for millions of years to get just one way to extend outward?
if this panspermia thing is real havent we found it already ?
and if waterbears can survive space what are the odds that in a whole damn multiverse the only planet is the one where the sandalwearing hippie in the sky holds three faces to keep the peasants down?
what are the chances of life not existing elsewhere but stil, define life ?
life ? bacteria? x-o-pods ? moving life ? plantlife ? spore-life? balloons in the thick soup of jupiterl-life ? pure energy-life ? apas-with-sticks life ?
my conclusion is, considering the unlikeliness of sapients actually becoming the dominant race combined with the likelyhood of the dominant race making its own planet unlivable either we wont find anything cos too many iPhones make it so we cant launch a rocket on a woodstove and we're not down with matter synthesis or
on other planets darwins laws did not encounter an anomaly and more proficient forms took to the top
but who am i ?
am i even alive, i sometimes get the need to be barely conscious

Comment Re:Mandatory (Score 1) 301

interesting, so a triple pass on the few bits or bytes holding the encryption key would do
... some type of yubikey-type technology might be the shit, giving you the choice to instalock / encrypt beyond fubar and only undoable with
well some kind of yubikey lol
as far as i understand yubikeys, ive been trying to find out how to use the ones i have for zipfiles and archives, like locally but thats way above my paygrade i think
would be nice to not need a password but just put in the key and press the button to unlock all those archives full of incriminating evidence (which i dont have ofcourse) its just in gedanken, i get paranoid about my holiday pictures and remembering decent passwords is something for less chaotic people
writing them down and pinning them to the wall seems like google giving you backup codes as two-fac or steam giving you a recovery code if you lose your phone or mega giving you a recovery key
which you can store on your hard drive or pin to the wall, the total flaw being what if anyone but you has access to the room there
same thing with the key i suppose, still i often been wondering how i could just use my one yubikey to lock or unlock all my archives
which is, i know, off-topic, but actually not completely is it ? the hardware key that gives you the choice between destroy everything or maybe if i get it back unlock it , its not really technologically further than mining gas from ur anus, probably a little closer to the realm of can be done right now

Comment Re:as in lol (Score 1) 153

akshully, and pardon my impulsive doublepostness in repying to myself
the irony of that vigil is that all those suckers who bled out holding their bowels in the mud like twice, from the choking on mustard to whatever and theres like this huge tower built that says "nie wieder"
as in "never again"
died there fighting the germans and are like ALL inclined to the far right
that history as seen in school for y'all then, welcome to hellgium

Comment as in lol (Score 1) 153

i see posters everywhere in the past weeks on the next vigil at the "Ijzer" ... battlefield where a lot of flemish died in the mud
cos they're retarded , for some king or shit ... roughly translated, sayin "on own power to flemish power", a separatist slogan , now
try selling these people here LOOOOOOoooool , working days of only eleven hours
probably hard to follow my lol here since you're not from here in the middle of here not fitting in here
but thats hilarious , saying it like that

Comment Re:good for them (Score 1) 186

ah, i hear the american administration is countering some of it as well
yes, first impression its a bit misleading since "has slowed down" does not imply and probably does not mean "the amount has declined" but rather "it increased a little less than last year"
unless im very much mistaken, ive been reading up for two days and my rtfa-mood is gone, glad im at the front page by now

Comment Re:Cool list of past winners (Score 2) 51

The list of 12 finalists for this year's honors had included bubble wrap, Care Bears, Clue, the coloring book, Nerf ball, pinball, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Transformers and Uno
to call it a toy and pit it against carebears and uno ...... euh
no comment
as far as roleplaying goes id rather call it an invention and mod the stats and moral axis system insightful but glad to see its no longer the work of the devil

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