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Comment gargantia (Score 1) 202

The way my laymans arse sees it. Human response time is limited because of the physical structure, flexibility and hulk of the body combined with the speed it takes for a signal to reach the appropriate part of the body via the nervous system. Somehow it seems possible to train this over time into reflexes. Excuse my lack of terminology i have these two systems named here in my big book as well as the speed of thought through the body but names and numbers are not the point here for me.
Other than that the capability of interpretation for a human brain far exceeds anything any supercomputer even today could muster. Let alone the physical impossibility to fit a supercomputer into a functional killer robot so in my educated guess id say a mind-machine interface here working on actual brainwaves that can be caught and used as signals might be the best solution for this (if at all possible with current technology).
a human 'pilot' could oversee a whole field of view in the proverbial blink of an eye and the machine could analyse the signals there, making it possible to (almost) instantly discard all non how do they say this, threats? offensive targets ? and effectivele shooting out everything but civilians. This would eliminate the need for human physical response and eliminate the lack of machine judgment.
since the japanese are keen on it maybe namco bandai or capcom could build the mechabotsim to rule them all while sony can make the rudimentary controller system, sponsored by the military it would be the best way for analytics to do something real and scout out the most promising gundam pilots at very young age
like what the f am i saying here, does it make sense?
now that i re-read it .. yea it does but i dont know if i would want to be part of it

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