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Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 1) 245

lot more competition , agreed , nuff said ... maybe i can convince the belgian governments to have less champagne speeches and fire 3 in 5 state employes, use the money for startups and
more competition ... for some reason i think that would make me unpopular here
i always feel like the two major providers here are a single duopoly who get together to fix prices, as monopoly/cartel as it gets buy whos to say, people here are used to swallowing
i actually got stopped and frisked once cos i was spitting ... heh heh (not funny)

Comment Re:And this is a problem? (Score 1) 308

its about that 14th lamborghine paid for with money from people who probably wouldnt buy it anyway ... the great gap sby in the facts ... how many people who download would actually pay ? as with all things, after this they only set a precedent and they can afterwards sue another 10.000 sites, which actually leads to more lawyer money than the estimate lost on downloads but to compensate for that they will probably hire copyright trolls who get paid to extort money from downloadmom etcetera after which a simple freeware tool will rise that allows it to be done anyway and it was all for nothing i think we know the drill by now, or maybe they get their lawyers pro bono or they dont know how to make a balance sheet ... its pretty clear for many years that its just a testosterone contest by old men in suits who remember the good old days when they sued the cassette recorder for turning the beatles and the stones into beggars under the bridge. I dont see how any judge can for this "we sue you for money we cant prove we would have made thing" and the king of sales lord Gagen de-mythbustered the idea that you need to publish console only cos pc gamers are all pirates . Spotify and whatnot proves for while now that its possible to just let people choose if they wanna pay and make actual money without threatening them i think somewhere sometime in a galaxy far away some of these people will come to their senses and notice that in business , its about making money and all these suits cost a lot more than they gain maybe in 2050 when the earth is full and the foodriots start

Comment Re:Valuable skills (Score 1) 154

HEH, because hacking is baaed ... programming is guuued, hacking is baaaed ... so if modding is turning kids into hacksersses then i sugges we take all C-developers and put them in guantanamo to make sure cos they definitely will be terreerirzzztsts
i mean ... come on ... lets just make computer science class illegal and have the russians and the chinese hack the planet in the meantime
i think they dont really get this things about hacking and have a very hollywood idea about it, never heard of a red or white hat and would probably sue the kid who points out the flaws in their system instead of offering him a wellpaid job
how come the whole of europe AND the states simply has like ZERO "nationalist" hackers ? does that mean all westerners except the russians are too dumb to get into creative programming ?
or is that cos they have to first capture lulzsecheads and force them to do contracyburring ?
whatever it is its odd, like no one wants to actually do it for god and country overhere
and there

Comment Re:Verizon can stuff it (Score 1) 222

You're getting ripped off.

1. I pay eur43/month, for unlimited fiber to the house 100/100 Mbps internet. By "unlimited", I really mean unlimited; we're usually below 1TB (B=byte) each month, but there are a few times we've exceeded it. There are no blocked ports, and I run a webserver and a mailserver at home.

2. I pay eur12/month, for unlimited cellphone internet at "up to" 40 Mbps. No idea about blocked ports, but it allows the ports I've used through. It is unlimited otherwise, and I've used 60GB in some months.

Myah, living in the second most taxed and one of the most costly terrorist capitals of europe i think "unlimited" here costs about 80 euros a month including a few digital tv channels they got another one that has cell and landphones which comes down to they getting an all in one monopoly package
i dont know how much you know about the old world (guy who replied to this) ... but here we have a duopoly which mainly comes down to the same thing cos they keep the prices in check, its like they sit round the table and roll some dice to see who's gonna get the promotion and be the good guy this month and just split the cake in two, the infrastructure used, cable or dsl is actually the one that was here before , used for tv and ma bell (one of them is ma bell)
BUT, im in a real slump in a downward economy here im down to two pcs and one steam account i dont even have a console anymore and my smartphone is a €85 euro lg sporty if i pick one the "big data" packages coming at 100gb/ month (perfect for the retired person who reads the news and emails im sure) and i reinstall both pcs i would need over six months to install it all
i dont know how much the last battlefield beta demo was i think somewhere 15 to 30 gb ... you get a lot of that lately, i suppose consoles try to sell you download games too simply cos you wil require more space and they keep drm control as in
well once its sold out they close the server and your "lease" is over
as opposed to the good old optical pre-history where you could keep them stacked on the shelf and if need be download a patch (crack is such an evil word) to KEEP USING what you paid for pardon my caps
etcetera, that verizon bs is obviously bs but if you think monopolies dont exist here ... my good man, corruption here takes place at the level of mi5 and james bond
censorship is done by "raison d état" where as overther it would be terrerizm
its not that differnent
the biggest difference is
have you ever even heard of a potential breakup of the dollar or the united states ?
q.e.d. i rest my case your honour so dont get me started on the police state and the judicial system please

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

There's no possibility that aliens capable of FTL would find us remotely interesting. Once you get to that technology, energy and resource problems either have been solved, or become very easily solvable. In addition, given that FTL is far more likely to be developed using AI rather than human intelligence, space faring races (if they bother to be space faring) are more likely to be 2nd order intelligences (i.e. artificial intelligences),rather than 1st order, genetically based naturally developing intelligences).

Bottom line? To space faring AIs, we're squirrels. Our nuts are safe. Really.

why not ... humans like antiques ... go through great lengths to film tribes that are "not infected" with the modern world i think they might possibly find this a superb tourist attraction ... what always bugs me is the fact that everyone seems to assume life would evolve as it has here homo-centrism i call it ... a bit like helio-centrism, yall here would know what i mean by the word. for instance , it might not be carbon based but something we can't even think about / imagine. It might be but it might, unlike humanity, not have stopped evolving. The way i see that is evolution is actually mutation and coincidence where first the fenotype adapts and the ones most suitable to new conditions have a chance at mutating and those mutations are actually the ones that should make it. Seeing as it's humans on top of the evolutionary ladder its obvious probability, not certainty SO They might not have stopped evolving because they might not have adopted technology as a substitute. Meaning actually the use of technology, be it the proverbial first stick to barsh that monkey skull with or your car or bicycle which removes the need for mutants with stronger legs or should i say the chance to be more likely to become next-gen. In which case they might not even need mechanical devices and have their own radio waves. dare i say some form of telepathy. Its alpha waves, they can be detected and measured so with an open mind i dont see how over the course of hundreds of thousands of years some kind of organ might not evolve that can decipher them over a distance so to speak alien life might simply be so alien that we have no way of detecting it i hope my crank ass makes some sense lol

Comment the most primitive of brainstems (Score 1) 377

can i get my rant on again about the bellcurve, and how the middle chunk is the remnant of the past cycle of evolution while the outer sides are constantly trying to invade that, eventually becoming what they dont like when they win ?
like fear of the unknown is a remnant from the eldest days of biology where anything unknown means something that might get you killed
ergo and q.e.d.
creative thinking is dangerous, its not that hard or deep to fathom how the homo sapiens works

Comment here it is (Score 1) 227

i was gonna say something to this but the newsletter would only let me post on twitter or facebook, lets see if i can dig it up ...

yea yea, the article is the-quest-to-build- somewhere on slashdodt and i was gonna say 'fuck legal, team satoshi didnt give a shit about legal obviously and now they're making law by abscence. Fuck unhackable, thats not possible. If you're the man, just do it, if you're scared, just dont take credit.' but it will only let me post on twitter or Facebook ? the decline of slashdot ?
good thing i put it somewhere, yea sure, if you can, why dont you, you dont have to put your name on it, you just post it on a few fora and put up a torrent through a vpn, put it on and 'the community' will surely take it up if it's worthwhile

Comment Re:Fireworks in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 1251

= lulz, the sheytan is as old as the concept of the one god, its the anti-order of things symbolized in current society in all monotheism same symbol.
himanity is a bit older than that, if id fear demons id fear the ones who are so old they have no clue what a crucifix looks like. as they say in dutch : 'één pot nat' ... monotheism is monotheism, it reveres a single male symbol ruling all, wether that is a sandal wearing hippie, a horned guy on goat legs or a faceless god, i dont see the difference. The prophets were kinda wise men, the gods themselves have very little substance

Comment Re:Maybe the Patent Office will notice (Score 1) 292

is this like where everyone in the U.S. gets to be punished for using bitcoin while the rest of the world happily continues with 'it' and the seventy altcoins, hereby effectively the 'congress' biting off one of its own paws in order to soothe the local elders ? I dont see a lot of impact coming from a bitcoin killer, it might live next to it

Comment Re:Jackpot (Score 1) 617

belgian law would be quite clear on it i think its something like : if someone sends you an item you did not request they can not make you pay for it (in more expensive words) ... i dont know about uk, if i were to do that they'd tell me id have to learn from my mistakes and id have to start from scratch again ... i kinda like zavvi, they were kinda cheap and trustworthy, this makes them look a bit non-christmassy

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