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Comment Re:good for them (Score 1) 186

ah, i hear the american administration is countering some of it as well
yes, first impression its a bit misleading since "has slowed down" does not imply and probably does not mean "the amount has declined" but rather "it increased a little less than last year"
unless im very much mistaken, ive been reading up for two days and my rtfa-mood is gone, glad im at the front page by now

Comment Re:Cool list of past winners (Score 2) 51

The list of 12 finalists for this year's honors had included bubble wrap, Care Bears, Clue, the coloring book, Nerf ball, pinball, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Transformers and Uno
to call it a toy and pit it against carebears and uno ...... euh
no comment
as far as roleplaying goes id rather call it an invention and mod the stats and moral axis system insightful but glad to see its no longer the work of the devil

Comment im a bit worried (Score 0) 46

This is the second time today my pc reboots when im reading an article on why the chinese understand the need for space a lot more than the leaders of the free world, i live in europe myself and dont worry, i wanna move to mongolia, not china (less humans per square metre there).
so .. .my battery has been charging all day too and the led is still on, is that you, drill ?
or the trump squad ?
or zee russians perhaps ?
cos as far as i see it , according to euh whats her name colonel corazon santiagos granddaughter, the apex of military power no longer rests at airpower
it rests in outer space so if you want your arms race
MISTER president
i suggest you race the chinese to space first
thank you, dont ddos me

Comment Re:And the hits keep on coming ... (Score 1) 1066

is lol ... i thought it was established beyond doubt that the effects are real albeit not beyond doubt wether its totally manmade or humanity just gave it a nudge so its probably very sound to simply imagine a rolling train will not hit you if you ignore it hard enough
this seems a bit ott when it comes to sanitizing the economy
stripmining the planet hm ?
no one answered my question yet .. if the amount of matter on the planet is finite, then how many humans does it take to gobble it all up ? in theory cos calculating how many could actually still stand on top of each other on whats left of the third rock is probably a bit difficult
yea this is clearly a we're not gonna live 50 yeas anymore anyway situation
lets hope besos and musk apply for chinese citizenship and get to mars before that happens

Comment Re:Score one for research using monkeys. (Score 1) 50

should be, as if humans arent overpopulating enough as is
it is huge though although i doubt the monkeys have given explicit written permission prior to being implanted ... if regulation is that convenient, why not directly go for the real target i mean
and pardon my apparent lack of humanity-moralism but i wouldnt mind to see the army of twelve monkeys decimate the human population
people sell their own kidneys for money
why not, if they agree to it to feed their family
in the name of science ?

Comment Re:The Galaxy Song (Score 1) 25

a men
im reading up on over a month of backlog slashdot and my original reaction is yea, you can clearly see when the elections were over by the lack of racial slur on top of every post, was that skankhunt42
off topic .. YAY, its good to hear some good news from the prison colony for once
wtg ,
mates :p

Comment in short (Score 1) 499

orley ? why not because of the illuminati or area 51 ?
im still surprised at the initial disbelief and surprise at the most likely outcome, its a global anti-establishment period and thats what he is, left right, black white or not
opposed to ms. clinton he is the anti-establishment

Comment Re:The answer to the question (Score 1) 598

you can always start by displaying them side by side on all devices to sensibilize (is that even english? i cant find the word) the crowd and make everybody used to it, over time you could leave out either without dire consequence
i suppose
(as an option ofcourse, not pushed up yow-ass)

Comment Re:Complete? (Score 1) 117

i dont think it is strange at all .. its memberberries ... more of the old instead of the new
personally ... screw the NES and SEGA systems for they areth consoles. If i had actual decent money i would be more than happy to fork out for an original atari 2600 and most of all , the C-64, just to put them in my hardware room (considering i have money for a hardware museumroom lol)
as in looking exactly like the original that stomed a generation of coding with the original tapedeck which functionally could be a usb slot emulating both tape and floppy, potentially having the powercartridge pre-installed and maybe even a hyperswitch to switch it to 16kk colours and a 1ghz cpu so FLT and Boozedesign and the likes can go awol bonkers if they're still alive and at it
but i dont have the money for collectors items
i hope sony is not considering playstation one back in the mainstream cos i fear that might not be retro enough
on the other hand, who knows

Comment Re:No Linux support? (Score 1) 243

it installs perfectly on the last mints but when i just got that gtx 970 i had to boot in safe mode to manually install it yea my worries here if i were a total modder and tweaker (in the non american sense of the word as i came to understand it) i am to believe this does not impact performance?
this does not cost me one single g- , c-pu-cycle or fps ?
really ?

Comment Re:Ummm, OK... (Score 1) 69

Copyright is not only theft. As a form of censorship, it's a crime against humanity.
i like your style
by the top comments i can see this must have been pre-election day in the states ?
i wonder on the statistic however, as we are talking about alien life, how valid b/c ... i cant say it totally compares but for instance the statistics used for crude forex prediction take all data over time to define "pivot points" regardless of the real world circumstance, practically considering the numbers from the post-war period equal to the numbers from the pre-2008 period equal to the numbers of post 2008 equal to the numbers of today
which imo makes no sense so in this particular case id say if you were looking for similar carbon-based life maybe it holds a little value qua probability but if one would be talking alien life thats totally beyond omega (point, not "goood") as far as my layman-ass can see
i think, imo and as my not so very humble opinion (at times)
yay for the racial slur btw, its very constructive but i am all up for free speech to make it more easy to point out the clowns, i dont think that will ever change

Comment Re:use someone else's computer (Score 1) 177

i suppose a virtual machine through a vpn might help a little if you generate a different id or mac every time unless the zombies are like really breaking out of the box
i suppose onion is for terrerizts only so that will probably get you tracked by people investigating non existent cults
life is full of important choices

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