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Comment Like the DS (Score 1) 116

Remember when the DS wasn't replacing the GBA? It was a "third pillar" along side the GCN and GBA... but it actually took off and devs migrated. I can understand that this is a console enough, but being able to take console games on the go makes the 3DS look dusty. Although the game and system cost of the 3DS is still waaay cheaper

Comment Re:More examples of stupid admins in U of C (Score 1) 123

My mom works for U of C too and I wanted to slap those people for their ham fisted communications and messaging about the whole ordeal. I've seen good implementations of O365 and the company I work for now is beginning their implementation too which is likely larger than the U of C by a small margin. I would have thought that other email addresses would be banned for work related purposes as a matter of principle from the get go. The saddest thing overall to me is that the malware ransom didn't come out of the President's salary.

Comment More examples of stupid admins in U of C (Score 5, Informative) 123

So this is the same place that paid $20,000 to decrypt a malware attack that locked down its email and AD infrastructure...

I doubt they've learned much about how to operate a network at this rate.

Comment Re:Can't wait for the aftermath. (Score 5, Informative) 149

Yeah this is a town of 1200 people and they only got a highway in the 70s. NWT has its own scale of how sparse it is. The largest city, Yellowknife is about 25k people and likely at least a four hour drive from that town. If you think the duopoly everywhere else in North America is bad, try NWT

Comment Re:You don't need a ROM in order to do speedruns.. (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Here's a list of tool assisted speed runs that are actually run on real hardware with a real copy of software :

Getting things to sync to real hardware is amazing that so much effort FROM FANS has gone into preserving these games in emulators that it works outside of those emulators.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 296

Even the user switching menu being permanently on and taking space from my tab bar is enough to have me wanting to switch.

I will say too that it seems like YouTube also has ads when having DNS ad blocking turned on. ( This behaviour is not something I've noticed before a month ish ago. It also seems like background audio on iOS is not possible when using the YouTube webpage. Just more extinguish of the EEE.

Comment Wouldn't apply to Netflix (Score 3, Interesting) 85

Free peering typically means that each carrier sends and receives about the same amount of data - they each benefit equally from the peering. How much data is inbound to Netflix? About 1/10000th what comes out.

That said, why isn't Netflix's traffic upload "paid for" when they pay their data centre ISP? or is that too perfect world?

It's funny.  Laugh.

A Paper By Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel Was Accepted By Two Journals 100

An anonymous reader writes "A scientific study by Maggie Simpson, Edna Krabappel, and Kim Jong Fun has been accepted by two journals. Of course, none of these fictional characters actually wrote the paper, titled "Fuzzy, Homogeneous Configurations." Rather, it's a nonsensical text, submitted by engineer Alex Smolyanitsky in an effort to expose scientific journals — the Journal of Computational Intelligence and Electronic Systems and the Aperito Journal of NanoScience Technology."

Comment Oh man, Red Bull totally knows gaming (Score 1) 61

Two Tony Hawk games? THPS2 on GBA was crazy for its time to cram it into a handheld, but still, you wouldn't have ever preferred a portable to a handheld for that series.

GTA was vaguely neat in the sense that it was on a Nintendo system

How about Elite Beat Agents (or Ouendan)? Hotel Dusk Room 215? Phoenix Wright? Professor Layton? 999? BRAIN AGE! Gawd. Get a better list. :P

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