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Comment Re:paranoia (Score 1) 585

Who's the reality denier?

Email chains not only detail Steven's position but planned movements on insecure server AKA handing information to terrorist.

Here's a breakdown:

Here's the federal FOIA confirmation:

Here's the leaked confirmation:

Here's the documents that show she knew it was going to happen:

I have a special dislike for Clinton - she's a murderer, a liar, a thief and she covers for multiple sexual offenders. My feelings about Trump are very mixed - he doesn't fit with my vision overall but I like the promise of "swamp draining" I just don't like the idea of him replacing what gets weeded out with something else. Sometime you remove something and replace it with nothing and that's the best answer.

Facts are the foundation of a rational opinion. I am not a member of the "feelings" party, nor am I a member of the "bomb them all" party, the two of which the lines tend to blur between. It's obvious you and AC are part of the "for the feelz" groups.

Comment This used to be a legitimate question. (Score 1) 315

I actually asked a similar one to this at one time in history and got roasted for it.

Back in the day you had to be really careful about what hardware you bought when you ran Linux - there were a lot of "Win-products" which didn't actually have their firmware on their chips permanently but had to load it from a Windows only driver. Those days are pretty much gone - Linux has improved to the point that it can load that stuff, the manufacturers have either pulled their heads far enough out of their asses to either stop doing that, or those shitty ones went out of business, and everyone in the industry wants into Apple's pants so they make their chips more Linux friendly by default because they're hoping they get to supply Apple.

Seriously - with the exception of maybe a weird model specific feature - of the kind that's a rarity these days - pretty much anything you buy with Windows on it is going to be a good Linux laptop. I'm sort of a fan of Lenovo hardware, and as long as you take their Chinese spyware injected version of Windows off you're probably fine. I'm also a big fan of Acer - they're cheap and they feel like they're built by Fischer Price, they take abuse and keep going. If you pick 100 random laptops from local retail stores 98 of them will probably be great with Linux, the other two are going to have oddities that just make it not worth it. I can't imagine what those issues would be, but it's probably from a bargain basement one I wouldn't want of a Sony anyways.

Comment Re:How dare you try to get around us regulating (Score 1) 128

What I think is these little VW's pollute less than most any other diesel on the road and that over-regulation is keeping more reasonable and efficient vehicles off the road. I would rather see 20 of these VW's regardless of their firmware status than one Chevy Silverado Rollin' Coal. They rigged their computers because they being held to unrealistic expectations while some guy in an F350 dually who uses it to get groceries and show off doesn't have to worry about it.

I'm not pro pollution. I'm pro common sense. I know my gas powered Jetta can hit 40 MPG if I don't have the A/C on and the traffic isn't stop and go. I imagine the diesel gets better mileage. I'm against government ruining a good thing in favor of a bad one.

Comment Re:Windows? (Score 1) 116

This is not a whoosh moment.

I firmly believe all video games from a couple of years ago forward (not meant for consoles) should be developed for Linux first. This makes the Mac port fairly easy and gets the game onto the Steambox.

Then they can worry about a Windows port.

Seems to work well for the games made with this mindset, and has for a couple of decades, especially with Unreal, Quake, Doom, etc... Engine games. In fact if you make a game with one of those engines and it isn't ported to multiple platforms it just makes the developer an asshole.

Comment Congratulations Apple! (Score 2, Interesting) 361

You've introduced the capacitive touch bar my wife's 10 year old HP Pavilion Media laptop has been rockin' forever!

(I really do to this day think that part of the laptop is really cool, except when I swipe to change the volume and it doesn't work the first time)

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