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Comment Yet design problems are rampant (Score 2) 672

While mechanical failures may have decreased, design problems are all over the place, from Toyota's gas pedals getting stuck to the visibility-destroying A-columns in Dodge pickups. There is so much focus on appearance and stopping mechanical failure, they've stopped paying attention to how people actually drive and are decreasing safety because of it.

Comment Bring it on (Score 1) 169

The bubble, I mean. Yes, it caused serious issues at the end, but during the run up of the bubble, all of the major technology we currently used was developed by that massive influx of capital. Slashdot could not have become what it is without the bubble, and you could say the same about just about every other major technology player in the current market. As for LinkedIn specifically, I'm a bit stunned by the IPO. My LinkedIn account was the 2530th created. That's even better than my Slashdot and ICQ account numbers.

Comment Are they going to read every book to find them? (Score 1) 764

Take, for example, Piers Anthony's Bio of a Space Tyrant and sister sleep together and their relationship is an important theme throughout the book. However, the basic plot is not about incest, it's about the rise of a diplomat in a Space Opera. So, is it just books that are "about incest" or those that have that element within them? Where's the dividing line?

Comment The thing that bothers me about this... (Score 1) 174

Everyone is ok with this coming from 8 year olds, and actively promote 14 year olds doing DNA research (for example). They don't care that these come from those without a portfolio of degrees and 20 characters behind their name. But if a 40 year old does the same after finding something interesting and studying it, they are extremely dismissive of the "amateur" doing what "professionals" should do.

Comment Parallels to Wii DVD playing (Score 1) 549

This seems so much like the Wii/Homebrew/DVD player situation. Wii's all have DVD-playing capability, but Nintendo doesn't make or sell a DVD app, leaving it to hackers to make one. By doing this they direct the Wii's use to applications and games provided by Nintendo (ie. if they provide DVD ability, then the Wii will be used less often for purchased products). It's scummy. Glad I don't have any Apple products.

Comment When I was programming.... (Score 1) 547

....we used two rocks to beat binary into each others heads. Uh, I mean... When I was programming, which was about 75% of my job, I'd say that of that 75%, 50% was actual programming, but in that I include mapping out the next planned code to be written and doing pseudo-code and documentation to make the next task easier. The other 25% of the day was meetings of slacking/research.

Submission + - Drew Curtis of Fark attempts to trademark 'NSFW' (

Kickstart70 writes: "Drew Curtis of Fark is attempting to trademark the term 'NSFW'. It seems a little crass to me, but no word on whether he's attempting to do it as a protest against ridiculous trademark law, or if he's just joining the greedy trademark crowd (but, FWIW(TM), discussions in the subscriber-only TotalFark have been deleted)."

Submission + - Tool shows sophomoric edits to Wikipedia by CIA (

Itninja writes: "The BBC recently published accounts of the CIA (among others) making juvenile edits to various Wikipedia entries. Among them, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, and Rush Limbaugh.

From the article: "On the profile of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the tool indicates that a worker on the CIA network reportedly added the exclamation "Wahhhhhh!" before a section on the leader's plans for his presidency.""

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