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Comment Re:Cisco is getting worse... (Score 1) 112

I seem to run across a fair number of places with AS/400 stuff. What's kind of interesting is the AS/400 stuff and people seem to run in this parallel universe IT department with their own staff somehow immune from the other pressures of the rest of the IT department.

Once in a blue moon I'll hear mention that some kind of AS/400 update or installation is happening, so it's not like they're strictly legacy systems. And at longer term clients with AS/400 I occasionally see something new/different in the "AS/400 rack".

I don't know what IBM's growth potential is or how at risk their active businesses like AS/400 are from being eaten by Wintel/Lintel systems are, but they sure seem to have carved out a niche that seems nearly immovable.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 822

This is not a Democrat thing, it's an anyone with an education thing. It's why even senior Republicans are distancing themselves

"Trump will ruin the country" is *mostly* a Democratic thing as an article of actual belief. Among Republicans, I'd argue it's more like "Trump will destroy party" and a dislike for his influence on political standing, not necessarily a wholesale disagreement with policy with the exception of where policy overlaps with Republican economic policies, which are mostly rubber stamps of corporate interests.

and pretty much anyone outside the US that is aware of international diplomacy is fearful of the consequences he could bring. As you say you have Congress to protect your domestic policy, but a couple of stupid comments can ignite tensions globally that can start wars.

During the Cold War, when the US faced a military opponent of near parity and the chance of a nuclear war of near extinction, anti-communist and anti-Soviet rhetoric was extremely heated. The majority of US politicians vented relentlessly against communism and the Soviets without a war starting. And none of this takes into account the reality that we fight wars all the time anyway, without any attached rhetoric.

This is not a Democrat thing, it's an anyone with an education thing. [...]This not just FUD, there is a real risk that everyone can see except a minority percentage of redneck Americans.

This is my other problem with this meme, it's usually stated in the most derogatory of terms. People that don't believe in the most hyperbolic and extreme outcomes of a Trump presidency are uneducated rednecks.

I'm willing to go along with the idea that Trump would make a *bad* President -- clumsy diplomacy, domestic political gridlock, divisive leadership. But the rest of the doom and gloom prophesy seems vastly overblown and tied to a sales technique designed to make anyone who doesn't accept it feel as if they're somehow stupid or uneducated.

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 381

So in other words you are too uninformed about the issues to name your preferred prospective Supreme Court nominees. This all starts to make more sense, now. You won't address any of these issues directly because you actually have no idea what's going on. See? Asked to name even one prospective jurist, you have to resort to more childish deflection in an attempt to avoid confirming your ignorance. So, now you've had a while to at least look up some names. Let's try again: who do you think should sit on the Supreme Court? How about just one name.

Comment Re:Accenture (Score 1) 72

After they mismanaged the company for a few years, trashing our corporate culture and making all the employees miserable I found another job and resigned.

If you were an ethical person, you would have bailed as soon as the acquisition was announced.

miserable, judgemental jerk

Why would I be miserable? I don't have the taint of working for a criminal organization on my conscience.


Comment Re:Already compensated (Score 1) 172

I remember the antitrust trial of the 90s well. Yes, the judge said they should be broken up. The Bush took office and the whole matter was dropped. Nothing happened to them. Nothing's ever happened to them in the US.

The only place they've had any trouble is over in Europe. That means they can do whatever they want to American customers, they just have to watch themselves in the EU market. It's not at all unusual for companies to have different products for different markets and treat customers in different markets differently.

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 83

Not sure what you actually mean when you say that SQL NULL means unknown but not absent? Is there a meaningful distinction you are making here?

It makes a difference when you start applying operations.

For example, if you compare a NULL to any value (even another NULL), the result is also NULL, rather than TRUE or FALSE. This doesn't make sense for absent values - two absent values should compare equal (and, indeed, two nulls in JS do). On the other hand, it makes perfect sense if NULL means unknown - if my last name is unknown, and your lastname is unknown, comparing them for equality can only produce "unknown" as a result, since it's not known whether they're the same or different.

Same thing with arithmetic operations. 1 + NULL equals NULL in SQL, again, because NULL is really "unknown", and so when you add an unknown value to 1, the result is also unknown. If NULL were an absent value, the expression should either produce an error, or give 1.

The most telling part, though, is the SQL truth table for Boolean operators that includes NULLs. Specifically:


Again, this makes perfect sense if and only if NULL means unknown. AND is always false if one of the operands is guaranteed to be false, so FALSE AND NULL is always false, regardless of what the actual unknown value is. On the other hand, FALSE AND NULL is NULL, because the result could be either false or true depending on the unknown value. With OR, it's the reverse - TRUE OR NULL is TRUE, because OR is always true if one of the operands is definitely true, regardless of what the other operand is. FALSE OR NULL is NULL because the result depends on the unknown value.

Philosophically, the difference also exists. Absent value means "I know what the value is, and there isn't one". For example, for a guy from Iceland, you know his last name - he doesn't have one. Unknown value means "I don't know what the value is, and there could be one". For example, you don't know if I'm from Iceland or not, so I may or may not have a last name, and you don't know which one if I do. These are two distinct states, and ought to be reflected as such in the database.

Comment Re: Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 822

You really should inform yourself before writing bullshit.
Before and during the WW2 Crimea had nothing to do with the Ukraine since it was a part of the RSFSR. Crimea has been transferred to the Ukraine only in 1954 and FYI the second world war ended in 1945.
There were about as many collaborators in the Ukraine as in Poland. Most didn't, because we Germans behaved like barbarians there.
And your last sentence is the most stupid one. Ukrainians and Russians were same people speaking the same language and being basically the same kingdom before Poland annexed the ukrainian parts and forcefully polonised its population and the mongols conquered the russian parts at the same time.

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