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Comment Re:Browser apps (Score 1) 161

Probably includes almost nothing but those type of apps, with maybe a few 'plugins' (read, pluggable functions that are narrowly defined and compiled-in w/ no 'developer' intervention) tossed-in for good measure.

What I'm curious about is how much bloat a typical app generated this way carries, versus a decent/competently-coded bespoke application on the same platform.

Comment Re:Wake up a smell the coffee (Score 2) 367

Well, not really...

The typical urban hipster will certainly see and enjoy the benefits of renting/leasing rides full-time (here in Portland, that's where Zipcar and Car2Go come in, and a huge number of folks downtown don't even bother with owning or even leasing a car, what with parking the thing being hella expensive).

The typical suburbanite *might* see use cases (commuting) where such a thing comes in real handy, but others (hauling kids/crap/groceries, dragging the boat or RV trailer out on vacation, etc) where it makes no sense to lease a ride in some cheap tiny hybrid.

The typical ruralite will just laugh at the idea - and here, I have personal experience. We beat up our vehicles pretty damned hard between carrying heavy loads (and occasional livestock), occasionally moving crap from Acre A to Acre F (e.g. dragging a chicken coop on sleds), driving on poorly-maintained and hellishly narrow twisted (often gravel-paved) roads, driving in all kinds of crazy weather, punishing the odometer with dozens of thousands of miles per year, etc.

Now professional truckers on the other hand should be nervous as hell if self-driving pans out and becomes economic...

Comment Re:If You're not rich (Score 1) 367

Maybe, maybe not.

Depends on the costs... it these self-driving cars get in enough wrecks, the lawsuits may make it too pricey to continue. If the cars constantly get vandalized, hacked, stolen, whatever, it may end up costing too much to continue.

As someone who automates processes and gets paid well for it, I can say right now that some things do not lend themselves to automation at all, and maybe should wait until there is a more cost-effective and/or reliable means to do it.

Comment Re:More like 11 reasons to be depressed about tech (Score 1) 282

The came up with the figure by adding up the accumulated water estimated to raise assumed grains fed to the typical cow (ref here), which is a slightly dishonest metric since grass/pasture-fed cows use far less grain (and some none at all), thus far less water. It also assumes that all the water going into the feed (grass/grain/whatever) comes from irrigation, which is itself also a bad assumption - especially outside of the First World.

TL;DR - there's very likely a bit of scare tactic included in coming up with that figure, and the truth is most likely somewhere a lot lower than the estimate.

Comment Re:Ease of assembly (Score 1) 160

Well, there are other factors to take into account...

* zoning laws
* HOA covenants/rules (if they exist for the given house)
* local infrastructure capacity (in the case of rural coops or PUDs, shingling every roof in the county with panels may well overload the local grid)
* engineering of the roofing itself (can it withstand annual/frequent hailstorms, etc?)
* to some extent any laws governing homes on runway approaches (if the roof produces glare that bugs pilots, etc)

I'm sure there's a lot more to take into account as well...

Comment Re:Dont use a Verizon phone (Score 1) 198

Easier yet - buy an unlocked phone of whatever, then tie it to Net10, Tracfone, or whatever... using Verizon's network anyway.

My LG G3 cost me $200 off of Amazon, and does everything I want it to. It took all of an hour to plug it in, set up a $35/mo semi-unlimited plan, and it happily does tx/rx over Verizon's network. I save enough money on average to buy two unlocked slightly-behind-the-times phones a year if I so desired, and if I did that I would still be ahead of the typical Subsidy Schmuck paying Verizon for his new-shiny.

Comment Re:If I can delete them. I don't care (Score 2) 198

One small problem I can see (well, three...)

First, most folks can't even spell "Cyanogen", let alone root/mod their phones.

Second, of those that can, most will not think it worth the effort, for fear of bricking their pricey subsidized phones. Easier/faster to disable the app in question and remove all references/shortcuts to it outside of the App Manager.

Third, telcos can retaliate. A more extreme example would be adding language to their little contracts that say something like "For security purposes, if the user installs or modified the operating system without consent or permission from EvilTelco Inc: all warranties will be null and void, and the phone will be forcibly disconnected from the network until such time as the user replaces the phone with an approved one from EvilTelco, or brings/sends it to EvilTelco for repairs at the user's full cost. Note that all unpaid balances accrued towards the purchase/subsidy of that phone will remain in force."

Comment Re:I really do think (Score 2) 198

Well, if they were truly talking about Android phones... I'll explain:

First, see, the first image shown in the article itself. Then note that it has the following caption: "Verizon has offered to install marketers' brands directly on new Android subscribers' phones, according to agency executives. Credit: Courtesy Verizon"

Don't you just love advertising execs?

Comment Re:Too slow (Score 1) 67

Hmm, I'm still only on 2.6. I need to get a wiggle on too!

I know, right?

[root@oneOfMyProdServers ~]# uname -a
Linux oneOfMyProdServers 2.6.32-504.12.2.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Mar 11 22:03:14 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

*sigh*... guess it's time to tell my $2bn/yr-revenue employer to get off their asses and get everyone onto systemd while I'm at it (*shudder*).

All joking aside, though... I know of corps still using really ancient RHEL 2.x stuff, mostly because they cannot justify migrating off it, but at the same time the thing still has enough justification to stay plugged-in (albeit on its own isolated network...)

Pretty sure not everyone is going to heed TFA's call, eh?

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