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Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 5, Insightful) 443

It won't matter, if the sheer number of "Bernie" bumper stickers replaced by "Clinton" bumper stickers here in Portland is any indication (most within the same effing week).

The dubious beauty of partisan politics is that for partisans, the people are almost interchangeable, and they'll hold their nose and vote for anyone - as long as the candidate they've been told to fear doesn't win.

I do wonder though if my father-in-law got intellectual whiplash when he went from Facebook postings of "Hillary is a corrupt wall street hack - vote Bernie!" to "But Hillary is honest and has integrity!" within less than a week.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 443

Small point of order: Slavery requires no consent from the slave. Having a job means there's a *voluntary* consent between you and the employer.

You also failed to mention the act of self-employment (contracting, consulting, proprietorship, etc).

That said, there is still the small semi-slavery that is excess taxation, excess regulation, etc., although people tend to disagree on what constitutes 'excess' in these cases.

Comment Re:Should be worried about gunfire (Score 4, Insightful) 96

Or is it different when Cliven Bundy types point their rifles at federal agents or illegally occupy federal buildings?

...small difference: Bundy didn;t ambush or snipe at the aforementioned agents. Dallas? Not so much.


Or in the case of the Timothy McVeigh types...

McVeigh was executed to the relief and morbid delight of both sides of the aisle, if memory serves.

Comment Re:Is this democracy in progress? (Score 1) 96

You do realize that fear of The Other, induced by drama- (and eyeball-) seeking media, amped further by both sides to near-historic levels, is going to produce at least one whack-job on the scene with full homicidal intent, right?

Ditto for the DNC convention, come to think of it.

Kind of amazing how many people can be so easily manipulated by a mass media that largely doesn't even realize what kind of power they have. I find it interesting that they waste it on getting ratings (and thus advertiser dollars), truth be told...

Comment Re:Think you misspelled Cheaper Gigabit Networks (Score 1) 86

Mine is actually $150US, 12mb/s and a 30GB cap... but I don't rely on much infrastructure to get it - just electricity and a satellite dish.

But then, my nearest neighbor is 1/2 kilometer away, and the nearest town of any size is 32 kilometers off. Call it a balance between quiet nature and connectivity.

I may not be able to simultaneously download 36 blu-ray pr0n torrents within a reasonable amount of time, but as compensation I don't have to deal with the noise from another family living on the other side of a thin (and overpriced) apartment wall, either. ;)

Comment Re:An article in search of a problem (Score 2) 726

Wait, wait...

Dude, even in the bad old days when I was a broke-assed student, I was able to carve together a working PC by visiting the local geek shops and buying their used-but-still-working parts, then cobbling them together (I think the only above-average-skillset exception requried was my very first VGA monitor, which needed --and got-- a new flyback transformer and 15-pin connector.)

Seriously - back in the early 1990s, I could whip together a working 486 for roughly $300... back when the new ones would set you back $1500-$2500.

Nowadays, you can build a usable gaming rig out of new parts for $500-ish, and from used parts for what, $250, tops?

Comment Re:C'mon, one google search to solve all your prob (Score 3, Insightful) 726

I find it kinda funny when they talk about price, actually.

A decent/usable gaming box, monitor, and mouse can be had for less than $500-$750. Buy the bits, plug them in, load the OS, and you're off to the races.

Meanwhile, that $200 console is going to need a $500-$1000(or more) big-screen TV (which will sit in your man-cave or mommy's basement, whichever), and if you want some l33t controllers that give you an edge in the game, that's gonna set you back at least $100 more - per controller. Of course, bad-assed headphone/mic set is de rigueûr, and that's gonna set you back from $35 to $100 extra or more... (Oh, and if you want a pretty cover for that controller to make you look bad-assed? that's an extra $150.)

Yeah... whatevs.

(also funny... my 2013-purchased MacBook Pro CPU/GPU is still more than capable of taking a CG render pounding that would turn most 2016-era laptop chips into a curl of smoke, so no worries on the 'OMG-you're-so-obsolete front.)

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