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Comment Re:My iPod Touch 6 Has This Flaw (Score 1) 204

The early LG G-series phones (G1, G2) had this problem as well... after about a year or two of use, it would start becoming unresponsive on one side of the screen, and eventually the whole thing soon became unusable.

Of course, the LG phones are far less expensive (especially when you buy them a generation or two back from bleeding-edge), so it was no big deal to toss the thing and get a new one.

Comment Re:constantly broken updates (Score -1, Flamebait) 88

I can care even less. For approximately the past two years, I've been using OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc. almost exclusively. At home, I haven't had to even look at a Windows UI in about a year now (I keep an old Windows 7 VM hanging around with no network access), and I have never seen a Windows 10 install - either at work or at home.

Feels pretty nice that I can say that, really.

Comment Re: Haha (Score 2) 196

The funny thing is that the "bloodbath" that was expected after the fall of Saigon never happened. .

...revisionist history much?

Seriously - ~2 million people fled the country by any means possible (a staggering percentage of whom died in the effort, and the majority of the survivors telling tales of being shot at and losing family to the NVA on their way out).

Pretty sure they weren't leaving a peaceful utopia, sport.

So, do you have better documentation for your assertions than 'my math prof told me'?

Comment Re:Summary missing important piece... (Score 5, Insightful) 333

If you start asking people, "which businessperson do you think would make a good president?" they will start listing celebrity CEOs (woohoo! Steve Jobs for president! Nevermind that his temperment is totally unsuited for it).

Pretty sure he's calmed down a little since he died... and maybe a corpse would be an improvement over the current top two candidates?

Comment Re:Slashdot censoring anti-Trump news (Score 2, Insightful) 333

Surprise! I've submitted this news and slashdot refuses to run it. Just one more example of blatant pro-Trump bias on slashdot.

Because your submission didn't involve, you know, hackers... because this happens to be a, you know, tech site.

Dunno who modded your post up, but they're apparently just as unable to grasp that concept as you are.

Comment Re:Possible solution... (Score 1) 299

I already mentioned the remote location as a primary reason (though it doesn't seem to slow down the tourist traffic much...) But then, it works both ways - that remote location also means you (As a criminal) have *more time* to take what you want, and you can be sloppy about it, because really - who is gonna hear you do it - the guy living 1/2 mile away?

So no, your argument falls flat... there is obviously something else keeping the criminals from being stupid.

It's all about risk and reward, and even the most common criminal is usually smart enough to make that calculation. The motivation and higher firearm possession/skill count out in the sticks will almost always push the calculus in favor of staying in town.

Comment Re:Possible solution... (Score 1) 299

GP is actually correct... Police are reactive, and unless you live next door to a busy police station, you can count on the lag time being greater than the time spent committing (individually) vast majority of crimes. In the vast majority of cases, it's about retribution (albeit justified retribution). At most, the protection is abstract (as in protection of society as a whole).

The one and only person you can count on to protect you is... you.

Now if you're a child or an invalid, your parents/family are supposed to fulfill that role as needed, but that's the only real exception.

As for your challenge? I live in the middle of nowhere. We only have the county sheriff, and they cover a *lot* of ground given their small manpower complement. Therefore, we take it on ourselves to protect ourselves. The reason we're not inundated with criminals is because a) we live remotely, but most importantly b) all of us out here are armed, and have no compunction against bearing deadly force on anyone dumb enough to commit a crime against persons or property.

Is it a perfect system? Of course not... but it's all we have, and IMHO, is still much preferable to living in a near- police/big-brother state that most densely-populated cities endure. In exchange for the freedom, we bear our own risks to an extent. *shrug*

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