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Comment Re:Doesn't make sense (Score 1) 410

While you can dismiss the dialogue urging you to update, you will continue to be prompted with every incremental release thereafter. Furthermore, the iDevice will continue to attempt to download the installation package when the phone is connected to WiFi. The settings app will be continuously ballooned with a notification until you comply. Finally, iTunes will display the same nag for each available update. AFAICT there is no way to permanently disable updating, entirely.

And that's all assuming you don't take it into Apple and they update it without asking.

Comment Re:Good idea (Score 5, Informative) 418

Thunderbird is a separate binary package from Firefox. It's not an Add-On. Sure, it uses XUL and the same underlying code. But, it's not like the old days with the whole Mozilla Communicator suite which included Browser, E-mail, Instant Messaging, etc. etc. etc... which was something akin to what their parent company (at the time) AOL was doing with their all-in-one client.

Comment Open-side design (Score 1) 412

It's possible to just leave a side of the headphone jack "open" so that the socket plugs in and is caught in a C shape plug that can be thinner than the round connection of the headphones. That would let you continue to make the jack thinner by some margin, but is not a long-term solution. If they get rid of the lightning port and use inductive charging they could waterproof the entire case.

Comment Re:Short version (Score 1) 151

Sony is notorious for over-promising and under-delivering on Playstation hardware and software capabilities. This would fly in the face of much of their history. I suspect it was simply cheaper to pull off an attempt at emulation to try and make this bundle of Star Wars games work, vs trying to build it again, as a quick cash grab.

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