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Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 316

Nobody is forcing anyone to drive for Uber. Quit if you don't like it. Holy crap there's someone willing to pay you to drive your own car. If that's not your bag, fine. But go somewhere else to complain about it.

It seems you're just as gullible as the rest of the population. Uber doesn't pay the drivers.

The way it works is the rider pays the fee, Uber takes a (significant) percentage, and the driver gets the rest. There is no paycheck. There is no W-2. There are no payroll taxes or anything else. Uber's model is matching drivers and people, and for that service they collect a percentage of the fee. But they do not pay the drivers.

Of course, for people who don't know any better they think all that money is free and clear. They learn the hard way at tax time that it isn't.

But wait! It gets worse!

Uber takes advantage of the naive and ignorant by promoting how much money you can make, but then hides the tremendous amount of depreciation that happens on your vehicle. Unless you own your car outright, what you're really doing is cashing in the equity of your car. Now that may not sound so bad, until you actually do the math and find out your car is depreciating faster than the amount you make in fares. Then there's the insurance, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

It's your standard churn and burn. It usually takes people a year to figure out they've be screwed, though some figure it out sooner. In some markets you might be able to pull in a profit if you're lucky, or if you do the dangerous and costly areas/times. But you actually make more and with much better benefits working at wal-mart.

Comment I guess if your definition of success (Score 1) 156

is screwing your customers, then ok. Personally I prefer companies that make lots of great products and sell them for barely any profit so I get to have great stuff for less. A company with huge profit margins is a company that is charging more than they have to.

If you are an investor, liking a company to make a high profit margin makes sense, though I still have to question it in the case of Apple since they hoard the cash rather than pay it out as a dividend. However if as a consumer you applaud high profit margin you are silly.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 1) 367

I cant imagine 2 million people speaking at a conference.

Dude, some people have family, some companies have long term futures, where it is secure.

Some companies hire contractors to do the shity boring work, while the best do the design/inventing in house. Why would you give your secrets away to bloody contractors.

Oh and btw, yes contractors are a rip off, 20-30% fees to hire firms. Fuck that.

But some people are rich, and only want to work 2 days a week, or 3 months a year, then contracting is fine.

Never ever think its one way for all people, thats communism. Variety is important.

Comment Either that or (Score 1) 10

It pulls the chumps off of Wall Street to work in relatively economically harmless cabinet positions, thus allowing a new generation to take over on Wall Street producing a boom.

The Peter Principle- it still could work.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 461

It's sure to drop further once he repeals health care.

It's amazing how someone's already dragged Trump into this. Basically, with the crappy Obama economy depressing people plus Obamacare destroying health insurance for a vast swath of self-employed America we've seen death rates go up. So the reaction from the left is to try to change the topic to Donald Trump. Pathetic, really.

He can't repeal health care. He can repeal Obamacare. Rates went up 125% in Arizona for next year - do you really think this is sustainable long term?

Comment "Sources?" (Score 1) 75

Did this sentence..

Eighty-four percent of Americans with online access through three sources -- home broadband, smartphone and tablet computer -- say they like having so much information available.

..strike anyone else as a weirdly alien concept of what the word "source" means? It's so incomprehensible, that I can't even say for sure that it's wrong!

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