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Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 352

it will effect people in vulnerable areas or in poorer countries bad

I don't think it will be as mild as you put it to be. I think it'll mean basically the end of society as we know it and we will most likely have the biggest wars we've ever had. A simple - but rather harsh - drought in Syria brought us ISIS and arguably brexit and Trump all in one swipe.

12k years ago, England was under 3 to 6 meters of solid ice. The temperature was just 5 degrees C below the average temp in the 80s. That's not a mild change that will affect people in vulnerable areas. That's fucking apocalypse. And that's a 5 degrees change in temp.

We're pretty much "en route" for a +2 degree change if we divide by three all of our emissions by 2100. Which will not happen, let's be realistic. We're not talking 20% reduction here, but 70%. So we're most likely en route for a much bigger change. This will disrupt all life as we know it on earth.

Comment Re:The first to quit are the good ones (Score 1) 296

Every reorganization, every revamp, every change means that some people will not like it. And those that don't like it have two options: Grin and bear it, or hand in a resignation note.

Question for 100 points: Will good people, who are sought and have zero problem finding a new job, be in the first or in the latter group?

They'll be in both. And will your other group ("people who know that they have no chance of ever being hired again because they're lazy, dumb or both").

Comment Re:Con or Confirm (Score 0) 244

Goodenough & Helena Braga surely know they were going to be painted bright orange as frauds without additional proof.

They surely know they had to follow up with a public display of a cell under charge, then discharge cycles with component weights and measurements to confirm the claims.

Anything else would be a lifelong purgatory in an engineering gulag of con artists.

When you're in your mid-90s a "lifelong purgatory" probably isn't that big a deal.

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