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Comment Re:One very quick thought ... (Score 1) 236

"...the distorted *tails* of the few storm-tossed fishermen..." --this is what happens when you're too long out with the mermaids!

I've started to think we've underestimated when civilization started... earlier today I was looking at pics of GÃbekli Tepe, and I'm thinkin' ... this is no hunter-gatherer tribe; this is the work of settled people who are not beginners at it and don't have to follow migratory herds, either.

Comment Re:Fuck California. (Score 1, Insightful) 228

Ask any landlord who has significant experience
and you will see they will agree with this position.

I have been a landlord - and I applaud California's decision. Because it won't make it more difficult to rent to people who cause problems. It will make it more difficult for racist assholes, but I view that as good thing myself.

Why Californians tolerate their government escapes me.

Seriously? You can't grasp why people would tolerate a government that makes life difficult for narrow minded intolerant racist assholes like yourself? You can't grasp why people would tolerate a government who upholds the rights of all citizens, regardless of color?

Comment Re:The problem is? (Score 2) 126

It's harder to enter the country illegally, so it's harder to hire people illegally, so you buy robots cuz people on welfare won't do the job. I fail to see the problem, outside of the "people on welfare" part.

You fail to see it because your buried in your own bullshit. Companies don't want to pay minimum wage for someone to pick fruits and vegetables. Why the hell do you think these companies employ illegal immigrants in the first place?

And even if they did, only a small segment of the population can even do it. You have to be young, strong, and healthy to carry 100 pounds sacks of apples up and down a ladder 10 hours a day. And to even make minimum wage, you're talking about moving literally tons of produce (you're paid by the pound/bushel/etc. not by the hour). Of course, you don't get benefits or insurance either. You fall off a ladder and now you're under a pile of medical debt as well as losing your job.

It's a transient shit job that pays less than a wal-mart greeter with even less benefits. THAT'S why people don't want to do it.

Comment Re:People really need to educate themselves... (Score 1) 271

I had a similar experience recently, but with diabetes: three months ago blood glucose was 310-450, A1C 10.5. I've yet to do my second fasting test (playing phone tag with doctor's office) but according to my Accu-Chek Connect cloud service, I've been under 160 for two weeks and my A1C should be in the 5.5 range now.

Metformin and a paleo diet is what did it.

What a shock it will be next week when I finally get that 2nd blood test and go to see my insurance company's required diabetic support group for the first time.

Comment Re:But but, it'sâ a Republican idea! (Score 0) 296

Republicans are conservatives so they only care for big established business, never for small business and startups unless they can show a huge profit or impact the trade balance.

Small businesses are the core Republican constituency. This silly lie never seems to go away. Big business contributes to Democrats almost exclusively because they offer more bang for the buck for rich folks.

Did you miss out on Obama getting paid $400K for a speech to Goldman Sachs?

Comment Re:This can't be true (Score 1) 304

What kind of pot are you smoking and why aren't you sharing with everyone? There have been senators and house reps that spoke up against large corporations off-shoring. For example Bernie sanders has been railing against it for over a decade. The majority of of both parties have supported off-shoring, since they are paying for their campaigns and "other" stuff. Go look at the voting record before you take a hit from the bong. You've been screwed by both parties. As an independent, I wish both parties would just die and go away already.

I get it, I'm an independent, also. But Republicans are the ones who have been talking properly about this on (with Trump actually doing something about it, by the way) while Democrats are assuring us that there is no problem. Hillary even wanted to expand the H-1B program.

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