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Comment Re:Land Mine ... Attack? (Score 1) 170

That whole landmine story still doesn't sit well with me. It's not very good border security if a couple guys with a backpack full of mines can just wander around un-noticed.

Yeah, I get that they're set up against a large full scale invasion, but you'd think with all the fancy technology they have on display, and especially with previous small-team infiltrations, they would be on top of things. (I know, I know, armchair quarterbacking.)

I'll armchair quarterback with you... It seems insane that anything like that could happen along a DMZ.

Submission + - Microsoft Update Breaks Outlook 2010 - Does Exact Opposite Of What Is Expected (microsoft.com)

KatchooNJ writes: A recent update for MS Office 2010 (KB3114409) designed to add support for administrators to prevent Outlook 2010 from starting in Safe Mode is doing the exact opposite. Many users are discovering that their Outlook now ONLY opens in Safe Mode. Microsoft has already pulled the update, but a lot of people already have the broken update installed and are scratching their heads as to why Outlook is acting up on them.

Comment Re:Why is it ill-timed? (Score 1) 633

There have been 355 mass-shootings so far this year.

This statistic has been widely quoted, but it is a bit misleading. If you count every guy who shot at more than one person while robbing a liquor store a "mass-shooting", then yes, you will have stats like that. The truth is that we have had something like 74 true spree-shooting in the past 21 years. I might be mildly off, but I know I am correct or fairly close. Don't mix up all of the dopes robbing a convenience store with the loons who go into a movie theater and shoot people with the pure intent to kill.

Also, gun ownership has gone up more than 50% in the past 20 years and gun violence has actually dropped by about the same amount. It is just the big, flashy, spree-killings that are happening more often in recent years/month that make people nervous.

Comment Re:At the Pinnacle of the GOP (Score 1) 735

Many people make fun of Donald Trump or don't take him seriously. What most don't realize is that he is represents the pinnacle of what the Republican Party has become. All that he says is little more than populist slurs and factually incorrect statements, barring any context. He is extremely anti social, anti socialist and very pro industry and military. He resents using government money for social programs but has no problems spending the same taxpayer money for military projects. His world view is an immature outlook where the US is at the center and the rest is a nuisance or a playground for the military. He willingly and knowingly misleads the public using fear, uncertainty and doubt tactics. When he's on television he revels in the attention and uses it to entertain people with outlandish rants and to polish his public image as an anti-establishment rebel, while saying absolutely nothing of consequence. He is the kind of person that can only appeal to, for lack of a better word: white trash and its scary that it has come so far that he reaches mass appeal in the US. Abraham Lincoln must be turning in his grave from what his party has become.

This hits it out of the park. Perfect explanation. I'd give you mod points if I had any today.

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