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Submission + - Microsoft Update Breaks Outlook 2010 - Does Exact Opposite Of What Is Expected (microsoft.com)

KatchooNJ writes: A recent update for MS Office 2010 (KB3114409) designed to add support for administrators to prevent Outlook 2010 from starting in Safe Mode is doing the exact opposite. Many users are discovering that their Outlook now ONLY opens in Safe Mode. Microsoft has already pulled the update, but a lot of people already have the broken update installed and are scratching their heads as to why Outlook is acting up on them.

Submission + - Lockscreen Bypass Bug On Android Lollipop By Using Long Extremely Password (theguardian.com)

KatchooNJ writes: From the article:

A bug has ben found which allows anyone in possession of an Android smartphone running Lollipop to unlock the device by bypassing the lockscreen with a very long password.

The vulnerability, discovered by researchers at Texas University in Austin, potentially affects 21% of Android devices in use and requires the attacker to simply overload the lockscreen with text.

The bug affects only those users with smartphones running Google’s Android Lollipop using a password to protect their devices – Pin or pattern unlock are not affected.

The attacker need only enter enough text into the password field to overwhelm the lockscreen and cause it to crash, revealing the homescreen and giving full access to the device, whether encrypted or not.

Submission + - National Geographic Gives Control Of Media Assets To Fox

KatchooNJ writes: In a $725 million deal, Fox (Rupert Murdoch) now owns a majority share of National Geographic. As many of you likely know, Rupert Murdoch has famously not been quiet about his denial of climate change. National Geographic gives grants to scientists... so, is anything going to now change with the focus of National Geographic's organization?

Submission + - Apple Deleted Users' Non-iTunes Music (engadget.com)

KatchooNJ writes: Engadget is reporting that Apple deleted users' non-iTunes music and didn't tell them about it. From the article:

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You grabbed Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster from Amazon MP3 in 2009, threw it in your iTunes library, went to sync your 160GB iPod classic and got an error message saying you needed to restore the device's factory settings. According to The Wall Street Journal, upon restoring, non-iTunes music would disappear. In the courtroom for the anti-trust case, prosecuting attorney Patrick Coughlin said that Apple directed the software to not tell users about their now-missing songs, too. Cupertino countered by saying that its actions were to thwart any attempts at hacking into iTunes and that users were kept in the dark for a reason. As security director Augustin Farrugia testified:

"We don't need to give users too much information... We don't want to confuse users."


Submission + - Sony PlayStation Orbis Not Going To Allow Legacy Games (slashgear.com) 1

KatchooNJ writes: "It appears that the Sony PlayStation Orbis is not going to be fitted to allow for legacy gaming. It seems that Sony has been slowly moving away from this for cost reasons, even with the PS3's ability to play PS1 and PS2 games. Is this the biggest news or is it that there is more talk about trying to elbow out the used game market? Will gamers revolt and boycott?"

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