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Comment All the time (Score 1) 385

Maybe not for work, but I buy and listen to CDs, I burn CDs/DVDs for myself and others, pull information off of archival CDs and DVDs, pick up Blurays of movies I really like.

You name it, pretty much.

I understand that optical media's use is declining, and that makes sense for a lot of reasons, but there are still uses for it today. It seems that some folks are eager for it to die, for some reason.

Comment I disagree, I think building pcs is fun (Score 2) 729

I've built several dozen pcs over the last 16-17 years and I enjoy it, especially gaming pcs. It's like building a hot rod, and every time I just have to see how fast it goes, because it automatically becomes the new fastest pc I have ever built.

I can understand the author's point of view, but don't relate to it at all. Having built my own pcs for several years now is a point of personal pride, because I've learned enough to do it well, and I don't mind keeping up with the latest tech news about the latest innovations.

I'm the opposite of an Apple user, let me pick and choose exactly what I want for my hardware and software, it's more cost-effective and more gratifying in the long run.

Submission + - Life Expectancy Study: It's Not Just What You Make, It's Where You Live (

An anonymous reader writes: oor people who reside in expensive, well-educated cities such as San Francisco tend to live longer than low-income people in less affluent places, according to a study of more than a billion Social Security and tax records. The study, published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, bolsters what was already well known — the poor tend to have shorter lifespans than those with more money. But it also says that among low-income people, big disparities exist in life expectancy from place to place, said Raj Chetty, professor of economics at Stanford University. "There are some places where the poor are doing quite well, gaining just as much in terms of life span as the rich, but there are other places where they're actually going in the other direction, where the poor are living shorter lives today than they did in the past," Chetty said, in an interview with NPR.

Submission + - An Inch of Metal Foam Disintegrates Bullets (

TechnoidNash writes: Last week, North Carolina State University uploaded a video of a bullet being fired at a sheet of composite metal foam. Afsaneh Rabiei, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at NC State, has spent years developing composite metal foams, and the fruits of her labors are clear to see as the armor piercing round completely shatters after impacting the metal foam. Read more:

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