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Comment Re:Not this again (Score 1) 370

Well, okay, it's kind of the same thing. If there is a slump* and you have to beg for a job or gig, then you cannot realistically ask for "flexible hours": the employer is in the driver seat because they can choose full-timers if they want over you.

During the slump I mentioned, I had to work away from home and lived in "long stay" motels.

* Field-wide or your specialty

Comment Re:Style sheet override, CTRL+MouseWheelUp (Score 1) 167

You can enforce your own style sheet and scale the website up if you need to. What's the problem?

Often it breaks stuff. Ad panels overlap and cover things up, text doesn't wrap properly or at all, etc.

Sites don't want to make it easy to extract just the text, because that makes ad-blocking easier. They thus force you to read it their way under their conditions.

Comment Re:Politics make strange bedfellows (Score 2) 79

You are contradicting yourself. You claim she supports it, yet claim she has a "study the impact first" stance (paraphrased).

Can't be both.

Studying the impact first is a fair and even-handed way to approach it. I agree telecom needs more competition, not less; but it's reasonable to give the co's involved a chance to make their case.

There are rumors that...

There's no shortage of political rumors on the "WebTubes". The problem is that roughly 95% of them turn out to be bunk or spin.

Comment I'd love for my daughters to go into IT... (Score 1) 370

...but it's difficult when the rest of the world (including the people who are ostensibly trying to solve the problem) is busy conspiring to convince them that IT isn't for them.

Girls tend to as much of an interest in math and science as boys until fairly early on in grade school (I feel like it was 3rd grade or so). It seems to me that there's a lot of cultural pressure -- much of it from women -- pushing young girls away from STEM fields and into other areas of study. The aforementioned people who are ostensibly trying to solve the problem are blaming the IT industry, when in fact this happens much too early for the supposed culture of IT to have much of anything to do with it. Get girls and young women interested in IT and get people used to seeing them interested in IT, and the cultural issues will age out of the population as young IT professionals grow up used to being surrounded by both men and women.

The trouble is that the primary group of people looking into this issue is that they start out with the conclusion that men are uniquely at fault for the gender gap in IT and then go looking for evidence to support that,

Comment Not this again (Score 4, Insightful) 370

Women value stability in careers often because they are the ones left holding the domestic bag when the dude flakes on the family.

IT and stability are often at odds. I happened to be in California during the dot-com bust, and had to take scrappy contracts, some out-of-state, to survive.

One's skills are always growing outdated and you have to guess the correct "new thing" to get documented experience in or get left behind again. It's like being the news weather person before satellites: guess right often enough or get booted.

Submission + - "Splat" of Schiaparelli Mars lander likely found (

Tablizer writes: "Views from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter released Friday show the crash site where Europe’s experimental Schiaparelli lander fell to the red planet’s surface from a height of several miles, leaving a distinct dark patch on the Martian landscape...

The image from MRO’s context camera shows two new features attributed to the Schiaparelli spacecraft, including a large dark scar spanning an estimated 50 feet (15 meters) by 130 feet (40 meters). Schiaparelli’s ground team believes it is from the high-speed impact of the lander’s main body...

A little more than a half-mile (1 kilometer) to the south, a bright spot appears in the image, likely the 39-foot-diameter (12-meter) supersonic parachute and part of Schiaparelli’s heat shield, which released from the lander just before ESA lost contact."

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