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Comment Re:Because people can travel? (Score 1) 89

This would require massive amounts of additional DRM to insure the software was running in the correct region. Think of DVD players, and the reason I stopped buying DVDs.

For software this would be catastrophic. For anyone who travels software that works on one country and not another will be useless.

Comment Re:Best Asteroid (Score 1) 89

"I know asteroids, I name asteroids the best, only the best. Everyone agrees with me. Wheaton is a loooser and therefore got a loser 'roid. I know smart people who tell me it doesn't even have silver in it. What kind of rock-head would get a roid without silver!? Terrible idea. They should name it 'Wil the Loser' or 'Will the Rock Head'. I like people who don't pick duds."

Comment Re:Merit over Intersectionalist Bingo Quotas (Score 1) 310

implement fascism

I suspect we have different definitions of "fascism", which I don't want to delve into here.

Good luck firing Jews that exceed their quota

What specifically is this in reference to? I would note that quotas should be based on what's available in the workforce. For example, if group X gets 20% more college degrees in finance, then we should realistically expect 20% more of group X in finance careers.

good luck firing 87% of the Blacks (13% in the US) employees at the all Black Entertainment Television.

I'm sure the laws can work out some exceptions, such as entertainment or political shows catering to specific ethnic groups, at least for the parts of the business that relate to cultural issues.

Drawing perfect lines in the sand may be unrealistic, but that's civilization: compromising and cutting deals to keep the peace.

Comment Trade Wars [Re:Now lets see.] (Score 1) 1477

If a trade war starts, we've already lost.

In the short term, maybe. But I won't rule out that we can get a "better deal" than what we have now when the war finally plays out.

However, I do think it unlikely that we'll get a sufficiently better deal to compensate for what's lost during the battle. It's like winning a physical war only to realize half your population is dead.

If T is such a great negotiator, why are there still about 500 people richER than him, most of whom don't claim they have super-human negotiating skills.

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