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Comment Re:Money stores value (Score 1) 109

The American Revolution is proof that you are wrong, as they won the war using only paper money.

Might want to brush up on your history a bit. They won despite the paper money, which was a major hindrance. Google for the phrase "not worth a continental". When the constitution was written, the memory of America's first hyperinflation was very fresh in their minds, which is why the gold and silver clause in the constitution forbids fiat currency.


Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 301

yes, but their are several issues with 'carbon taxes'.
1) we really need to apply it to GOODS/Service based on where the worst part/service comes from. This way, it involves ALL nations.
2) we need a standard approach to measuring CO2. The ideal way is to use Japan's new CO2 sat, along with OCO-3, that trump just grounded. With these 2, we can get absolute numbers and can see CO2 moving IN and OUT of an area.
3) need a better form of normalization. Considering that ppl in general do NOT make the choies on emissions, then this should be tied to emissions / $GDP. That way, businesses and govs will work together in their local area to drop their emissions. Otherwise, as taxes go up on an area, the businesses will leave.

Comment Re:Im curious (Score 1) 122

Obviously, comprehension is not your strong point.
In a 10 year period of early 80s to the early 90s, we say a 100% rise. The OP mentioned 88% over a 10 year period from 2006-2016. So, how much did it rise in 16 years? well, roughly 100% every 10 years. So, by 2000, the price would be $200, and then 60% or so ON THE $200 for the 6 years would make that around $320. 88% for the last decade would make that around 600 on up.
So, last I check, $600+ falls in between $500-1000, but perhaps you have some new math? Perhaps GOP math?

Comment Im curious (Score 1) 122

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, we typically paid around $10/ gen ed books, except for science/engineering (which were always changing), and IIRC, the most expensive one was $40.
Then in early 90s went back for another degree, and noticed that upper end had moved to around $100/science.

So, what are these now? It almost sounds like these are $500-1000 for a single text book? But that would be insane.

Comment Re:Still the best (Score 2) 1219


I've spotted other movies with the same basic plot element... humans given god-like powers, but the subconscious ruins everything.

Sphere is one I can remember. The others, I've forgotten...
I think watching Legion (TV Series) had me thinking about this again. Everything could be a product of his own mind.

I'd love to have a list of these.

Comment Re:Tesla will flourish if complexity is reduced... (Score 1) 271

The bolt will ONLY accept 40 KWH at a DC fast charger. As such, it will do 90 miles in the first hours, about 120 in the first 90 minutes, but then slows down. In fact, the fastest that I could find anybody had charged a bolt at, was from 20 miles left, it took 2 hours and 35 minutes. Keep in mind that as it fills up, the fill rate will slow way down. That is why they all speak about the first 30 minutes on the bolt, and the first 45 minutes on the tesla.

Secondly, McD will NOT be putting in fast chargers for ANYBODY. However, Places are installing level 2s. Now, Tesla offers their level 2 device for free to any company that pays to install it AND offers up free service (even if limited to their customers).
So how many do they have? As it is, Tesla has over 3000 destination chargers JUST IN THE US along with around 350 SuperChargers. Note that by end of year, Tesla expects to double their super charger count.
Even in Europe, they just started doing destination chargers this last year and they are over 1000 of them.

Now, it is interesting that you mention about the Superchargers being so far from your house. These are NOT meant for daily charging. You are supposed to do your daily charging at your home in the middle of the night. By doing 80% of the charging in the middle of the night, then we do not have an issue with the grid or poer plants. In fact, it will LOWER the costs of electricity. It is hybrids and leaf owners that charge in the daytime on a constant basis that are going to screw all of us.
The superchargers were developed for LONG DISTANCE driving. These were not meant for daily re-fuels the way some of the nutjobs have been doing. In fact, if you look at the price that Tesla now charges the new teslas using the SCs, the price is always MORE than the nighttime prices. Some of that is due to eletric company charging more for daytime, but Tesla designed it this way purposely to discourage daytime charging.
Now, the current Tesla Super Chargers can add 149 KWH to certain tesla's. The older one like we have, only accepts 120, or possibly only 90. BUT, Tesla has a NEW supercharger coming that will do well above 350 KW, and I have heard around 500-600 KW. That means that the average Model 3 with a 50 KWH battery will FULLY charge in less than 10 minutes (slows down towards the end), but can charge to 80% in just 3 minutes. Obviously, Tesla will likely charge a high price for that re-fill. Still, it will be less than $1.00 / gal of gas equivalence.

Comment So fucking what? (Score 5, Insightful) 476

As I said on the previous post about this situation, who cares? His code still works, and there are no allegations that he's trying to fuck the other contributors or for that matter, practicing his kinks with anyone who's not consenting to how he gets his rocks off.

However repugnant "goreanism" might be, I'm rather more repulsed by someone like you demanding that hackers pass some kind of political purity test. Go fuck yourself.


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