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Comment Huh? Not even close (Score 1) 181

Turns out that in Europe, they have emission laws on cars that requires them to be tigher than Americas, BUT, once past testing, they open it wide up and pollute like they are China. That is why when you look at the CO2 maps from OCO-2, you realize that Europe is actually emitting more than America does.
Basically, nations are cheating when they can.

Comment It is done wrong, so no surprise (Score 1) 176

Most Companies pay their CEOs with stock, which the CEO works hard to get its price way up, typically by cheating.
However, if they would pay their CEOs with none publicly traded stock, along with regular salary, then CEOs have a STRONG incentive to get decent dividends rather than focus on the stock price.

Comment Re:Oh :( (Score 1) 5

I've been thinking the same thing. We have the rise of populist demagogues, the resurgence of nationalistic tub thumping, at least two expansionist empire-building nations, one encroaching on a creaky defence pact in Europe...the area of major unrest has gone south (haven't we all?) from the Balkans to the Middle East, but otherwise conditions are very similar to pre-WW1. What concerns me the most is the glorification of dead soldiers without equal condemnation of the world leaders whose failings killed them; perhaps humans as a whole inherently can't see beyond their own experiences, and this lesson needs to be relearned every couple of generations.

And hey, lots of people do little significant things every day, it's just that the world rarely notices unless it's something destructive, or at the very least, crass. Taking care of business isn't news, but it makes the world work.

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