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Comment Words + Attitude = Wins (Score 5, Interesting) 113

It's not just his uncanny command of the dictionary (or dictionaries!) that makes Nigel a champion. He has an incredibly calm demeanor across the board. He is unflappable, regardless of tile draws or opponent's plays. The ability to focus on the next play and the strategic situation, without distraction, is critical to winning in a long tournament.

Comment Coverage must change then (Score 4, Funny) 292

No reliable polling data? The horrors!

Instead of focusing on the horse race (who's ahead? who's falling behind?), do you think the media will discuss what candidates actually say and do, maybe even compare and contrast their stump speeches with their actual record and/or accomplishments?

That would truly be "we inform, you decide."

Submission + - Let The Cars Drive Themselves, We'll Save Money And Lives 1

cartechboy writes: Autonomous cars are coming even if tech companies have to produce them. The biggest hurdles are the technology (very expensive and often still surprisingly rudimentary) and how vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication happens (one car anticipates or sees an accident, it should tell nearby cars). So what are the benefits to self-driving cars? They may save us thousands of lives and not a small amount of cash. A new study from the Eno Center for Transportation (PDF) suggests that if just 10 percent of vehicles on the road were autonomous, the U.S. could see 1,000 fewer highway fatalities annually and save $38 billion in lost productivity (due to congestion and other traffic problems). Right off the bat you can imagine autonomous driving easily topping your average intoxicated drivers' ability behind the wheel. At a 90 percent adoption mark those same numbers in theory would become: 21,700 lives spared, and a whopping $447 billion saved. If that's the case, bring on robot drivers.

Submission + - How I compiled TrueCrypt for Windows and matched the official binaries ( 1

xavier2dc writes: TrueCrypt is a popular software enabling data protection by means of encryption for all categories of users. It is getting even more attention lately following the revelations of the NSA as the authors remain anonymous and no thorough security audit have yet been conducted to prove it is not backdoored in any way. This has led several concerns raised in different places, such as this blog post (, this one (, this security analysis ( also related on that blog post ( from which the IsTrueCryptAuditedYet? ( was born.

One of the recurring questions is: What if the binaries provided on the website were different than the source code and they included hidden features? To address this issue, I built the software from the official sources in a careful way and was able to match the officials binaries. According to my findings, all three recent major versions (v7.1a, v7.0a, v6.3a) exactly match the sources.

Submission + - What If The "Sharing Economy" Organized a Strike, and Nobody Came? (

Nerval's Lobster writes: In Boston, a number of UberX drivers reportedly planned to strike yesterday afternoon in response to a rate cut. (UberX is a low-cost program from Uber, which is attempting to “disrupt” the traditional cab industry via a mobile app that connects ordinary drivers in need of cash with passengers who want to go somewhere.) Uber tried to preempt the strike with a blog posting explaining that the rate cut actually translated into more customers and thus more revenue to drivers, but it needn't have bothered: according to local media (the same media that reported a strike was in the making) a strike failed to materialize. Many of the biggest firms of the so-called "sharing economy," such as Uber and Airbnb, are locked in battle with some combination of deeply entrenched industries and government regulators. But if the “labor” that drives the sharing economy becomes more agitated about its compensation, it could create yet another interesting wrinkle. The Boston strike may have fizzled, but that doesn’t mean another one, in a different city, won’t enjoy more success.

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