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Comment Senator. Singular. (Score 5, Informative) 193

FTFA: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam B. Schiff"

Schiff is in the House, not the Senate. Furthermore, where did they get this rock solid information from?

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., cited a long history of Russian efforts to influence elections abroad, and said that âoeit shouldnâ(TM)t come as a big shock to peopleâ that Moscow might seek to use cyber capabilities for that purpose.

Clapper, the guy that lied to congress about intelligence activities.

I think that says it all.

Comment Re:Not for me anymore.... (Score 1) 240

I support the idea of Tor, but in practice I never understood how anyone would want to run an exit node. I ran a relay node for a year or so, then I started noticing network problems: some websites would just hang. Upon investigation they were hosted on some large cloud provider. Upon further investigation I found my IP on some minor blacklist. Reading about that specific blacklist, I saw that running a Tor exit node or relay could land you on it. I stopped my tor node, used the removal form of that blacklist, and 2 days later everything was working again. So really it's more headaches than it is worth.

Comment It's just ICANN (Score 1) 526

Who cares? It's ICANN. We just build a new domain system that doesn't have a central naming authority based on blockchain or something. Seriously, the internet blows now because all the domains are taken and every time ICANN creates new TLDs, they either ransom them off and/or it's a land grab by squatters. That system is already broken and garbage. I'd much prefer a proof of work system. Want a vanity domain? Go rent yourself an AWS compute farm for a few weeks.

Comment Re:BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! (Score 2, Insightful) 259

Yeah, I read that title first thing in the morning and I very nearly spit orange juice all over the laptop.

Seriously though, cancer is a very ancient disease. It comes from when the very first lonely cells decided to band together to increase survival, over 3 billion years ago. They figured out pretty quickly that group rules were necessary, like some cells go some places, others need to suicide at the right time, etc... And when a cell doesn't obey those ground rules and starts reproducing on its own, there you go: cancer.

So something so grounded in our origins is going to be VERY hard to eradicate. Improve it, yes, we already have. Improve it a lot, probably. But get rid of it I somehow doubt it because any kind of transcription error in a single cell can possibly lead to it.

Comment Well, let's see (Score 3, Insightful) 539

A lot of 'broken window fallacies' in this analysis. It's like calculating the impact of a scam and saying it makes the economy run. And also why do you give 'added' value to the halal and kosher food market ? If there was no religion, they would be normal butcher / supermarkets, with the same value, minus the extra tax taken by the religions, so nothing added here.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 2) 57

Programmers who install telnet servers anywhere should be shot. 15 years ago it was already common knowledge that telnet was completely insecure and only a matter of time before it got owned. So why isn't there a daemon on all linux variants that monitors for the presence of a telnet server and KILLS IT ?!?

Comment How do you generate different keys? (Score 1) 54

I write software for custom embedded systems and I generate the ssh key pairs manually before flashing. It's time consuming but OK when you have just a few devices. But how would a manufacturer of a million device do it ? I understand it's so much easier to generate it once and flash all your devices at once. So what's the solution to do it properly ?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 3, Informative) 76

Yeah, and now they are exporting this shit in other countries. There are now antivaxers with public stands on european markets. Fake schoolbook publishers with anti-evolution agenda who send free books to public schools. Hell, I've a website with plenty of Antarctic pictures and I recently received email from a guy who was trying to get me to admit that at the poles there are hidden proofs that the earth is flat !!!

Stupidity of this magnitude should make you too poor to be able to waste your time on trying to export stupid beliefs like that onto other people.

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