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Journal Journal: Almost done with Database class

Been taking a database design class; looks like I designed the databse for my lawyer referral site ( HTTP:// ) somewhat wrong, it didn't account for the possibility of a lawyer being able to practice in more than one state, and many other things so I'm re-designing from scratch.

Probably making it over-complex now, as the current design allows for relationships between directory entries, such that an attorney can be a member of a law firm; and both can be members of bar associations; along with geographic area relationships (State/County/City), practice types (to expand beyond DUI), and a new way of handling Contact information, to allow multiple addresses and phone numbers of the same type.

it's almost a generic Object-Properties-Relationships implementation at the core, I don't know if thats a good or bad thing... I want it to be flexable, but I don't want to make it so flexable that it effectivly does nothing.

All that attorney data will mesh with a site redesign allowing multiple content templates and CSS Styles, allowing each domain name for the site to present appropriate data, user accounts, and such.

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Journal Journal: Self teaching web development

I'm working on learning CSS, C#,, and SQL by creating this site:

This I'm using as an index of sites:

I bought these for no good reason, if anyone wants them, I'll consider selling them for a reasonable price for non-profit use.

and yes, I'm hoping Slashdot will indirectly help my search engine rankings =)

One thing I'm curious about, is do the big search engines adjust the value of a link based upon the subject of the site?, for example, does a link from a minor law site (like mine) to another law site (an attorneys) have more value than a link from a major technical site (like slashdot) to a law site (an attorneys)?
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Journal Journal: OTA HD is a pain.

I'm still working on setting up an Over the Air HD antenna, for use with Windows Media Center...

My first antenna, an indoor one did not work very well, particularly, channels would skip out if someone walked between it and the transmitter.

Also, skips in the video stream would cause my video drivers to crash, taking out Windows, (which, I suppose would be a benifit of Vista, if it can restart the video subsystem without rebooting the machine.)

Updating the video driver seems to have solved that problem, and I managed to obtain an antenna for my roof. The box said it included all needed equipment, but I still had to buy a video cable, a mast, clamps for the mast, a grounding wire (copper is expensive nowdays), and an amplifier.

I plan to lock the antenna in one position, as I don't know of any computer controlled antenna rotors, and that I may want to watch one channel, while recording another, with the transmitters in different directions. Ideally, the large, amplified roof antenna would give me a good enough signal on enough channels without specific aiming.

I still don't have access, in Media Center to the secondary channels, that is, I have 4.1, 5.1, and 7.1, but I can't get to 5.2 or 7.2 on Media Center, while the HDTV set itself can tune them. It's my understanding that this is because the online Program Guide lacks data for those channels; but I still can't manually tune to them.

Maybe Vista will do it better, but I'm holding out for a Vista machine until I can get a 'CableCard' tuner, at which time the OTA antenna will be obselete.

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