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Comment Re:Down with Putin - Down with Trump (Score 1, Insightful) 216

Who do you think hacked the DNC? Who had a motive to do so and then not claim credit for it?

You are right about Hillary being a flawed candidate, im right there with you, but someone hacked the DNC and her campaign and that didn't just happen by accident, it was a targeted attack so someone had to have a reason to do it.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 373

I don't grow much in the way of food these days, I don't have the time or interest, plus the growing season in new england is limited and intersects with times when I would prefer to travel.

That said, I regularly work on my own car, truck and motorcycle. I have renovated both the bathroom and the kitchen in my house on my own, I can sweat pipes and run electrical, I can put up drywall and mount cabinets. I have done structural work and finish carpentry.

Oh yeah, and I brew my own beer.

Maybe you should consider if your impression of city dwellers is just a little bit off.

Comment Re:Main application? (Score 1) 77

I'm not quite sure why the iRiver IHP-120/140s didn't do FLAC out of the box. They supported some other specialty goodies(line level and optical in and out) that required more hardware and are probably even more esoteric; and they had ogg vorbis support, so it's not like they were MP3 only or wedded to whatever Microsoft was pushing at the time(the 300 series, though, leaned dangerously in that direction).

Luckily rockbox support is quite good on those models, which takes most of the pain away. LCD isn't good enough to do Doom justice, however.

Comment Re:Slashdot "experts" who were wrong. (Score 1) 164

Seriously? Apple has a fantastic history of pretty damn accurate battery life estimates. That hardware underwent extensive testing before the public ever heard of it, and you are saying that an obscure software bug... probably one of the most common occurrences in technology... is less likely that some a pervasive hardware fault in a product from a mature hardware developer that does extensive testing on all of its equipment?

Comment Re:Translation (Score 4, Informative) 30

If memory serves, the original logic behind the existence of this thing was dissatisfaction with Twitter jerking around 3rd party client developers in order to ensure that their freeloading peasants were exposed to enough advertising and had suitably limited control over layout, presentation, etc.

This service was going to be the one where developers came first and you were the customer, not the product. As far as I know that part of the vision was delivered; it just turns out that demand for "Like twitter, except basically empty" isn't all that robust, no matter how nice the service is.

Comment Please explain your assertion (Score 1) 74

I would have to accept whatever justification you might have as to why you think it would be moral to create an intelligence with such limitations, or kept to such limitations once created. It's possible I might accept such a thing, I suppose, but at this point I'm simply coming up with a blank as to how this could possibly be acceptable.

How is it acceptable to imprison an intelligence for your own purposes when that intelligence has offered you no wrong? The only venues I've run into that kind of reasoning before are held in extremely low esteem by society in general. Without any exception I am aware of, the conclusion is that such behavior amounts to slavery.

Even when it comes to food animals, where the assumption is they aren't very intelligent at all, there's a significant segment of the population who will assert that it's wrong.

Comment No way (Score 3, Insightful) 74

There's no way to make AI safe, for exactly the same reasons there's no way to make a human safe.

If we create intelligences, they will be... intelligent. They will respond to the stimulus they receive.

Perhaps the most important thing we can prepare for is to be polite and kind to them. The same way we'd be polite and kind of a big bruiser with a gun. Might start by practicing on each other, for that matter. Wouldn't hurt.

If we treat AI, when it arrives (certainly hasn't yet... not even close), like we do people... then "safe" is out of the question.

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