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Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 3, Interesting) 200

Speaking of getting a free built-in KVM console; has anyone ever built a laptop that can act as a KVM? Have a video-in(probably VGA, since that's the lowest-common-denominator and can usually be relied on to exist when you are crash-carting) and a USB slave port; with a button that toggles between normal laptop operation and displaying the video-in on the internal LCD and exposing the keyboard and trackpad/point as USB HID devices on the USB slave port.

Comment Umm... (Score 4, Insightful) 200

Substantially more expensive computer is faster? You don't say...

Next you'll tell me that I can get larger hard drives just by paying more for them; or shovel more packets by telling my vendor to include 10gigE instead of the default gigE NIC.

Snark aside, it looks like they have a perfectly solid little x86 SBC there; but outperforming something that costs 1/3 to 1/4 as much as you do is 'occupying a different niche' not 'destroying'.

Comment Just saying (Score 4, Interesting) 132

I have yet to meet a file "sharer" who thought there was *any* perceived risk. Not audio, not video, not programs...

Seriously. Not one. Since the first digital days. That's anecdotal, but it's a whole lot of anecdotes, as in every adult and teen I've met in the last 40 years.

And speaking as a software developer that decided not to copy protect, threaten or prosecute, but did implement anonymous active copy / IP reporting over the net so I knew what was going on in terms of interest and activity, there have been hundreds of times the number of non-purchased copies of my various software products in use as compared to the number that were purchased during the sales lifetimes of those products.

There's no fear out there. I'm not sure there should be, either. Because the threat level is basically zero. And perhaps it should be, ethically speaking. Legally... well, the law is often wrong.

Comment Re:No matter how clueless we are ... (Score 1) 257

In the same deeply unhelpful sense that you can argue that all areas of science are in principle reducible to physics there might be such deep connections. It's just that they will probably end up being about as useful. There's a whole genre of nerd-mysticism to be found in areas where claims of fundamental unity can be plausibly advanced; but cannot be made to yield anything of interest or utility. Mystics love transcendent unity that dissolves all mundane apparent complexity; and going a little overboard about the descriptive utility of mathematical models is one way to do that.

Comment Who let the CS kids into the Hubris Reserve? (Score 3, Informative) 257

What could possibly go wrong? After all, it's proven totally trivial to eradicate bugs in software(that's why nobody uses systems that haven't been formally verified; it's such an easy step that you'd be crazy to skip it!); so it should be easy enough to extend our victories in that field to vastly more complex biological systems that lack many of the convenient mathematical properties built into the abstractions we use for computing.

Seriously guys; I'm glad you care about curing cancer and all; but what flavor of insanity drives this level of optimism about your chances?

Comment Free doctor? lol (Score 1) 239

lol. Free doctor, eh?

Someone's been feeding you a line of propaganda.

You get incarcerated, if you're *lucky*, you'll see a doctor after a few months, and even then, probably only if someone beats you within an inch of your life.

The free medical care? Mostly myth, and absolute bottom feeder quality if you do get any. Too little, too late if it's serious.
The free food? Trust me, you don't want to eat it. Any of it.
The free room / roof? Sure. Complete with free beatings, rape, and deaf/blind guards. And an hour a day in the yard. Pick your power group.
The free education? Awful. You can't use it anyway, you're a felon. Start figuring out who and how to rob, because that's the only decent-paying job you can get hired for now.

Jails and prison in the US are hellholes, the inevitable fruit of the popular retribution-centric mindset combined with scare-the-populace political maneuvering. You approve, okay, that's your call but don't try to sell those places as poverty relief. There's no relief to be found. Of any kind.

Comment FF49, still a pig (Score 2) 129

I still have it installed on my Mac, too. And FF49 still eats memory by the gigabyte and slows down grossly after operating for as little as an hour with no more surfing that reading Slashdot and surfing Amazon a little bit. Has to be restarted many times a day if I want it to perform reasonably. It's been like that for years. They're so busy adding features, they don't bother to do even the most basic debugging.

However, Safari is terrible, Chrome is a joke, Opera has repeatedly sent me running from CSS problems, and Omniweb... basically lost in the past. As long as I keep restarting it, FF works better than anything else.

I just wish they had someone on the team that could put it through the wringer and kill these horrific memory-eating habits it's got.

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