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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 360

If this means they can make some money by selling my info then perhaps my internet bill out-of-pocket will come down over time.

No, it just means they'll make more money.

Here's the key idea you have to understand when you see moneyed interests enabled to make yet more money:

"Trickle down" is a metaphor for the moneyed interests pissing on your head.

Also, this.

Comment Re: This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 361

If they were in it for the money you know damn well that they wouldn't be in higher ed.... or at least you would if you were at all honest with yourself.

You get all fucking flip because I tell you to step outside of your news bubble and actually read something that isn't from some conservative jackass who knows literally nothing, who feeds you information in little bite sized pieces designed to fit right in with your preconceived beliefs and lead you right to the slaughter, along with the rest of us.

You know what would help me sleep at night, if shit-stains like you would stop pretending that 99% of climate scientists are somehow out to screw you over by telling you that the world cannot sustain our current greenhouse output. We have known this was a danger for decades and you still want to have your head in the sand and when you are confronted with the fact that these people didn't get into this line of work to get rich of some imaginary government teat you devolve into an argument about wage stagnation. Its no wonder you don't have the balls to post as anything but an AC

Comment Re:100% of landline customers affected by strike (Score 3, Insightful) 152

Then clearly the companies shouldn't be employing any of them... which is fine, but probably not the case since companies are pretty slick when it comes to figuring out if they still need employees and cutting down labor costs if the answer is "no" so really this is just about your hatred of unions because you know damn well that if these people weren't needed the company would have laid them off a long time ago

Comment Not necessarily the same class of event (Score 1) 130

Digg previously wounded itself because it threw out all of its user's work, and then compounded the insult by preventing them from commenting. It's a ghost town.

Reddit appears to be adding something, not taking something away.

If that's the case, I doubt it'll hurt them in any way. What remains to be seen is if it will benefit them. That will depend on how they manage (and limit) the new capabilities, and how their user base views what they do.

Facebook is certainly ripe for competition.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 64

So... based on the above comments, I bought Nova launcher pro.

When I started it, all my current folders and apps.... gone. It appears I'll have to set everything up again. Am I wrong? Changing back to the Touchwiz, everything came right back. Need to explore this a little more, and seeing as it didn't destroy my previous setup (for which I am grateful), I will indeed experiment. First I guess I have to make a series of notes about the current arrangement and then go into Nova and rebuild it from the ground up. Seems... tedious. But I have the time, so... onwards.

Thanks for the tip (you and others.)

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